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(A Difficult Decision (11)

“I need to save two little girls… You just stay here and don’t go anywhere. Mommy promises to come back for you.”

The sky was already dark so Huo Yanyan thought that this was her chance.

She thought that as long as she saved the twins, they could run into the fields. They could hide behind bushes and no one would be able to find them.

Huo Mian cared a lot for her kids so Huo Yanyan felt like it was her duty to save them for her.

Therefore, Huo Yanyan toughened up and left her own daughter there.

She thought that even if Huo Siyi’s men discovered her daughter, they wouldn’t harm her because after all, she was their boss’s niece.

That was why she built up the courage to go to the other factory. There, everything was calm and normal.

“Huh? Who are you…” one of the gangsters asked.

“You’re Big Brother Yi’s sister, right? You came this morning?”

They weren’t sure who she was so the ape-like man stood up and asked.

Under the dim fluorescent light, he looked up, and asked, “You’re Big Brother Yi’s sister, right?”

“Yes. My name is Huo Yanyan.” Huo Yanyan nodded her head, trying to act calm.

“Young Madam, what is the matter? Did Big Brother Yi give new orders?” the ape-like man asked, trying to suck up to Huo Yanyan.

“Yes, Siyi told me to tell you guys that we’re moving because it’s no longer safe here. The children’s father is close by.”

“Really? Already?” The man didn’t seem to believe her.

“Yes. It was just now. That’s why he wants me to take the twins while you guys stay here and wait for Siyi’s new orders.”

“Just you? With the two kids? Are you sure you can do it?”

“I’ll be fine. You can tie the children’s arms and legs first. I’m an adult. Do you think I can’t deal with two measly kids? Or do you not trust me?” Huo Yanyan pretended to be angry.

“Young Madam, I didn’t mean that but this is so sudden. How about I call Mr. Yi to confirm.”

Then, the ape-like man took out his phone and started to dial Huo Siyi’s number.

Huo Yanyan felt her heart sink in cold water.

She kept calling herself stupid in her mind. It was her first time doing something like this but she screwed it up. How did she not think of the possibility that the ape-like man would call Huo Siyi to confirm her words?

If Siyi found out about this, her plan would come crumbling down.

While she was racking her mind to see what she could do, the man called Dahai stopped the ape-like man from calling.

“What are you doing, Dahai?”

“Big Brother Yi just called to let me know but I was in the washroom at that time. When I came back, I got distracted and forgot to tell you… Haha… she’s right. We should move right now or we’d be too late.”

“What? Big Brother Yi called you? Why didn’t you say so earlier?” The ape-like man slapped Dahai’s head hard.

Dahai gave out a humble laugh and said, “Hahaha, I don’t have that great of memory and I’m not smart either. You guys know that, right? But when she mentioned this, I immediately remembered!”

Since Dahai never lied, everyone immediately believed him.

The ape-like man looked at Huo Yanyan; he still seemed concerned.

“I still don’t think you’d be safe alone with the two kids. How about this, I’ll have one of my friends escort you.”

“It’s okay. I’ll be fine,” Huo Yanyan tried to refuse help.

“Young Madam, I’ll go with you. I’m strong. Hahaha…” Dahai volunteered.

The ape-like man agreed immediately. “That’s settled then. Dahai, bring the two brats over and go with her to the other side to tie them up. We’ll stand guard and wait for Big Brother Yi’s orders here.”


Then, Dahai walked towards the warehouse…



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