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(Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (1)

“I will. If you let her go now, I’ll forgive everything you’ve done in the past…”

“Haha, but what about Qin Chu? He’d never let me go, right? Even if he let me leave, Huo Siqian won’t let me go. I know that the three of you would send me to hell if I hurt as little as a strand of Huo Mian’s hair. Haha, so… I don’t have any options left… It’s already too late for me,” Jian Tong was now murmuring to herself.

Su Yu tried his best to calm her down, afraid that she would suddenly hurt Huo Mian…

“There’s still time. As long as you let Huo Mian go… everything will be fine.”

Jian Tong gazed at Su Yu with a complex look…

“Su Yu, last night… I had a dream… In my dream, I wasn’t a celebrity and you were not the president of a company… We were just regular people and we were living a regular life. Maybe everyone thinks that I like you because I want to be Mrs. Imperial Star, Mrs. Su… But… what I want to say is… I’d love you even if you didn’t have all of this. If you don’t believe me, that’s fine… I just have to tell you this. These words, if I don’t tell them to you now, I will never get the chance. I had a bad feeling when I woke up today morning. When I was a child, I would get bad luck whenever I saw a crow, even if it was just one. But today, I saw an entire flock! So many… more than I’ve ever seen in my life… I knew that something terrible would happen to me today. Although I look like a monster right now, I still want to live… But you people are forcing me to my death… not giving me a single chance.” Jian Tong’s eyes were filled with hatred.

“No one made you go down this path. You did this to yourself. Jian Tong, when are you going to stop blaming others for your own mistakes? You always see yourself as the victim. That’s just unfair.”

Listening to Jian Tong talk for so long, Huo Mian realized that the woman’s view of the world was completely skewed.

She always portrayed herself as this innocent, virtuous woman and everyone was out to get her. How was she supposed to feel happy?

No wonder she kept making mistakes…

“Shut up! Don’t make me send you to hell right now!” Jian Tong increased the pressure on Huo Mian’s neck.

The blood on Huo Mian’s neck had congealed and now, more seeped through. With temperatures so low, she couldn’t feel pain.

She felt more coldness and numbness if anything…

“Huo Mian, stop talking…” Su Yu reminded Huo Mian softly, stopping her from further angering Jian Tong.

“Su Yu… I really love you. I’m different from the other women. Zhao Qingya loved your money and Cotton Candy loves you for your power… I’m the only one who’s genuine… but… why don’t you love me back?” Jian Tong burst into tears once again.

The crowd on the roof was directed away by the police. They were afraid that more people would cause even more problems.

Even Jian Tong’s mother stood outside the cordon, waiting for her daughter’s news.

Su Yu stood there, continuing the standoff between him and Jian Tong, without any results.

No matter what he said, Jian Tong simply would not shift her body, giving the sniper absolutely no chance at a shot.

As the minutes passed by, the temperature declined.

Gao Ran couldn’t stay still. “What do we do? Chu, let’s just take the shot?”

“No, that’s too risky…” Qin Chu shook his head.



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