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(Slaughter Every Unfaithful Dog in the World)

“Alright! Leave it to me!” Ning Xi patted her chest with confidence. The more she looked at the pair, one tall and one short, the more excited she became, “Ah, I can’t hold back anymore. I really want to take some pictures of you two! Hurry up and come over here. Stand next to each other. Get a little closer. Hold hands…”

Her commands directed each movement of the father and son pair, arranging them into very compatible poses.

The more pictures Ning Xi snapped, the more addicted she became. She had practically turned into a fan girl. Out in the little garden of the study room’s balcony, she continuously shot many photos of both father and son.

Lu Tingxiao stood next to her and leaned closer to take a look. He praised, “Very well taken.”

Ning Xi waved her hand modestly, “My photography skills are so-so. I even used a cell phone. Since you guys are such good models and the background is so awesome, every picture looks like it’s from a blockbuster! Oh right, Lu Tingxiao, do you have a WeChat? I’ll add you and send you the pictures! I actually wanted to say this earlier, but who still sends text messages nowadays? They’re so inconvenient! In the future, teach Little Treasure how to use WeChat too!”

“I do, just search for my cell phone number.” Lu Tingxiao began to feel glad that Lu Jingli had forced him to open a WeChat account.

“Eh? Your username is actually just Lu Tingxiao… that’s so uncreative!” Ning Xi poked fun at Lu Tingxiao as she added him to her friends list.

Lu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows and impulsively looked for Ning Xi’s username. Upon seeing it, he was surprised to discover that he didn’t actually recognize some of the Chinese characters.

My Lonely Empty Loss?

Why was this username so odd? What did it mean?

Lu Tingxiao really wanted to ask those questions, but he was also scared that this was internet slang. He could end up exposing the generation gap between them like last time if he asked. Therefore, he opted to stay silent.

After they had friended each other, Ning Xi sent him all the pictures.

When Lu Tingxiao received the pictures, he inadvertently noticed that Ning Xi’s personalised signature was: One day, I’ll take a sword and slaughter every unfaithful dog in the world!

Lu Tingxiao, “…”

After sending out all the pictures, Ning Xi realized Lu Tingxiao was giving a complicated stare at her signature. Her jaw dropped in embarrassment and she explained awkwardly, “About that, that was my signature when I was going through a stupid phase in junior high, and I kept forgetting to change it! Is it that terrifying?”

Lu Tingxiao laughed lightly, “It’s alright.”

There would be a day when he would become the person to make her change this signature.

“Also about my username…cough cough. It’s in Martian language. It was really popular online back in the day. It does look rather terrifying now, but I’ve gotten used to it. I’m also too lazy to change it!” Ning Xi explained while scratching her head.

“Not bad. Can you help me change mine to something similar?” Lu Tingxiao requested.

“Huh? You… you really think it’s not bad?” Ning Xi was horrified by Lu Tingxiao’s taste.

“Yes.” Lu Tingxiao’s expression was very serious.

“Then… then I will help you think of one!” Ning Xi regretted it immediately after she had promised him. She couldn’t imagine how Lu Tingxiao’s WeChat friends would react when they saw him change his username into Martian language. That would be such a great scene…

“Thank you.”

Lu Tingxiao hardly ever logged into WeChat. Shortly after logging in this time, he noticed that quite a few messages had appeared in his family group chat.

It turned out that his mother and father were complaining to their relatives that they hadn’t seen their good grandson in a very long time because their eldest son seemed to have recently found a girl he was interested in and was currently pursuing her with passion. Therefore, they didn’t dare disturb him by making a trip to his place.

While they were complaining, their tone was more like bragging!

Hah hah hah, our eldest is finally interested in a girl! A GIRL!

Lu Tingxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his parent’s words. Afterwards, he casually uploaded all the pictures that Ning Xi had just sent him to the group.

After a few seconds passed, the entire family group chat exploded.




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