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(A Difficult Decision (12)

Although Huo Yanyan was worried, she had a feeling that this man called Dahai was on her side.

Otherwise, why would he lie about getting a call from Huo Siyi?

Huo Yanyan felt more confident now knowing that someone was on her side.

When the twins came out, they acted very calmly.

“Where are you taking us?” Little Bean asked.

“Talk less, we are moving you to a new place,” Dahai said in a low voice.

Pudding looked at Dahai and noticed that he felt a little bit different today; he seemed flustered.

Then she looked at Huo Yanyan. Even though Pudding was unsure what they were going to do to them, she didn’t say anything.

Then, Huo Yanyan and Dahai led the twins out.

When they walked tens of meters away and confirmed no one was following, Huo Yanyan looked at Dahai.

She vigilantly looked at that guy called Dahai and asked, “Why did you help me back there?”

“Then why did you lie and say that Big Brother Yi sent you?” Dahai asked.

“I want to save these two kids,” Huo Yanyan decided to tell the truth.

“I want to do the same.” Dahai smiled.

“You want to save them too?” Huo Yanyan was surprised.

“Auntie, why do you want to save us?” Pudding looked at Huo Huo Yanyan with surprise and vigilance.

“I saw your mom and I promised that I would try my best to keep you two safe.”

“Where’s my mommy?” Pudding immediately became anxious when she heard Huo Yanyan mention Huo Mian.

“Your mommy… She’s fine. Let’s leave first.”

“Don’t lie to me. If my mommy was fine, then why isn’t she here? Auntie, tell me the truth… Was Mommy captured by the bad guys? Where is she right now?” Pudding continued to ask because she saw that Huo Yanyan was trying to hide her panic.

“Kids, don’t worry. She’s fine… She’s just locked up so she had me take you home. We’ll find your daddy and we can save her then, okay?”

Huo Yanyan tried to console the twins.

“But… won’t we waste a lot of time?” Pudding hesitated. When she heard that Huo Mian was captured, she did not want to leave at all.

“No. If we don’t leave, your daddy won’t be able to find your mommy. She would be in more danger then,” Huo Yanyan explained patiently.

Little Bean blinked her eyes and looked at Pudding. “Pudding, I think what this auntie said makes sense. We should leave first.”

“Yes, it’s a good chance to escape, so run away now!” Dahai tried to persuade Pudding.

Pudding looked back at Dahai with gratitude in her eyes.

“Thank you, big stupid one.”

“It’s not the time to say thank you. Let’s run away. I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time before they realize that the call from Big Brother Yi was nothing but a lie. They’ll catch up soon.”

Then, the four ran away hastily. After Huo Yanyan found her daughter Tiantian, they ran away in the dark.

Two adults and three kids ran away into the night…

Behind them were noises shouting, “Stop them. Stop them! Catch them! Don’t let anyone of them escape! It’s Big Brother Yi’s orders!”

Their plan was exposed much faster than they had expected.

The ape-like man and his men came running towards them.

Dahai and Huo Yanyan were anxious but there was nothing they could do.

The twins were only three years old so they couldn’t run that fast.

“Kids, listen to me. Take this road and head north. That’s where the television tower is. That’s where the city is. The whole city is looking for you. Just find a police officer and tell them who you are.”

“But what about you, Auntie…”

“I’ll lead them away… We can’t let them catch up to us…”

“But won’t you be in danger?” Pudding asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry. Just run… Don’t look back! Don’t be scared!”

Huo Yanyan gave Pudding a slight push. Then, Pudding and Little Bean ran away.

Huo Yanyan had her daughter in her arms and ran another direction, trying to attract Huo Siyi’s men’s attention.

Dahai was with Pudding and Little Bean and they ran towards the south…

However, the sound of footsteps grew louder. Not only were the ones guarding the twins catching up, so were a bunch of Huo Siyi’s other subordinates.




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