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(Exposed (2)

She felt a pain in her chest as some blood burbled up her throat again. She quickly grabbed a handkerchief and covered her mouth.

Wang Qin’s eyes darkened when she saw the blood on Sis Lan’s handkerchief and her eyes turned pitiful, but they soon returned to her usual coldness.

“I’m absolutely powerless now, but I know you’ve been having it rough too. Thank you for visiting me today. I’m sorry for treating you like that back then. You’ve been generous. It’s Qi Qiming’s blessing that he was able to marry you. Sadly, he doesn’t know how to cherish you. I know your relationship with him has been strained. Your son and his other favored son are fighting for the inheritance right of Qi Kai while you’ve been working hard as well.”

Sis Lan paused, swallowing the blood in her mouth before continuing, “I thought about bringing these secrets to the grave with me, but after thinking that we were once Qi Qiming’s women, I need to tell you something.”

Doubts rose in Wang Qin’s eyes as she looked at Sis Lan.

Sis Lan forced a smile on her pale face as she spoke, “Do you really think the woman Qi Qiming truly loved was Qi Feng’s mother?”

“Who else could it be? For the sake of that witch’s son, he’s been giving me so much trouble? Look what he did to Qi Lei!” Wang Qin was angered.

Sis Lan shook her head. “I thought I was a replacement for that woman as well, but then I realized afterward that I was wrong. We’re all wrong! That woman wasn’t the one Qi Qiming missed. The one he loved… was… was…”

Suddenly, Sis Lan’s whole body started shaking as blood spilled out of her mouth. She clutched at her chest as she felt a sharp pain and her handkerchief was soaked in blood.

Wang Qin quickly went over and pressed on the emergency bell and then helped Sis Lan lie down.

Sis Lan grabbed her shirt, sucking in a deep breath and whispering beside Wang Qin’s ear, “The person he loved… is the Mu family’s daughter… Mu Zi… Mu Zixi… That’s why he… Don’t you remember what Qi Feng called Mu Zi? Mu Zi’s son even became good friends with Qi Feng, didn’t he?”

Wang Qin’s eyes widened. She could not believe it as she shook her head. “Impossible! That’s impossible!”

Wang Qin knew what Sis Lan was talking about. Qi Qiming wanted Qi Feng to call Mu Zi “godmother”, but then Mu Zi said that title felt old, hence Qi Feng called her “Aunty” instead. With the relationship between the Mu family and Qi family, it was not particularly weird for him to call her that. Wang Qin did feel that him wanting Qi Feng to call her “godmother” was odd.

Mu Zi’s depression worsened later on. While Qi Qiming was very active in helping her find a cure, he was very nice to Mu Lingtian as well. Although they were not really close anymore after Mu Zi committed suicide, the children probably did not remember much. After they grew up a little, Qi Qiming sent Qi Feng to the same school as Mu Lingtian and the others, and they even got into the same class…

Wang Qin never thought that Qi Qiming…

After she gave it some thought, it made sense.

“I’m Mu Zi’s best friend. I have to admit that I was jealous of her… Even Mu Yuchen… could notice that… Mu Yuchen is really terrifying. He could notice even the tiniest clue… and because of that, I tested Qi Qiming… I found my answer in his eyes…”

Sis Lan was forcing herself to speak at this moment as the coppery scent of blood in the air got heavier.

“Do you mean that Mu Lingtian and Mu Lingshi are his children?” Wang Qin’s heart almost exploded as she thought about it!

However, Sis Lan could not answer her anymore as she fainted. The doctors came rushing in as Wang Qin stepped aside and just watched the doctors and nurses trying to give her emergency ai. She left the room quietly, her expression turning dull. It was a huge contrast to her relaxed expression when she first entered the room.

As she walked out and was about to leave, she happened to see the tall figure that just turned past the corner!

“Qi Qiming!” Wang Qin called out the name before rushing forward to catch up to him!

Qi Qiming halted his footsteps, peering down at Wang Qin who was blocking his way.

Qi Qiming had some resemblance with her son, Qi Lei. He was a handsome man with a pair of sharp eyes. Other than that, he looked pretty dull as a whole. He glanced at Wang Qin expressionlessly before walking past her.

“Stop right there! Is Lu Xinlan telling the truth?” Wang Qin turned around and asked.

“She’s just a smart aleck.” Qi Qiming seemed unfazed as he continued forward without looking back.

Wang Qin stopped chasing him. Instead, she put on a cold smile as she pitied Lu Xinlan. How could she stay so faithful to this cruel, cold man? Moreover, he was Wang Qin’s lawfully wedded husband!

In the chairman office of Glory World Corporation, Ji Zitong informed Xi Xiaye while Xi Xiaye was grabbing a book from the bookshelf, “Director Xi, Sis Lan has passed away in Hospital T. Her funeral is tomorrow.”

Ji Zitong’s voice was not loud, but it was extremely clear inside this quiet space.

Taken aback, Xi Xiaye turned towards Ji Zitong with shock in her eyes. She held the book in her hand tightly and it took her some time to calm down. Evenutally, she closed her eyes and nodded.

“Sis Li has arranged for the funeral. Many people who were affiliated with Sis Lan are attending it,” Ji Zitong spoke softly.




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