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(Festive Day (2)

Xi Mushan…

A cold light flashed in Mu Yuchen’s eyes, and he quickly picked up the call without hesitation.


Xi Xiaye and Shen Yue exchanged glances with each other and gave him an odd look when they heard him.

“Ah Chen, it’s me.” Xi Mushan’s voice echoed into his ear. Mu Yuchen sensed that something was not right from the tone of his voice.

“Did something happen?” Mu Yuchen asked while Xi Xiaye stood up and just looked at him anxiously.

“The rehabilitation center called me and said Deng Wenwen is in danger. I can’t go back right now. I hope you can send someone over to take a look.” Xi Mushan did not sound emotional. In fact, his tone sounded stiff.

Mu Yuchen frowned.

Deng Wenwen was in danger?

He almost forgot about her. Ever since she was down with a stroke, Xi Mushan gave the center a huge sum of money and left Deng Wenwen there for them to take care. It was the best that he was willing to commit. Ever since Xi Jiyang passed away, the whole Xi family was not the same anymore. One of the main reasons Xi Mushan decided to endure his life before was because of Xi Jiyang. If it were not for what happened to Shen Wenna, he probably…

No matter what, Deng Wenwen was still Xi Jiyang’s wife, so Xi Mushan had to…

Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi had already abandoned Deng Wenwen since she had no use to them anymore. Naturally, they would not care about her especially under the current circumstances.

Because Yue Lingsi even got addicted to gambling and amassed some debts, she would not show up so easily.

“I understand, Father. I’ll make the arrangements,” Mu Yuchen replied after a moment.

“Thank you. I can’t leave here, so…”

“Take care of Mother over there. I’ll handle things here.”

“Okay.” Mu Yuchen hung up. Xi Xiaye was not really sure what happened, so she asked, “What’s wrong? Did Father call you? Did something happen to Mother?”

Xi Xiaye and Shen Yue could only think about Shen Wenna as they looked at Mu Yuchen worriedly.

Mu Yuchen raised his hand to signal “no” while he called Li Si. “Assistant Li, head over to XX rehabilitation center right now. It’s an emergency. Yes, right now.”

Li Si was initially put in charge of the situation over at the rehabilitation center anyway, so he instantly knew what happened when Mu Yuchen mentioned it to him.

“What happened there?” Xi Xiaye then realized it was about Deng Wenwen. She had not visited even once ever since Deng Wenwen was bedridden. Xi Xiaye was uncomfortable by just thinking about what happened in the past…

“Deng Wenwen is in danger. The doctor called Father. He asked me to send someone to check the situation out.”

“She deserved it! Xi Jiyang was too soft on her. He couldn’t even control his own wife. Your mother had a lot of trouble because of her. It was also indirectly thanks to her that your parents had to go through all that strife.” Shen Yue was very unhappy when Deng Wenwen’s name was mentioned. His temper rose.

“Your mother is a prideful person. There are surely a lot of conflicts a headstrong old lady like her would face. That’s karma.”

Xi Xiaye quickly grabbed Shen Yue’s arm as he was getting sullen. “Alright, Grandpa, it’s all in the past. It’s fine as long as things are getting better now. You don’t have to get angry over it.”

Shen Yue then replied, “Xi Mushan is such a nice person, huh? Isn’t he worried about troubling you? Why doesn’t he come back himself?”

“Grandpa, Father is taking care of Mother now, isn’t he? We’ve sent Li Si over, so we’ll wait for the news from him. Mu Yuchen, play chess with Grandpa. I’ll go and arrange some stuff upstairs before making dinner later.” Xi Xiaye did not want to bother her parents at the moment.

“Hmph!” Shen Yue said coldly, “I saw your friend’s father a while ago. He said your father’s application to become a lecturer at University A has been approved. Head over and get the document soon.”

“That’s quick, I thought… he was only starting after the New Year.” Xi Xiaye had heard about it from Xi Mushan before, but the application was delayed because of Shen Wenna’s accident.

“I just happened to meet that person and we talked about it a little. I hope he’d be so busy with lecturing that he could stop bothering your mother afterward.” Shen Yue waved his hand impatiently.

Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen grinned at each other as they exchanged glances.

In the evening, Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye cooked up a delicious feast.

Shen Yue enjoyed a very happy meal. It had been many years since he enjoyed the Mid-Autumn Festival like this, and he even drank a little too.

Xi Xiaye felt that people who were quiet like Shen Yue and Mu Yuchen would suddenly become talkative when they were put together, and they could talk about anything from economics to architecture and end up with business. Xi Xiaye felt a headache just listening to their conversations, so she sat aside and kept on refilling their cups as she listened.

They planned to have a moon-viewing session together, but Shen Yue was getting tired, so Xi Xiaye helped him upstairs into his bedroom. They then rushed back to Maple Residence after that.




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