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( A Difficult Decision (10)

However, Huo Siyi didn’t seem to pacify his anger with that stab so he stabbed Huo Siqian’s leg again.

“Enough, Siyi!” Ruan Qingqing stopped him right in time.

“We can’t kill him yet. We haven’t gotten what we’re after.” Ruan Qingqing looked calmly at Huo Siqian.

Only when Ruan Qingqing opened her mouth did Huo Siyi stop…

Huo Siqian didn’t seem to care about his wounds. He let out a sigh of relief when he looked at Huo Mian and saw that she was alright.

At this moment, Huo Mian was stirring in complicated emotions. She knew that Huo Siqian purposely agitated Huo Siyi for her sake.

Every time Huo Siyi wanted to hurt her, Huo Siqian would intentionally agitate Huo Siyi to shift his attention.

However, the price he had to pay was too much…

Honestly, Huo Mian wasn’t scared that Huo Siyi might disfigure her. She was fine, as long as the twins were safe.

Plus, she wasn’t the prettiest person so she wasn’t scared if Huo Siyi were to cut her face or something. After all, Huo Siyi couldn’t actually kill her.

“Huo Siqian, you’re a smart person. For your own good, you should do what we say now. We don’t have time to waste on you… I’ve said this before and I will say it again. I don’t care if you’re trying to distract me by agitating Siyi. If you don’t do as we say, we will kill Huo Mian in front of you. Then, we’ll kill you.”

“Bring my phone over. I’ll call my company’s finance director and ask him to prepare the money.” Huo Siqian was lying on the floor and his voice was now very weak.

Just then, one of Huo Siyi’s subordinates came in and whispered, “Boss, we have to change hideouts soon because they’re already investigating the nearby factories here in the outskirts of the city. Not only is the Municipal Public Security Bureau involved, but the army has also sent out many people to investigate… We’re probably in trouble. We should finish this up as soon as possible.”

“I got it now.”

Huo Siyi nodded, turned to Ruan Qingqing, and said, “Qingqing, we have an unexpected situation.”

“What situation?” Ruan Qingqing looked at Huo Siyi.

“Both the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the military are involved. A lot of people are doing a thorough search around the city. Should we switch locations?”

“If they turn the place inside out, we won’t be safe even if we go somewhere else. I don’t think they’ll get here anytime too soon. We probably have an hour or two left. As soon as we get the money from Huo Siqian, we can go to the dock and escape…”

“Do you… think it’ll work?” Huo Siyi seemed a bit worried.

“Why? Are you scared?” Ruan Qingqing looked at Huo Siyi mockingly.

“Of course I’m not. I just felt that I still have a lot of unfinished business here.”

“Don’t worry. As soon as we get the money, you can blast this place or kill all the hostages. All I care about is the money,” Ruan Qingqing stated her main purpose.

“Okay. I’ll do as you say.”

Huo Siyi nodded. Then, he detained Huo Siqian in a corner and monitored Huo Siqian’s phone call with his company’s finance director and bank manager.

“Tell your people to send what we want to the designated location. If they call the police, we’ll immediately tear your body into pieces,” Huo Siyi said as he put the dagger in front of Huo Siqian’s throat.

Everyone seemed to be occupied with Huo Mian and Huo Siqian so no one noticed Huo Yanyan sneaking out the back door with her daughter.

She was able to find the abandoned factory warehouse where the twins were locked up based on her memory.

“Tiantian, wait here for Mommy…” Huo Yanyan said.

“Mommy, where are you going?” the little girl asked with a helpless and frightened expression on her face.



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