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(The Prettiest Princess)

That guess was like a stone thrown into a calm pool, sending up ripples of fervent comments:

“How could that be?! Lu Tingxiao is single, alright? Although he has a son, he doesn’t have a woman by his side!”

“If that’s really him, then it would be explosive news, tsk tsk…”

“No matter how explosive it is, what can you do about it? Would you dare to report it? Have you forgotten how the magazine publishing company VIO went bankrupt back then?”

“Uh, of course I remember. It was because they secretly took a picture of Lu Tingxiao and they even dared to publish it…”

After that reminder, everyone quickly gave up on the temptation of reporting the news. Those who had taken photos also started deleting the photos with trembling hands.

Lu Tingxiao was famous for being low-key in the media circle. He never accepted any interview offers from any magazine or media outlets. The little prince was protected so tightly that not even a fly could get through. No matter how curious they were about what had happened today and that woman’s identity, not a single media outlet would dare to walk this road to death.

In the elevator.

Ning Xi raised her head from within Lu Tingxiao’s embrace. She glanced at the big bun, then took a look at the little bun, her heart full of mixed feelings.

So this was what it felt like… to be protected by someone…

“Are you alright? I’ll move you to another hospital at once!” Lu Tingxiao’s expression was still a little dark. He had been too rushed when sending her to the hospital, it was only just now that he had found out about the unhappy coincidence.

“There’s no need to take the trouble to do that. My body’s fine now. Why don’t we return home? Actually, I really hate staying in the hospital…”


“Speaking of which, where did those two bodyguards come from?” Ning Xi asked with suspicion.

“They’ve always been nearby. Your situation’s a little special now, so I let them follow you just in case.” He wasn’t going to let another incident like that time when she had been attacked and hurt by fans happen.

“I haven’t even officially signed a contract with Golden Age, and I’m already enjoying benefits like that?” Ning Xi felt humbled by the favour. After she finished speaking, she caught sight of herself in the mirror in the elevator…

Ning Xi faced the mirror and touched her face, “Oh, were those reporters blind? I was standing right in front of them and none of them recognised me! They even said… that I looked like a good wife and mother, a noble and refined air, a sweet lady and that I looked cute…? Aren’t I clearly more like Snow White’s stepmother or the wolf acting as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother?”

While speaking, she looked herself up and down in the mirror and finally realised what her current appearance was like: dressed in a loose hospital gown, her hair tied up in a convenient, casual braid and the pink hair clip that Little Treasure had given her, with a gentle, refined and soft expression…

Damn! She really did look like a sweet lady!

Ning Xi was surprised by herself.

Had she always looked like this in front of the big bun and the little bun? It wasn’t like her at all!

At this moment, after he had heard Ning Xi’s words, the little bun quickly brought out the pocket-sized notebook he always carried around. He busied himself with writing for a long while before hurriedly bringing over for her to read.

“Darling, what do you want to say?” Ning Xi accepted the little notebook. After reading it, she blushed.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that Ning Xi’s expression was a little strange, Lu Tingxiao asked as he stood by her side.

Ning Xi covered her burning cheeks, her eyes full of complaints, “Lu Tingxiao, it’s all your fault! Look at what your son did!”

“What did he do?” Lu Tingxiao felt rather innocent in the face of her complaints, thus he checked what Little Treasure had said. Upon reading it, he became silent.

On the little notebook, in carefully written letters:

[You’re the brightest star in the sky, and your eyes are warmer and sweeter than chocolate. When I’m looking at you, it’s like I’m looking at a fairytale princess with everlasting beauty.]



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