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( A Difficult Decision (13)

“I can’t go with you two anymore. I’ll stall them… You two, run!” Dahai stopped and turned around as sweat dripped heavily from his face.

“Big stupid one. You can’t stay. You’ve already been exposed so they’ll kill you!” Pudding shook her head and tried to stop him.

“Don’t worry. I’m strong. They’re no match for me. Run, Pudding. Head south and don’t look back!”

Time was running out fast. Dahai decided that it would be best if he stayed back and stopped the people chasing after them.

“Big stupid one…” Pudding teared up.

“Hurry. Don’t waste time. You have to find your daddy. Don’t forget to thank me with a lot of money… I need it for my mother’s operation.” Dahai still remembered Pudding’s promise from before.

This touched Pudding because he treated her with respect. He took her words seriously.

Pudding held onto Little Bean’s hand and they ran south.

“Pudding, I can’t run anymore…” Little Bean couldn’t catch her breath.

“I told you to eat less and you complain to me about it all the time. See… you can’t even run now!”

Pudding dragged her sister onwards. Although she was out of breath too, she knew she had to go on.

Even though Pudding did not know how much further they had to run, she knew that if they gave up now, everything would come to waste, including the sacrifice of that auntie and the big stupid guy.

That was why Pudding chose to persevere. She refused to give up, even though she had reached her limit a long time ago.

“Sis, I can hear people chasing after us… From the looks of it, the big stupid guy failed… I’ll stay behind to buy you more time to find Daddy.”

“No, we have to go together. I will never leave you alone.” Pudding would never agree to that.

“Big Sis, it’s not the time to display sisterhood. It’s a critical time. Mommy’s life is at stake. Mommy is waiting for Daddy to save her… Even if they capture me, they won’t do much to me. They wouldn’t go through all the trouble just to kill me…” Little Bean analyzed rationally.

“Then I’ll stay behind while you run and find Daddy,” Pudding said.

“I can’t. I’m not as smart as you. I can’t remember the route… Even if I go look for Daddy, there’s no use if I can’t find the way back…”

While the sisters were pushing and shoving the decision of who got to run and who had to stay, the noises from behind grew louder.

“Hurry towards the south. The brats are probably heading that way… Go!”

“Sis, hurry and go. I beg of you or we won’t make it.”

Little Bean shoved Pudding’s chest with all the energy she had left.

Pudding couldn’t help but cry…

“Little Bean…”

“Sis, I love Mommy and Daddy, but I love you even more. Even though we always argue and you’re always condescending, I’m still proud that you’re my sister… Hurry up and run away. If Mommy and I can’t make it back, you have to look after Daddy and stop him from getting a step-mom…”

Little Bean purposely joked but there was no way Pudding could laugh at a time like this.

Tears went rolling down Pudding’s cheeks… It was as if the rain had showered over her face.

“Okay, okay, stop crying… Please, just run…” Little Bean turned and ran towards another direction.

She even started singing, “Twinkle twinkle little stars, how I wonder what you are…”

She sang very loud to make sure the people chasing after them could hear…

Pudding didn’t want to waste time so she wiped away her tears and continued running.

Tears continued to fall while she ran. She mumbled, “That idiot! Still singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars at a moment like this.”

Pudding didn’t know how long she ran. Just before she lost consciousness, she vaguely saw a police car…

“Help…” she said with her weak voice before she fainted.




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