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(Could It Be That the Person Inside Was…)

Right now, Lu Tingxiao didn’t feel like dealing with anyone. In order to avoid wasting his time tangling with Zhu Xiangcheng, he simply accepted the room key and continued taking long strides forward.

When he saw Lu Tingxiao take the card, Zhu Xiangcheng was finally able to let out a breath of relief. However, he then worried about whether Lu Tingxiao would actually go to the room.

Lu Jingli had a dubious expression as he followed behind, “Whoa! Bro, you have pretty good luck with women! Zhu Xiangcheng must have gotten anxious after you weren’t moved by all his bribes and he must have pulled out all the stops to get you an exceptional woman! Bro, do you want her? Wait! You already have Sister-in-law so I’m sure you won’t even spare her a glance! How about giving me the room keycard? Pretty please, pretty please? I’m actually really curious to see what sort of goddess Zhu Xiangcheng managed to find!”

Lu Tingxiao’s fingertips flicked slightly and that room keycard flew directly towards Lu Jingli.

Lu Jingli caught it accurately with just two fingers. Wearing an extremely happy expression, he said, “Then I’ll be going now~”

“Whoa, 808. It’s actually a presidential suite!” Holding the keycard, Lu Jingli hummed a song and walked cheerfully towards the guest rooms behind him.

The elevator went directly to the top floor. With one hand in his pocket, Lu Jingli walked straight towards the last room in the hallway.

When he reached the entrance, he swiped the keycard and the door opened with a beep.

Before opening the door, Lu Jingli had an awkward thought. He had only come to check it out of curiosity. What if the woman inside fell for him and didn’t let him leave?

Even though he didn’t believe in getting married, he was a proper person who only got involved in proper romantic relationships.

With a ‘kacha’ sound, the door was finally pushed open.

After opening the door, the first thing he saw was the king-sized bed covered in red rose petals. A woman was lying in the middle of the bed. Although the petals partially obscured his vision, he could faintly make out an extremely see-through nightgown as well as a pair of long, white legs…

That pair of legs alone was enough to make a man’s imagination run wild. Sure enough, Zhu Xiangchen had really gone all out this time!

While thinking, Lu Jingli continued to take another two steps inside. Then, he saw that woman’s face…

Even though her eyes were covered by a white strip of lace, he could still recognise who the woman on the bed was with a single glance.


Lu Jingli jumped back in fright as if he had seen a ferocious beast. His body collided against the door and made a loud noise.

Immediately afterwards, he slammed the room door shut and ran crazily down the stairs like a burst of wind.

He rushed like a madman all the way to the parking garage entrance, where he made it just in time to see Lu Tingxiao’s car exiting. He quickly threw himself in front to stop Lu Tingxiao from leaving.

After the car screeched to an ear-piercing stop, Lu Tingxiao was just barely able to stop his car. His expression was extremely ugly.

Lu Jingli repeatedly knocked on the car window. Before Lu Tingxiao could open his mouth and start scolding him, Lu Jingli pulled him out of the car and spoke as if their house was on fire, “Bro, hurry up and come with me!”

“What’s going on?”

“It’s extremely urgent! It’s an extremely urgent matter! You’ll understand if you come with me!”

“There’s only one thing that matters to me right now.”

“I know you just want to find Sister-in-law right now, but this matter is related to Sister-in-law!”

As a result, Lu Tingxiao followed him immediately.

Just like this, the two people hastily rushed back to the presidential suite 808.

Lu Tingxiao cast a glance at the door in front of him with a frosty expression. His eyes indicated that Lu Jingli had best explain why he had suddenly gone insane and dragged him here.

Lu Jingli wiped his face and spoke in a low voice as he opened the electronic lock, “Go in and see for yourself.”

Upon hearing those words, Lu Tingxiao’s complexion changed slightly. He had realised almost immediately, could it be that the person inside was…



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