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( A Difficult Decision (19)

Huo Mian: “…”

“What’s with the long face? I’m just teasing you…”

Tears were running down Huo Mian’s face nonstop. Even though Huo Siqian was a bad guy and she once wished death upon him, she couldn’t stand having to see him die in front of her.

She was a doctor and she knew that death was inevitable. However, she couldn’t stand to see a person she knew slowly die in front of her. To her, that would be one of the cruelest things in the world.

“Mian, talk to me and I won’t sleep…”

“Okay, I’ll talk to you.” Huo Mian was sobbing and couldn’t even talk properly.

Little Bean looked at her mommy talk to the big bad guy. She didn’t dare to cry right now. She was also surprisingly calm.

“Mian, remember when you were sentenced to death… Do you know what I was thinking back then?”

“No.” Huo Mian shook her head.

“I thought that I will have someone replace you before they executed you… Everyone would think you’re dead so I can take you away from this place. We would go to some island in the Pacific Ocean and build a house there… It’s very pretty there. It’s warm all year round and we’d be living right in front of the sea… The house will be the way you like it, Chinese style… We will plant lavenders in the front yard and roses in the back garden. There would also be a fountain and a pavilion and a bridge… We can also grow our own vegetables… We can live a life in nature, away from all the conflicts… It would just be the two of us. I would be in your heart and you in mine… We would live there, grow old together, and have our own kids…”

Huo Siqian spoke of his dreams with all his energy…

Huo Mian couldn’t stop her sobbing.

“That sounds really nice…” Huo Mian said as she cried.

Huo Mian always thought that Huo Siqian was so evil that all his thoughts were probably dark and evil.

However, what he just described was something so beautiful that Huo Mian could even vividly imagine it in her mind.

He painted the most beautiful and romantic picture in the world.

She never thought that deep down, Huo Siqian would have such a beautiful and pure side. However, that beauty had a prerequisite – Huo Mian had to be there with him.

“Mian, I never loved someone so deeply as I loved you… I loved you before Qin Chu and I love you more than Su Yu… Yet, I’m the saddest one of all because you won’t even look at me. Your smile is such a rare treat for me… It’s not fair… It’s not fair…” Huo Siqian coughed twice while saying this. He was in pain both physically and mentally.

“You’re wrong, Huo Siqian… Love is unpredictable. It doesn’t come when you’re most prepared. Just knowing another person for a long enough time… I love Qin Chu so it doesn’t matter when he came into my life… He’s ‘the one’ for me… But you, so many people loved you, but you never valued any of them,” Huo Mian tried to soothe Huo Siqian.

“They loved me? Who are you talking about? Are you talking about people like Mo Xue’er or Yan Ruoxi? From how I see it, their love for me was cheap…” Huo Siqian mocked.

“No. As long as you love from the heart, it’s not cheap… You say you love me but you also did so much harm onto me… From how I see it, if you really love someone, you would never hurt them… Su Yu never hurt me and that’s why I treat him as one of my most important friends.”

“I did what I did because I want to be with you, Mian… I’m not greedy… For my entire life, I only have one wish…” Huo Siqian slowly closed his eyes and opened it again. He looked weary but still looked at Huo Mian with adoration and even a hint of self-contempt.



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