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(A Nightgown and Flower Petals)

When Ning Xi walked out of the hospital, it was already late in the night.

There weren’t any stars in the sky, and the moon wasn’t shining. There were only a few cars and people out in the streets.

She had to admit that while Ning Xueluo’s plan had been rather clumsy and unskillful, she had succeeded in the end.

Ning Xueluo was always using the things she cared the most about to attack her.

Su Yan, for example, and her parents…

Sometimes, she even started doubting herself, wondering if everything really was her fault. Was it because she was too terrible, too horrible to be endured, that they all hated her, disdained her, and abandoned her…

Sometimes she even thought that there was no meaning in her efforts and struggles up till now.

Even if she managed to achieve her goal someday and got everything she wanted, was there anyone in the world who would care about it? She was always alone.

Ning Xi wandered around aimlessly by the street, lost in thought. She didn’t notice that a plateless black car was sneakily following her from behind…

When she walked to a place without any people around, two people quickly got down from the car. One of them covered her nose and mouth with a wet cloth, while the other tied her up with a rope. They pulled her into the car with force…

The whole process took only five seconds.

When Ning Xi finally reacted, she had already lost all her strength under the influence of the drugs. Her body had also been bound up tightly, so she couldn’t struggle.

A bitter smile spilled over from her pale lips.

After getting framed, she had gotten kidnapped. This birthday… was rather lively…

The car drove on smoothly for very long. Ning Xi’s eyes were covered with a black cloth. She couldn’t tell where this car was driving to, and where these people had come from.

Was it Ning Xueluo?

It didn’t seem like it. Ning Xueluo had already won a complete victory over her today, and there was no need to do anything more.

Then who was it? Who had she offended recently?

A hundred thoughts flitted through her head but she had no answer. Suddenly, she heard a man speaking over a call next to her ear.

“Hello, CEO Zhu… Yes, we’ve done it. We’re on the way… Right right right, please rest assured! We’ll definitely send her over on time! This girl’s quite pretty, even me and my brother are a little aroused! Hahaha, how could we dare to! We’ll definitely send her over to you without laying a finger on her!”

Fright filled Ning Xi’s heart, CEO Zhu…?

She abruptly recalled the incident where she had walked into the wrong room at the Grand Pearl Hotel last night.

This CEO Zhu couldn’t be Zhu Xiangcheng right?

He didn’t give up and sent people to kidnap her after he wasn’t able to get his way that day?

The more Ning Xi thought about it, the more likely it seemed to be the case. She immediately cursed in a low tone. However, when she was trying to think of a way to escape, the drugs seemed to be taking effect. Her consciousness became even foggier, and she quickly slipped into darkness…

When Ning Xi recovered a little bit of consciousness, she found that she was still blindfolded.

The sound of two women speaking came from within the room. Her mind was still foggy and she couldn’t tell what they were speaking about. She could only feel them stripping away all her clothes, and they proceeded to put on a thin nightgown on her. Following that, they seemed to have scattered something like flower petals on her body…

The more Ning Xi thought about it, the more she felt that something wasn’t right. With Zhu Xiangcheng’s impatient personality, he wouldn’t be so patient as to do all this for a woman. He would definitely have done her the moment she had been brought back. Right now, they had changed her clothes and even scattered flower petals. She could even smell that they had sprayed perfume on her…

That fat pig! That old pervert! If he wanted to take her, then he should just do it! What the hell was he doing?



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