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(A Difficult Decision (14)

Qin Chu, Su Yu, and Gao Ran were waiting for news back at the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Suddenly, one of Gao Ran’s subordinates reported, “We discovered a three-year-old girl by Huairen Road. It seems to be Mr. Qin’s daughter. Mr. Qin, can you please confirm.”

“How many kids were there?” Qin Chu stood up as soon as he heard the news.

“Only one, sir.”

When Qin Chu heard this, his heart sank.

“Where is she. Let’s go see.” Su Yu was anxious too. He had told his grandpa and was using the army to help look for the twins and Huo Mian.

This time, Su Yu was determined to catch Huo Siyi, a revenge-seeking maniac who went as far as kidnapping innocent children.

When Qin Chu, Su Yu, and Gao Ran got the news, they immediately rushed to the First Hospital.

Pudding was rushed into the ER with an oxygen mask on.

“Doctor, how’s the child?” Qin Chu was very anxious.

“She’s fine, she was just running for a long time and was short on oxygen. She’ll be fine after some rest.”

Everyone was relieved when they heard what the doctor said.

Qin Chu and the others went in to see Pudding, who was sleeping on the bed.

“It really is Pudding…” Su Yu sounded relieved.

“But why is it only Pudding? Where’s Little Bean?” Gao Ran slightly furrowed his brows; he had a bad feeling.

Qin Chu carefully walked over to the bed. He stared at his sleeping daughter, who was wearing an oxygen mask on her face; his heart felt like it was in cold water…

He held his daughter’s small hand in his palms.

At the moment, Pudding slowly opened her eyes…

“Daddy…” she said in a weak voice.

“Pudding, don’t worry. You’re safe now,” Qin Chu said in a shaky voice.

“Daddy, hurry and go save Little Bean and Mommy…” That was the only thing in Pudding’s mind.

“Yes, we’re searching for them right now.”

“They’re in the western outskirts, 15 kilometers away from the television tower… There are no villages nearby. There are two abandoned factories surrounded by a field. Between the two abandoned factories is a two-kilometer road. They have a lot of people there… You have to be careful.”

Pudding said all this information at once while panting.

Gao Ran was surprised how much information a three-year-old child could remember under such stress.

She was able to articulate clearly the location and distance.

“Gao Ran, didn’t you hear what my daughter just say? Hurry and have your people go search the western outskirts. Don’t waste time!”

“I’m on it. Leave it to me.”

Gao Ran turned around and left to plan things out.

Su Yu heartachingly walked up to Pudding’s bedside and said, “Pudding, where’s Little Bean? Why isn’t she with you?”

“There was an auntie and she had a little girl. She seems to know that bad guy but she’s not a bad person herself… She said she was friends with Mommy and Mommy told her to save us,” Pudding explained.

Qin Chu immediately realized who she was talking about. “Huo Yanyan?”

“Yeah, her name was Yanyan…” Pudding nodded.

“When we escaped, there were people chasing after us… Auntie Yanyan led some of them towards another direction. There was also a big guy that helped us. Finally, Little Bean diverted the last group of followers so that I could escape… Daddy, hurry and save them!”

“Okay, I’m on it. You should stay here and rest.”

Qin Chu patted his daughter’s hand and said, “Wait here. Daddy will bring them home.”

Pudding nodded with relief.

“Su Yu…” Qin Chu turned around, having something he wanted to say, but Su Yu immediately waved his hand.

“I know. Leave Pudding to me. Go and be careful!”




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