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( A Difficult Decision (20)

“Hey, bad guy… Stop flirting with my mommy… You’re dying so how do you still have the energy to flirt?”

When Little Bean heard such a cringe-worthy confession, she couldn’t help but interrupt.

Little Bean’s words made Huo Mian laugh although she was still crying…

Huo Siqian was intrigued by Little Bean’s words so he looked up and asked, “Are you Pudding or Little Bean?”

“Can you guess?”

“Do I get a prize if I’m correct?” Huo Siqian intentionally joked.

“Does a slap in the face count?” Little Bean responded. It was rare for her to be so sassy.

“Nope. If I get it right, then make your mommy love me, okay?” Huo Siqian continued to tease her.

“Never… it’d be easier for you to just fly up into the sky and be friends with the sun!” Little Bean rolled her eyes at Huo Siqian.

“Little Bean, don’t be mean!” Huo Mian scolded.

“Oh, so you’re the younger one, Little Bean.” Huo Siqian laughed happily.

Little Bean covered her face. “Mommy, how could you sell your daughter out like that?”

Huo Mian: “…”

“Hey, big bad guy, that doesn’t count because Mommy told you… Also, you should stop dreaming. Whatever island or house you were blabbering about doesn’t matter. Handsome Su is such a great person but Mommy still didn’t end up with him so who the hell do you think you are? Mommy will only be with Daddy and they’re going to give us a little brother soon…”

“Ahem…” Huo Mian was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a crack in the ground and jump in.

Huo Siqian enjoyed talking to Little Bean so he continued to tease her, “Little brother… Your mom can have that with me rather than your daddy…”

“B*llshit… If it was your kid, he wouldn’t be my little brother! Only if we have the same parents would we be siblings! Also, you’re ugly so whatever son you have would be ugly too! People from the Qin Family are all super good-looking and that’s because we have the best genes…” Little Bean said with a pretty solid sense of superiority.

Little Bean and Huo Mian continued to talk to Huo Siqian so he wouldn’t fall asleep.

In the meantime, Huo Siyi, Ruan Qingqing, and their subordinates were heading towards the dock.

However, they ran into Qin Chu soon after they got out of the abandoned factories.

The two sides started to fight. Fortunately, Gao Ran and his people came just in time to help Qin Chu.

Because they were under a lot of pressure, Huo Siyi left the car Huo Yanyan and her daughter was in behind. Then, he and Ruan Qingqing drove away with the money.

Qin Chu knew the area better than they did so he chased them with his sportscar.

Qin Chu ran his car into Huo Siyi’s black SUV, causing it to slam into the safety belt and almost fall off of the highway

Huo Siyi opened the car door and climbed out. Then, he pulled out a gun and began spraying at Qin Chu’s car.

“Qingqing, are you okay?” Huo Siyi asked as he fired.

“I’m okay but my leg is wounded…” Yuan Qingqing hugged the suitcase tightly.

“Get out of the car right now and keep running. The dock is nearby… The boat has arrived so you can get on board first,” Huo Syqi said.

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about me. Qin Chu can’t do anything to me because I can explode his wife and child to pieces at any second.”

Then, Huo Siyi held his gun tightly and ran out. On the other hand, Ruan Qingqing opened the car door and jumped out… Then, she ran straight towards the dock…

Qin Chu and Huo Siyi continued to fire at each other but their score was not settled.

They had used all their bullets so Qin Chu threw away his gun and slowly walked out from behind his car and onto the open road.

“Huo Siyi, come out… I know you don’t have any bullets left…” Qin Chu shouted with confidence.



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