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(Complete Counter-attack)

Because of this brainless girl, Ning Xueluo was close to dying from frustration, “Haven’t you seen that everyone’s starting to sympathise with her because of this incident? Don’t tell me that you want her to rise from the ashes and continue acting with your Muye-gege?”

Jia Qingqing hesitated slightly for a moment, but refused to bow down in the end, “I’m not going! I’d rather die than apologise to that bitch!”

What effect could such a small incident have? All she had to do was buy some small gifts to buy off these people later!

Ning Xueluo saw that Jia Qingqing couldn’t be persuaded, so she could only leave things as they were and hope that she wouldn’t cause any more trouble later on.

It was already a foregone conclusion that Ning Xi’s reputation would be blown to bits. No matter what schemes she tried, she could only play small little tricks like these. How could she possibly turn things around?

She estimated that the mysterious sponsor behind Ning Xi would dump her not long after. Who would want a lover with a terrible reputation who cheated on him?

Thinking up to here, Ning Xueluo calmed down somewhat.

In the end, to prevent any more conflicts arising between them, Guo Qisheng decided against filming the scene again and just used the clip where Ning Xi had spat out blood.

The second scene slated for filming today was the scene where Meng Changge had just been bestowed the title of Consort, while Consort Xian lost favour and was thrown into the Cold Palace. Meng Changge entered the Cold Palace to visit Consort Xian and told Consort Xian her true identity.

Luckily, this scene was rather safe. It was all expressions and dialogue, not much action.

“3, 2 , 1, Action!”

Filming started.

In the Cold Palace, Consort De sat on a wide chair, looking disdainfully from the corner of her eyes at the sorry figure fallen at her feet, “Consort Xian, do you know why I hate you so much? Why I had to push you to certain death?”

“Bitch! You’re clearly jealous of me! Jealous that the emperor likes me! Jealous that I’m favoured!”

Consort De laughed as if she had heard the best joke in the world, “You say that I’m jealous? Of the favour of that rotten old man?”

“Consort De! You… have you gone mad? I’m going to tell the emperor! I’m going to tell the emperor that you insulted…”

Consort De abruptly shot a sinisterly cold look at her, forcing Consort Xian into silence. Following that, she spoke word by word, “Consort Xian, do you know who I am? I wonder if you remember the name… Meng Changge?”

“You… You… You…” Jia Qingqing couldn’t continue her words no matter what.

Guo Qisheng shouted: “Cut! Do it again!”

The second try started.

“Consort Xian, do you know who I am? I wonder if you remember the name… Meng Changge?” This time, Ning Xi’s gaze was even more severe than the previous time. It clutched tightly at Jia Qingqing’s throat like a noose.

“You… You are… are…”

“Stop, do it again!”

The third try started.

“Consort Xian, do you know who I am? I wonder if you remember the name… Meng Changge?” Ning Xi’s emotions were even more intense. This time, her tone was like a malicious spirit demanding for Jia Qingqing’s life. Even those watching around them could feel that unceasing torrent of wrath and resentment.

“You… You’re Meng Changge? How could you be… be… be…” Jia Qingqing was like a recorder on loop, she had forgotten her lines again.

“Cut!” This time, Guo Qisheng finally lost all his patience and threw the screenplay. He thundered furiously: “Jia Qingqing, what’s going on? You can’t even remember such a simple line! Do you even read the script normally!”

Guo Qisheng couldn’t be blamed for getting angry. Ning Xi had pulled off the mood of the scene so well, stirring his emotions. They could have had a perfect scene, but Jia Qingqing’s stupid mistake had ruined it.



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