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(A Special Date)

On the road over, Ning Xi opened the car window. The early morning breeze was slightly chilly and blew comfortably across her face. Simultaneously, it dispersed the frustration that had built up over the past several days.

Lu Tingxiao turned on the radio and, immediately, the tones of light music drifted throughout the car…

Confession balloons blown to the street

Flying and smiling in the sky

You said you’re rather hard to chase

Wanted me to give up before it was too late

You wouldn’t let me choose the most expensive gifts

All you wanted were the fallen leaves from the Champs-Élysées

Oh~ Planning a romantic date

Unafraid to ruin everything

Having you is like having the entire world

My dear, from that day I started loving you, happiness came so easily

My dear, don’t be headstrong

Your eyes are saying ‘I’m willing’


This song’s melody was very sweet and it carried a bright and lively summertime vibe. However, when Ning Xi heard it, she kept thinking that something was off.

They had clearly only come out to buy groceries. Why did it seem like a date?

Also, these lyrics… For some reason, hearing them made her feel a little self-conscious!

After half an hour passed in this ambiguous atmosphere, they finally arrived at the wet market.

“Do you want me to buy a mask for you?” Lu Tingxiao asked, feeling a little worried. In order to avoid being disturbed, he hadn’t let the bodyguards follow them this time.

“Nope, no need. The workers who come here don’t have enough time to be concerned about gossip. Plus, I look like such a virtuous lady today. I’m sure that no one will be able to recognize me. The way I see it, it’s you and Little Treasure who need the masks!” Ning Xi joked.

Even though it was still very early, there were already many people inside the wet market. People were hustling and bustling in and out of the market.

Ning Xi was worried that Little Treasure would feel uncomfortable so she bent over and picked him up.

It was Little Treasure’s first time coming to this sort of place. He looked at everything he could along the way. His little head switched between her shoulders, leaning on her left shoulder then her right as he observed with extreme concentration.

However, the little bun had recently gained more weight and was actually a little heavy. After carrying him for a while, Ning Xi grew more tired.

Seeing this from the side, Lu Tingxiao promptly took the little bun from her hands, “Let me hold him.”

The little bun’s body was already in Lu Tingxiao’s grasp, but his hands were still wrapped firmly around Ning Xi’s neck, refusing to let go.

Lu Tingxiao’s expression turned grave, “Don’t you know that you’re really heavy?”

Upon hearing those words, the little bun looked like he had been dealt a blow, as if he was a girl who had just been called fat.

Even though Ning Xi felt that this was pretty funny, she still hurriedly tried to comfort him, “Don’t listen to your dad’s nonsense. You’re not heavy at all. You could even gain a little more weight. However, you’ll be more stable in your dad’s arms and he’s rather tall so you’ll get a better view if he holds you!”

Little Treasure was consoled somehow but he wasn’t in the mood to look at the scenery any more. He stared unwaveringly at Ning Xi the entire way, afraid that he would lose her in the crowd. Whenever he saw that the distance between them had increased too much, he would reach out towards her.

“Wow, the fish over there looks really fresh!” Ning Xi hustled over to the front of a booth like a mudfish.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at the girl, then he freed up one of his hands and picked her hand up.

“…” Ning Xi blanked out and subconsciously looked at the hand that had been grasped. Her palm felt extremely warm.

“Little Treasure is really worried that you’ll get lost.” Lu Tingxiao looked as if he had had no other choice than to hold her hand.

Ning Xi looked at Little Treasure and realised that the little guy’s face was filled with anxiety.

“Hey ma’am, do you still want this fish?” At this time, the fishmonger auntie asked from the side.

Ning Xi hastily spoke, “Yes, yes, I do. I’ve already walked one circle around this market and the fish you have here are the freshest, Auntie!”

“Ma’am, you have really good eyes. Just ask around. Everyone knows that I have the best fish in the entire marketplace!” The auntie beamed with pride.

Ning Xi only realised that something was off after listening for quite a while. This auntie had just called her ma’am?

She had clearly mistaken them for a family of three…



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