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(Three Months (to Make Her My Wife)

After finishing her dinner, Ning Xi hesitated for a long while before finally going to look for Lu Tingxiao.

On the tranquil balcony, Lu Tingxiao didn’t press her. He only stood there silently, waiting patiently for her reply.

Ning Xi took a deep breath. She turned to look at the man next to her before finally making her decision. She said: “Lu Tingxiao, I’ve thought through everything you’ve said. I promise that I’ll stay for another three months. However, once the three months are over, I really have to leave.”

Even though there was nothing between them, it was suspicious to stay in someone else’s home as an unmarried woman. It could easily cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

“Thank you.” Lu Tingxiao showed an expression of relief. At the same time, a well-hidden dark glint flashed across his eyes.

“Do you have filming tomorrow?” Lu Tingxiao asked.

Ning Xi heaved a long sigh before nodding, “Yes.”

Seeing her uneasy expression, Lu Tingxiao asked caringly, “Why? Are the scenes for tomorrow difficult to act?”

Ning Xi propped up her chin and leaned on the railing before muttering to herself, “They’re not exactly difficult, and it’s just a kissing scene, but the person I have to kiss is Jiang Muye. I’m just worried that I’ll forget myself and hit him halfway. What will I do then? I might even turn it into a gag scene instead!”

“Kissing scene…” Lu Tingxiao’s eyes narrowed slightly. Although he had already known that this movie would have scenes like that, he had been avoiding that issue on purpose, because he was worried that he would lose control and do something to make her hate him.

At this moment, Ning Xi suddenly thought of something. She hit her own head and said, “Ah right, Lu Tingxiao, there’s something… I need to thank you for.”

“What?” Lu Tingxiao asked a little absent-mindedly.

“I just found out that the person who added that last minute investment into the movie was Second Master Lu, and it was you who gave the order to keep me as the second female lead. Thanks for that.” Ning Xi thanked him sincerely and with utmost gratitude.

“It’s good enough that you don’t blame me.”

“Am I that undiscriminating? I’ll definitely express my gratitude for things that I should be thankful for!”

“Don’t mention it, it was just a convenient action.” The truth was that he had done all this for her, and Jiang Muye was the one who had really benefited from it in passing.

Ning Xi thought hard before she spoke up, “I’ve already taken advantage even in passing. Just saying thanks isn’t enough to show my sincerity. Why don’t I cook a meal for you and Little Treasure when I’m free later on? Although I’m usually too lazy to cook for myself, my cooking is really delicious! Let me tell you, if I didn’t enter the entertainment industry, I might have gone to become a chef!”

Lu Tingxiao smiled lightly, “I look forward to it then.”

The next day.

Ning Xi had just arrived at the movie city when she spotted a large group of ladies gathered near the set, with a particularly eye-catching golden head in the middle of the group. At one glance, she could tell that it was Jiang Muye and his young female fans.

Ning Xi subconsciously thought of taking a detour. She didn’t think that there would be a scream just as she was about to sneak away: “Ah! It’s Ning Xi!”

In her heart, Ning Xi thought that she was done for, but just as she was about to defend her face, the group of girls lined up into a few rows in front of her and bent at their waists together as they said, “We’re sorry——”

After they had finished apologising, they stared at her with starry eyes as all of them talked at once:

“Miss Ning Xi, sorry, it was our misunderstanding the last time! Please don’t take people like us seriously, you have to continue acting the character Meng Changge!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Your acting’s just too good, we really love the scene you had with Jiang Muye!”

“I played that 10 second clip on repeat at home for a whole day, okay!”


Ning Xi was so bewildered by the girls’ actions that she subconsciously turned to look at Jiang Muye.



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