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( A Difficult Decision (8)

“Yes, I really need to thank you, Miss Ruan… How else would I get the chance to see my little sister Mian.”

Ruan Qingqing slowly walked over to Huo Mian. Then, she slowly grabbed onto her chin, observing carefully.

“I’m actually very curious… I’ve seen her in pictures before and I closely analyzed her appearance. No matter how I look at her, I don’t see a beautiful woman. She doesn’t meet the definition of Chinese beauty but she’s capable of enchanting all these men… You, Su Yu, Qin Chu… Are you all dumb? That’s why I wanted to see Huo Mian in person. I want to look at her carefully and see where she’s so great. Is it her looks? Her style? But no matter how I look, I don’t see anything in her. I’m very disappointed. Not only is she not beautiful, but her breasts are also smaller than mine…”

“Yes, but she’s not a b-tch, and you are one…”

Huo Siyi kicked Huo Siqian in the chest for what he said.

Huo Siyi used full power on this kick and it immediately sent Huo Siqian flying a few meters back.

Huo Siqian looked pale and beaten up…

Even Huo Mian couldn’t take the sight of that. Even though she and Huo Siqian were enemies, they now were hostages on the same boat.

“Huo Mian, do you know how hard it was to capture Huo Siqian? I’ve been back for quite some time now and executed countless plans… However, it was a lot easier to capture you and your kids… Huo Siqian’s guard is high up and he plans his every move deliberately. There was no room for me to come in and take advantage… Not until I found out his secret. Do you know what that secret is?”

Huo Siyi smiled wickedly at Huo Mian, but she didn’t say a word and simply stared at Huo Siyi’s face.

“Don’t look at me like that. I know you know. Huo Siqian is such a psycho and he loves you. He loves you, his younger sister… That’s why when I sent him a video of you captured, and he immediately came running over. There’s a saying: ‘What is love in this world? Everything has its weaknesses…’ No matter how evil Huo Siqian is, there is actually one person he loves more than anything… I’m actually disappointed in him… It’s good for me though, since he has an Achilles heel, and I can defeat him now.”

“Huo Siyi, just shut up… If you treat me like this, you won’t get a cent.” Even though Huo Siqian was lying on the ground, half beaten to death, he still wore an arrogant smile on his face.

“Be patient. You won’t be saying that in a second.”

Then, Huo Siyi grabbed onto Huo Mian by her hair…

“What do you want to do?” Huo Siqian immediately grew anxious.

“I’m just grabbing Huo Mian. Why are you so nervous? Haha…”

“Huo Siyi, you pathetic idiot. Let me tell you something. I did everything and Huo Mian has nothing to do with anything… You can investigate this yourself. She doesn’t have any ownership in the Huo Corporation… We no longer have any sort of connections and are enemies now… Are you trying to use my enemy to threaten me? Are you stupid?” Huo Siqian was trying to mislead Huo Siyi.

“I don’t need you to tell me this. How dare you say that Huo Mian had nothing to do with anything. Then why did she do nothing when father needed the money? Why did she not have the GK Empire help out my dad? And you call yourself his daughter? Such bullsh*t. What kind of child watches her own father get pushed to the brink of death… Huo Mian, you’re such a vicious and ungrateful b*tch.”

Huo Siyi’s hatred towards Huo Mian surpassed everyone’s expectations.

“Huo Siyi, let me tell you something… I’m not Huo Zhenghai’s daughter… I don’t think I did anything wrong by not lending him money… Also, he had ignored me and my mother for many years… He did nothing fatherly to me. Calling me an ungrateful b*tch is so laughable. I don’t know how you came up with that. You hate me because I’m living a better life than you are and that I am wealthier than you. You, on the other hand, live like mice in scum, constantly running for your life… You’re just jealous of me, aren’t you?”

Huo Mian finally couldn’t stand it and she started to argue with Huo Siyi.

Her words seemed to agitate Huo Siyi and he immediately slapped her on the face.

“Pa.” It was a loud sound that echoed the abandoned factory, leaving the muscles on Huo Mian’s face numb.

This scene made Huo Siqian’s heart ache tremendously…




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