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(You Said There Was Nothing Between You Two)

“Alright, I got it. I’ll come over later.” Lu Tingxiao said calmly.

However, on the other end of the phone, Ning Xi was stunned, “Ah? You’re coming over?!”

“Why? Is there a problem?” Lu Tingxiao returned the question, his tone slightly cooler.

“N-No problem…” Lu Tingxiao’s tone was too matter-of-course, she couldn’t refute it.

Seeing Ning Xi at a loss after hanging up the phone, Jiang Muye poked his head out and asked, “What happened? Who called?”

“Your uncle, he said that he’ll be coming over later…”

“What did you say?” The spoon in Jiang Muye’s hand fell to the ground with a clatter. He then pointed at her and lamented with grief, “Ning Xiao Xi, you told me that there was nothing going on between you two. We’re just having a meal together, why did you call him over?”

“Calm down, don’t throw a temper at me, okay?” Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him, feeling a headache coming on, “I didn’t call him here. He asked where I was and I just replied very normally that I’m having a welcome dinner with you. Then he said he was going to come over. It’s most likely because he feels that he should take care of you as your senior? So he’s coming over to eat together? That… seems to be his logic!”

Jiang Muye threw a bowl on the floor, “What logic! Do you think Lu Tingxiao is the kind who would get close to people? You think he would eat dinner with me? When my mum tries to invite him out for a meal, she gets scheduled in half a year later! Distance is his middle name!”

Ning Xi impatiently tossed a pillow at him, “You terrible kid! Can’t someone be concerned for you? Why do you have to keep putting me and Lu Tingxiao together? How do we even seem compatible?”

Jiang Muye mumbled to himself, “It’s a man’s intuition… what do you know!”

In the time that they were quarrelling, the doorbell rang.

Ning Xi gave a warning glare to Jiang Muye, indicating that he should be careful with his words, before rising to open the door.

The moment she opened the door, Ning Xi’s immediately lit up in pleasant surprise, because a little bun was following at Lu Tingxiao’s side.

Upon seeing her, Little Treasure threw himself at her with his short little arms wide open, as if he hadn’t seen her in ages. Ning Xi’s heart melted and she quickly picked him up, “Darling, you came too! I was still sad that I couldn’t eat dinner with Darling tonight!”

In the house, Jiang Muye looked at Ning Xi carrying Little Treasure, then glanced at Lu Tingxiao, who was watching them with affection in his eyes. He had the feeling that they were a family of three.

He had never expected that Ning Xi would actually get along this well with Little Treasure.

Little Treasure was an existence that was even harder to get close to than his dad!

As for Lu Tingxiao, his attitude towards Ning Xi was very strange.

Even if it was for Little Treasure’s sake, knowing Lu Tingxiao’s personality, he couldn’t possibly bear living with a strange woman under the same roof…

“Hey hey hey, don’t forget about me, I’m right here!” Lu Jingli squeezed in, carrying two bottles of wine.

Seeing that all three members of the Lu family had come, Ning Xi immediately tossed a look at Jiang Muye that said ‘see, they’re all just here to care for you’.

“Uncle, Second Uncle, and even Little Treasure came. Come in quickly…” Although he wasn’t extremely pleased, Jiang Muye could only obediently invite them in.

Who was it that let him be born in the younger generation…



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