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(It Really Burns My Eyes to Watch)

Ning Xi put down the script in her hands and looked at him calmly, “Okay. Tonight at the birthday party, I want you to dump Ning Xueluo. Compared to the humiliation I suffered in the past, I’m only asking that she be dumped. Have I been kind-hearted and understanding enough?”

Su Yan’s complexion paled slightly, “Xiao Xi, that…”

“Ning Xi! How could you be like this ——” The sound of Ning Xueluo’s sobs suddenly came from behind.

Ning Xi crossed her arms and spoke leisurely, “What did I do?”

Ning Xueluo looked at Ning Xi with anger and pity, “Sure enough, you’re still unable to let go of Yan-gege. That’s why you hate me so much. You hate me for stealing him away! But how could you be so selfish as to use such a cruel way to break us apart! Yan-gege doesn’t even love you. What’s the point of doing this?”

When he saw that Ning Xueluo had become so worked up that she could barely breathe, Su Yan rushed to pat her back and comfort her, “Xueluo, don’t get so emotional. I think Xiao Xi was just speaking offhandedly…”

Ning Xi smiled as she watched the two people in such an over dramatic manner, “I certainly wasn’t speaking offhandedly. Unless, you weren’t being serious just now when you said that you’d do whatever I want!

“Yan-gege, just look at her! We asked her to forgive us with sincerity and humility, but what about her?! She has been making things difficult for us each and every time! You aren’t actually planning on agreeing to her shameless request, are you?” Ning Xueluo’s expression was filled with panic as she lifted her head to look helplessly at Su Yan.

“Silly girl, how could I…” Su Yan patted her head gently. Then, he looked reproachfully at Ning Xi, “Sorry Xiao Xi, I can’t agree to this request of yours!”

Ning Xi finally grew tired of playing around. She sneered as her interest waned. In a flash, her eyes turned into daggers, “Then get out of my sight.”

“Ning Xi, what sort of attitude is this?! If anyone’s at fault, it’s me. This has nothing to do with Yan-gege. How could you treat him like this?!” Ning Xueluo defended Su Yan protectively.

Ning Xi clapped her hands in applause, “Your feelings for each other could move the heavens and bring people to tears! Well then, Ning Xueluo, surely you would also be willing to do anything to make up for your crimes, and be willing to do anything for Su Yan, right?”

Ning Xueluo’s brows pinched tightly when she heard Ning Xi’s words. Who knew what sort of trap this woman was leading her into? However, there was only way she could answer this question, “Of course! What do you want?”

Ning Xi deliberately muttered to herself for a long time under Ning Xueluo’s alert stare before speaking, “Since things are like this, it’s fine if Su Yan doesn’t dump you, so long as you give up your status as the Ning family’s eldest miss and return to Spring Wind Town’s Tang family Village and live as Tang Xueluo. Then, all the debts between the three of us can be wiped clean. What do you think?”

Ning Xueluo suddenly opened her eyes wide, as if she had heard something extremely terrifying. She shook her head violently, “No… No way! Ning Xi, how could you be so cruel?! How could you force me to leave mother and father, and force me to leave the home where I have lived for over twenty years? I…”

Ning Xi impatiently waved her hand to interrupt Ning Xueluo, “That’s enough, that’s enough. Your acting is so terrible, you might as well just stop. It really burns my eyes to watch! I’ve asked you two before to stay away from me as far as possible, but it’s always the two of you who are constantly coming to approach me for forgiveness and asking me to come up with some sort of request. You two even solemnly vowed that you’d do whatever I asked. When I actually came up with one, your faces had ‘oh no how can you be so heartless, so shameless and so unreasonable’ written all over them!”

“Ah, how is this making amends? Your words were spoken so pleasantly, but they only apply under the conditions that your own interests aren’t harmed and the request is an insignificant act of charity! The two of you don’t seem to find this hypocritical, but I find it rather nauseating! Therefore, I have only one word for you two. Scram.”



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