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(A Lousy Teammate)

The watching crew around them showed expressions that looked down upon on Jia Qingqing.

“Is Jia Qingqing braindead? It’s just that one line. I’ve already memorised it just watching them! You’re Meng Changge? How could you be Meng Changge! Meng Changge has already died! It’s just that one line, is it really that hard to memorise?”

“That post even said that Ning Xi’s acting was terrible. He really should take a look at Jia Qingqing, so he finally finds out what’s really dog shit!”

“Actually, Ning Xi is quite good at acting. Didn’t you notice that she has always gotten through scenes in a single take? Even if the scene gets ruined, it’s always someone else’s mistake.”

“Now that you mention it, that seems to be true! I thought that she got into acting because of her looks, but she looked amazing when she was acting the young Meng Changge yesterday! Although she was teasing Jiang Muye all the way, I don’t know why, but it didn’t give me a bad feeling. Conversely, I felt my heart fluttering just watching them!”

“That’s right! I got so excited watching them yesterday! I wouldn’t like it as much if they changed the actor! It feels like Ning Xi is Meng Changge in my heart!”


Ning Xueluo hadn’t expected that an even worse situation would appear. Instantly, she scolded Jia Qingqing a few hundred times in her heart, but she still walked over with a caring look.

“Qingqing, what happened to you? Are you feeling alright today?”

Jia Qingqing was currently on the verge of throwing a temper. She frantically said, “I don’t know what happened. The moment I look at Ning Xi, I’ll just forget my lines, as if I’ve been possessed by an evil spirit!”

“How could that be?” Ning Xueluo didn’t really believe Jia Qingqing’s words, thinking that it was Jia Qingqing’s originally poor acting skills and laziness. However, she still held onto her patience and reassured, “You’ll get better eventually, I’ll help you with practice!”

Ning Xueluo accompanied her for one round of practice, and Jia Qingqing managed to speak her lines smoothly.

“See, isn’t this good?” Ning Xueluo said encouragingly.

Jia Qingqing recovered her self-confidence and took the initiative to look for the director, “Director, I’m ready now!”

Guo Qisheng had wrestled back his calm somehow. He spoke with a slightly warmer expression: “Then let’s start!”


This time, Jia Qingqing forgot her lines as usual.

She refused to give up and tried again and again. In the end, she continuously ruined the scene 28 times!

It was such an easy scene, but they still couldn’t finish filming it even until night time. Finally, the production crew were all complaining.

This was a movie, not a TV series. They had to use rolls of film. She had failed the scene so many times, what a waste of manpower and money!

After the 33rd failed attempt, Jia Qingqing stood there in a daze. Suddenly, she screamed sharply and lunged towards Ning Xi crazily.

“Ning Xi, you little bitch. What did you do to me? Why can’t I remember my lines! Why can’t I remember my lines! It’s you! It’s definitely something you did…”

The assistant and the people standing around hurriedly tried to pull her away. In the end, she pushed them all away crazily. Even Ning Xueluo who had gone up to persuade her had been scratched once.

This time, she had really gotten everyone to hate her.

“She’s really braindead. She couldn’t remember her own lines and it’s someone else’s fault? Did someone else enter her brain and steal the lines? She made everyone stay back so late and she’s not even the tiniest bit sorry for it!”

“For her to somehow provoke someone like that, Ning Xi’s quite pitiful!”

“Don’t you think yesterday’s incident was a little strange? The moment Jiang Muye entered the cast, all that stuff happened to Ning Xi!”

“If Ning Xi gets chased out of the cast, who profits the most?”

“Do you even need to ask?”

Speaking up to here, everyone displayed knowing expressions.



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