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( Don't do it again)

Jiang Yan Ran stood there in a daze like she never imagined that to be the truth.

As for Ye Wanwan...

Her face was darker than the bottom of a pot and she was so frustrated. "What the h***... why would you do all this just for Han Xian Yu's autographed album?"

Chu Feng immediately replied with conviction, "It's a third-anniversary limited edition autographed album! There are only a thousand copies in the whole world! You can't get it on the market! You can't buy it even if you're rich!"

Jiang Yan Ran chimed in, "This... is definitely quite hard to get... I just mentioned it in passing one time... I didn't think he would really..."

Really go to this extent...

Ye Wanwan choked so badly she couldn't get any words out.

Darn it, so should I mention that I have a stockpile of those on my hands?

This guy's method of abusing dogs [1] leaves me speechless...

I thought it was some earth-shattering sorrow that he couldn't tell anyone!

The teenager hung his head low. His hair was drenched from sweat and he stood there like a deserted puppy, mumbling, "Yan Ran, I'm sorry, it's all my fault! I shouldn't have allowed you to misunderstand and hurt your feelings..."

Ye Wanwan asked, "So did you get the album?"

Chu Feng hung his head even lower, "At first, I was only one day away from getting it, but since I had to rush over here just now, she got a little mad and added three more days..."

Ye Wanwan sighed deeply. "Don't tell me you're planning to continue being a slave?"

Jiang Yan Ran stood aside, not knowing what to say and sighed helplessly. "Don't go, I just mentioned it in passing..."

This person... why...

Why's he so silly...

But he made her feel a warmth in her heart she'd never felt before.

Due to her experience with Song Zi Hang, she was initially very insecure in this relationship with Chu Feng.

However, this man kept easing the insecurities in her heart over and over.

Chu Feng was very serious. "But, you like it... as long as you like it, I really want you to have it!"

Ye Wanwan had a headache and held her forehead in her hand. "Alright, alright, stop being all lovey-dovey right in front of me! Don't do anything for Xiao Liang anymore, I'd rather you be a slave for me than her!"

After Ye Wanwan said that, she took out the albums she brought from home. "Is this the third-anniversary limited edition autographed album you were talking about?"

After Chu Feng saw the golden album, his eyes lit up as bright as a lightbulb. "Yes! That's the one! Wanwan-jie! How did you get it? Don't mention me being a slave, I don't mind doing anything illegal for you!"

The corners of Ye Wanwan's lips twitched. "No thanks. You can have it as long as you don't do anything silly anymore!"

She then passed the album to Jiang Yan Ran.

Jiang Yan Ran opened it and realized it was actually autographed with her name on it. She was elated. "Wanwan, how did you get it?"

Ye Wanwan explained without much thought, "Didn't I mention before that I'm working at Dazzling? Anyway, I got it through some connections in the industry..."

It suddenly dawned on Chu Feng. "Oh right! I heard you started working part-time at Dazzling when summer holidays started! Wanwan-jie, what do you do there? Are you also an assistant? Which artist are you assigned to? Is it a big superstar? Did you get to meet Han Xian Yu?"

Chu Feng asked a string of questions with excitement.

Jiang Yan Ran muttered to herself, "There's only a handful of superstars at Dazzling, right? But I remember Gong Xu's from Dazzling and as for Han Xian Yu, he's an artist from the head office, Worldwide, so I don't think it's that easy for her to meet him..."




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