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( Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? (24)

“Work together? What are you talking about?” Qin Chu asked in an icy tone with his eyes looking slightly up at her.

“President Qin, you’re a smart person… You probably already know what I mean… Although I am an actress, your company is sadly no longer in the entertainment industry, so what I mean by working together is not necessarily ‘work’,” Mo Xue’er explained with a smile on her face.

“Even if we still had our entertainment arm, we will not work with you. I will not give an employee that betrayed me a second chance…” Qin Chu uttered each word clearly.

The look on Mo Xue’er’s face slightly changed…

She knew what Qin Chu meant: Not only did she switch companies, but she also took away a lot of artists in Qin Chu’s company, causing a lot of damage…

“I never knew President Qin would hold grudges…”

“This isn’t about holding grudges or not. I am simply stating a fact… I firmly believe that I’m not the only employer that is unwilling to take in an employee who had betrayed them before. In conclusion, I have no interest in working with you. My time is valuable. Now Ms. Mo, please leave.”

Qin Chu showed no interest in discussing anything further with Mo Xue’er and had demanded for her to leave.

Mo Xue’er talked in a cynical matter, which made the listener very uncomfortable.

“Huh? President Qin, no need to rush… I haven’t even said what it is yet…”

“I don’t care what you’re going to say. I am not interested.” Qin Chu’s attitude was haughty, showing no interest in continuing a conversation with Mo Xue’er.

“What if I tell you that I can team up with you against Huo Siqian? As you know, I’ve been by his side for many years and I know him very well. I know some of his hidden secrets… I know, President Qin, that you hate Huo Siqian a lot. Why don’t we take him down together while he’s at his weakest?” Mo Xue’er confessed her intentions at once.

Qin Chu didn’t seem surprised at all. He had probably figured this out at the moment Mo Xue’er stepped foot in his office.

“Sorry but I’m not interested in your and Huo Siqian’s personal matters. For me and Huo Siqian, it is not simply hatred… I do not need help from a stranger…”

Qin Chu refused Mo Xue’er’s proposal immediately.

“Qin Chu, do you really think you can defeat Huo Siqian? You have no idea how terrifying he is…”

“I have already experienced how terrifying he could be so I do not need your reminder, Ms. Mo.”

“Oh… I don’t think you know how truly terrifying he is… He…” Mo Xue’er paused.

“What about him?” Qin Chu looked up and asked.

“Nevermind. Since you don’t want to team up with me, I won’t bother to say much more… I ensure you that you will regret how arrogant you were… Even if you don’t team up with me, I can slowly defeat him…”

Mo Xue’er was very disappointed that Qin Chu did not accept her offer. She stood up angrily, grabbed her bag, and left.

Qin Chu continued working as if nothing had happened.

Qin Chu didn’t team up with Su Yu before, so there was no way he was going to team up with that sly woman now.

He would get his revenge on Huo Siqian with his own strength.

– In the high-end sports center –

Pudding was so great at bowling that she created a small crowd to watch her play.

Qin Ning opened a bottle of water and sipped it as she watched her niece’s performance. She was rather proud.

“Oh my! This kid is a genius! How old is she?” a bystander asked.

“She’s only three years old,” Qin Ning responded proudly.

“Oh my god! She’s only three but she’s already this good? Is she your daughter?” an insensible person asked.

Qin Ning was so agitated that she almost spat the water out…



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