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(No Zuo No Die Why You Try (10)

“Su Yu, listen to me, we have a sniper in position atop the industrial building directly across from your building… but because Jian Tong and Mian’s bodies are overlapped, we cannot take the shot. What you need to do is provoke Jian Tong, direct her hatred towards you and away from Mian. Once she makes a move, we’ll find a chance to take the shot.”

Qin Chu calmly analyzed the situation and Su Yu understood it immediately. After all, he was trained in the army.

In front of Jian Tong, Su Yu had to pretend that he was having another conversation. “Alright, I understand, but hurry up with the cheque and the helicopter. I’ve already made my promise.”

Hearing Su Yu’s words, Jian Tong thought that her demands were about to be met.

Her eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope. She was impatient. “When are my money and my helicopter going to be here?”

“Very soon… so don’t do anything stupid… Don’t hurt Mian.”

“Mian this, Mian that, is she the only woman that you can see? Su Yu, you’re nothing but a giant idiot. You’ve been so great to her but what has she given you? Other than giving you the cold shoulder and acting innocent, she’s never done anything for you. She’s never even slept with you… and you’re still thinking for her. Are you under some sort of spell?” Jian Tong couldn’t be more jealous of Huo Mian.

Seeing Su Yu care so deeply for Huo Mian at this critical moment, Jian Tong was boiling with envy.

“Love should be unconditional. If you love someone simply because you’re expecting something in return, that’s not love, that’s doing business. So, you will never understand it… I don’t want anything from her, I only want her to be happy forever.” Su Yu’s words were from his heart.

The more genuine he sounded, however, the more furious Jian Tong felt.

“Su Yu, what if she’s playing you? All these years… she’s had you, Qin Chu, and Huo Siqian all in the palm of her hand. All three of you have been giving and giving tirelessly. Isn’t that sad? This woman is more manipulative than she looks. If you continue like this, you’ll regret it. She doesn’t reciprocate your love but she keeps you hooked. Think about it, you’re already 30-something and you’re still single. You’re from the noble Su Family and you’re the only heir, but you’re being played by a low-class pariah. If you stay involved with her, you’ll end up old and alone. Plus, she has her husband and kids… and you have nothing… You fool… hahaha.”

With that, Jian Tong laughed up at the sky, the sound agonizingly pitiful.

Huo Mian sighed. She didn’t want to think too much at the moment.

Jian Tong had reached the peak of her insanity; her logic was completely messed up.

No matter what Huo Mian said, nothing seemed useful… so she opted to say nothing.

Huo Mian knew, however, that Su Yu wasn’t about to be fooled by Jian Tong’s words. After all, he wasn’t the one who lost his head.

Remembering what Qin Chu had just told him, Su Yu looked up. “Even if Huo Mian is playing me, I’d still love her willingly… But you… I wouldn’t want you even if you gave yourself to me. An evil person will never find happiness. The heavens only protect the ones who are kind. Jian Tong, you’ve already made so many mistakes. Don’t make another one. Let Huo Mian go. I promise I’ll let you go… I’ll send you abroad…” Su Yu was getting a bit exhausted.

In all honesty, Su Yu didn’t enjoy seeing Jian Tong turn out like this either.

Jian Tong was just shy of twenty when she arrived at Imperial Star. Back then, she was just a bashful, smiley young girl.

What made her into the hideous woman that she was today? Su Yu didn’t know the answer.

“You’ll really let me go?” Jian Tong looked at Su Yu with a hint of suspicion.



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