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(These Are Her Parents)

Ning Xi: “…”

Hey, I was pressing properly on her wound, but you just pushed me away and now you’re just watching her bleed out with an expression full of heartache. Are you crazy! Have you gotten addicted to acting out unnecessary drama?

If it weren’t for more urgent matters, Ning Xi would have scolded him with her hands on her hips.

“What happened!” Guo Qisheng hurried over with rage written on his face.

Ning Xi pinched the bridge of her nose, “I realised that it didn’t feel right after I pierced her. The blade didn’t retract!”

It was supposed to be a retractable sword. Once it met force, it should have retracted. She had not expected that an accident like this would happen.

Guo Qisheng flew into a rage, “Where’s the prop director! Come out now! I told you a million times to check everything properly! We can’t afford any accidents happening! How did you do your work!”

The prop director stumbled and ran over, sweating hard, “Director Guo, everything was fine when I checked it, there shouldn’t be any problems!”

Guo Qisheng slapped him with the script in his hands and roared: “Then tell me what happened just now!” Problems had been occurring on set since the start, his patience was close to its limit.

At this moment, Wang Taihe suddenly asked, “Who was the last one to touch this sword?”

“It… It should be Ning Xi. I handed the sword over to her right after I finished inspecting it. She’s been holding it all the time to practise. It’s my fault, I should have checked it again before filming started!” The prop director apologised continuously.

Hearing this, Ning Xi’s pupils contracted. She would have to be an idiot if she didn’t realise what was happening by now.

At this moment, everyone present had mixed expressions.

Guo Qisheng glared at the prop director before he looked at Ning Xi with a complicated gaze. Finally, while holding back his anger, “We’ll discuss this later. We have to send her to the hospital first! Lock down the whole set, don’t let the news get out!”

In Beijing’s First People’s Hospital.

While Ning Xueluo’s wound was being treated, Su Yan was accompanying her inside. Ning Xi stood in the corridor outside the ward, her back against the cold hospital wall as the cogs turned in her brain.

Ning Xueluo deserved to be called the ancestor of all innocent flowers. Even her pity ploys were at the next level. Wasn’t Ning Xueluo afraid that she wouldn’t stop in time and just stab her to death?

Unfortunately, she had immediately stopped the moment she found that something was wrong with the sword, so the wound wasn’t too deep. Ning Xueluo suffered a superficial wound at most. However, it was the consequences of this incident that were going to be troublesome.

The most pressing matter was to find a way to prove her innocence…

Ning Xi was still deep in thought when she heard a burst of hurried footsteps.

She had just raised her head when a slap landed smack on her face. Following that, a burning ache came from her cheeks.

“Bastard! How could you do such a thing to Xueluo! If you have any complaints, then come at me! I was the one who kept her in the Ning family, I was the one who was willing to pamper her and love her! What has Xueluo done wrong?” The newcomer shouted at her in hysteria, the look in her eyes was as if she were looking at her sworn enemy.

Ning Xi wiped away the blood at the corner of her mouth before slowly raising her head. She watched the wealthy lady before her motionlessly. Dressed in a luxurious, noble and refined manner, this was her mother.

Behind Zhuang Lingyu was her father, Ning Yaohua. The same disgust shone in his eyes, “If anything happens to Xueluo, I won’t forgive you!”

Of the two people before her, one was her biological mother and the other was her biological father. From start to end, they never asked for the whole story. Instead, the moment they had come, they only had beatings and threats for her.

Ning Xi had millions of lines she could say to make them froth at the mouth in anger. However, right now, it was as if she had been wrung dry of all her energy. She didn’t feel like speaking. She only gazed at them with a sinister look in her eyes.



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