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(Leave it to the Heavens to Punish that Bitch (8)

“Mr. Qin, you are still underestimating your daughters…”

The couple chatted and laughed all the way home. Huo Mian had been busying around all day, and because of her ankle injury, they took a quick shower and went straight to bed.

– 12:30AM –

Qin Chu got up, pulled the covers up for Huo Mian, and headed downstairs to the tea room, making himself a cup of coffee.

Qin Ning woke up to go to the bathroom and saw light downstairs. She immediately knew who it was.

“Big Brother, why aren’t you asleep?”

“I’m not sleepy.”

“Is Sis-in-Law asleep?” Qin Ning asked.

“Yeah, she’s exhausted… she had to work during the day and do the charity ball in the evening. I feel really bad.” Qin Chu picked up his mug and took a sip of coffee.

“Sis-in-Law is someone with fervor and likes to work, she’s not the stay-at-home-mom type to begin with,” Qin Ning laughed.

“What about you? Why aren’t you asleep?” Qin Chu glanced at his cousin.

“Um, I might still be jet-lagged. I was tossing and turning and wanted to get something to drink as well.”

Then, Qin Ning made herself a cup of milk tea. The two of them went into the living room and Qin Chu turned on the light.

They began to chat…

“Big Bro, how much longer are you going to keep that thing from Mian?”

“I don’t know either, I just don’t want her to worry… Just let it be for the time being.” Qin Chu seemed down as he looked down at the brown mug in his hand.

“She’s going to find out sooner or later.”

“Then we’ll take it from there…”

“Okay then… Gosh, I really don’t know what’s going on in your head. I know you really love Sis-in-Law, but a lot of the times, you… I don’t know, you’re a weird person, Big Brother,” Qin Ning said.

Qin Chu didn’t respond…

“Big Brother…”


“Don’t you get jealous of how well Su Yu treats Mian?” she asked carefully.

“Do I get jealous? Of course I do… but I know Su Yu’s not someone who will take advantage, and he’s never done anything to break up my relationship with Mian. Most importantly, while I was away, he was the one who helped Mian walk out of depression. Therefore, I owe him so much, and I can’t pretend none of this happened. After so many near-death experiences, I really don’t care about little things like love rivals. I owe him my life because he saved Mian’s, and I will be grateful until I die,” Qin Chu said slowly.

“Big Brother, you’re a really open-minded man for thinking that way, unlike some who are jealous and paranoid and get suspicious as soon as his wife talks to other men. I guess that’s why Mian loves you so much.”

“Our relationship has reached a new level… We trust each other unconditionally and know that our feelings for each other will never change… So, these external factors won’t affect us anymore. Nothing, except death, will break us apart.”

“Then if… if the bomb wasn’t dismantled when you were trying to save Little Bean and Mian really died, what would you do?”

“I will fulfill her dying wish, raise Pudding and Little Bean, and then… go find her without regrets.”

Qin Ning almost burst into tears upon hearing what Qin Chu said; if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she really wouldn’t believe how deep Qin Chu and Huo Mian loved each other.

“Big Brother, I really envy you for having a woman like her love you so much. She’s willing to wait for you no matter how long it takes. I also envy Mian, you love her so much and are willing to be with her through thick and thin…” Qin Ning said, her eyes filling up with tears.

“You have to believe that miracles exist… Ning, you have to believe in love, only then will you meet love.” For the first time, Qin Chu talked to Qin Ning about relationships.

“Big Brother, you were right, Su Yu and I wouldn’t make a good couple, I’ve decided to give up.”

“Did you run up against a stone wall?” Qin Chu asked his cousin calmly.



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