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(The Calm Before the Storm)

At this moment, night was just setting in, the lighting was just nice. The props team had already set up the stage properly, and all the actors were in place.

After changing into costume, Jiang Muye actually started feeling nervous, something that wasn’t common for him.

Strictly speaking, although he had dated Ning Xi before, he hadn’t even touched her fingers, let alone kiss her.

He hadn’t thought that the first time he would kiss her wouldn’t be while they were dating, but while they were filming.

Just as he was taking a deep breath to control his emotions, a strong force hit him on the back. Dressed in a suave costume with her hair tied into a high ponytail, Ning Xi threw an arm around his shoulder in a sloppy manner, “Whatcha doing, blondie? You’re not nervous, are you?”

“Get off me! Who’s nervous! The number of kissing scenes I’ve done is more than the number of times you’ve eaten rice!” Jiang Muye pushed her away unhappily; the shoulder she had been leaning on felt like it was on fire.

It was at this moment that Guo Qisheng walked over worriedly, “We are unable to clear all unrelated personnel from this scene, will you two be alright?”

Normally, they would sometimes get unrelated personnel away from the scene when filming scenes like this. This was done to prevent actors from feeling awkward and having it affect their filming as well.

Ning Xi shrugged with a relaxed expression, “I’m OK! Senior Jiang said that the number of kissing scenes he’s done is more than the number of times I’ve eaten rice, so he’ll definitely be fine!”

Guo Qisheng laughed out loud, “Then we’ll start now!”

He then reassured them, saying, “Because this is the most important kiss in the entire movie, my standards will be a little higher. However, since the two of you have just started working together, it’s fine if you can’t get it right at the start. We’ll do it slow, and it’s fine even if we do multiple takes!”

Hearing the director say that they could try the scene a few times, the corner of Jiang Muye’s mouth twitched. He completely didn’t have the feeling of being reassured. Conversely, his heart had started pumping faster.

Something was wrong with him today! It was just a kissing scene, so why was his heart beating so hard?

No one discovered the fly-sized high definition camera drones flying circles above their heads. At a street just 100 meters away from the set, a black car was parked quietly.

Within the car, multiple video streams from the set were being projected on the screen in the backseat.

Lu Tingxiao was dressed in a dark-coloured suit, and his shirt was buttoned up all the way. His slender fingers were supporting his forehead. The light from the screen was reflected off his dark pupils as he watched the fully costumed girl on the screen without a word.

Sitting by his side, Lu Jingli would look out the window one moment, then stare at the screen in the car the next. He had a conflicted expression on his face, “Bro, are you sure you’re just gonna watch them like this without doing anything? Then why didn’t you just stay at home so you don’t have to watch? Why torture yourself like this?”

Afraid of the consequences of saying so much, he stared at the face of his dear brother, currently shrouded by light of dusk. He mumbled to himself, “He’s not exploding while in silence, then we’ll all die in silence… why do I have a bad feeling about this!”

He had grown up with Lu Tingxiao after all, so he understood his personality all too well. This fellow looked especially cold and arrogant on the outside, and seemed not to have any desires. In fact, he would have extremely fearsome possessive feelings towards anything that he had marked as his territory.

Ever since Ning Xi had appeared, Lu Tingxiao had only shown his brightest and warmest faces to her. However, Lu Jingli knew that as long as it was something he wanted, there was nothing he couldn’t get. This was the patience of a hunting beast. This facade wouldn’t hold up to a single blow, there was no saying when it would give way with a bang and be blown to bits.

These few days, he had been living with his heart on edge. After finding out that that kid Jiang Muye had actually dated Ning Xi before, he had really sweated a bunch for him.

Ay, seeing that the kid was his nephew, he would find a chance to warn him later! Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know how he died when the time comes!




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