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(Exposed (1)

A hint of heaviness gathered in Wang Qin’s eyes as she sighed and then continued, “But the more it’s like that, we know that Qi Feng’s been tightly hidden, and the more Qi Qiming is protecting him, the more I will pull him up by the roots. I’ll let them know that Xiao Lei is the young master of Qi Kai. What is Qi Lei? All these years, I, Wang Qin have been courteous to him by tolerating him!”

“Mrs. Wang, but, Mr. Qi…”

Yang Sheng looked hesitantly at Wang Qin. He paused and then said, “Master Qi doesn’t understand the trouble that you’ve taken. Earlier, he even caused a ruckus. I’m worried that…”

Wang Qin’s face sank a little. “It’s okay if he doesn’t understand it. One day, he’ll know that only his mother has his best interests at heart. I’ve already lost my life. I don’t want him to walk down the same path as I did. If having some things can let him live a little easier, he should fight for it.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about this. Put more thought into the birthday banquet, and don’t let Xiao Lei know about today. I will think of something for South River’s project. Qi Kai’s not just for Qi Qiming to do as he wishes. How can he just change the person in charge as he like? Qi Lei won this project! Who is he planning to change it to?” Wang Qin’s tone was unhappy as she stood up.

“I’m leaving first. When Xiao Lei gets back, give me a call. His phone has been switched off!” As Wang Qin said this, she took her sunglasses out before walking towards the entrance.

Yang Sheng only nodded because he was worried about mother and son.

Wang Qin had only just left when Qi Lei returned. He was a little surprised to see Yang Sheng.

Qi Lei tossed his car keys onto the coffee table before he slumped onto the sofa and asked nonchalantly, “Why are you here? Isn’t it your day off? Why are you here instead of resting at home?”

“Master Qi, you’re finally back! CEO Wang just left. She was here to look for you. Your phone’s been switched off, so she’s very worried about you and came over to visit you.”

A mocking curve flashed across Qi Lei’s lips as she said apathetically, “What’s there to visit? Can’t she just give me two days of peace and quiet?”

Yang Sheng shook his head helplessly. “Master Qi, VP Wang just has your best interests at heart. She knows that CEO Qi sacked you from being in charge of the South River project, so she rushed back through the night…”

“Okay, let’s not talk about that anymore. The old man has his own considerations. You go back first. If there’s nothing urgent in the next two days, don’t come looking for me. I want to be alone for a while.”

“But, Master Qi, VP Wang told me to call her once you’ve returned. In fact…”

“I got it, you can leave now!”

Before Yang Sheng could finish, Qi Lei had already cut him off. Yang Sheng stood there stunned as he watched him. He could only swallow the words that he was about to say. Finally, he had no choice but to leave quietly.

In a certain suite in Hospital T.

Lu Xinlan did not expect that she would see this capable woman, Wang Qin, again. While she looked at Wang Qin standing at the end of her bed in an imposing manner, Lu Xinlan’s face appeared momentarily fearful.

Wang Qin looked at Lu Xinlan on the sick bed. Before Lu Xinlan could say anything, she spoke up first, “What? Don’t recognize me? Since you’re already seen Qi Qiming, didn’t you expect that I’d personally come looking for you? Do you have to look so shocked?”

Sis Lan gaped at Wang Qin in shock for a long time. After a while, she propped herself up slowly to sit.

After some time of recuperating, her condition had improved. However, she knew very well that these were her final days. She was gradually feeling weak and blank. The emptiness engulfed her from time to time, and she kept thinking about the past as if deja vu was replaying once again, leaving her with some final longing for this mortal world. There was actually nothing she could bring with her. Even these memories probably would not come with her.

Of course, among these memories, some were related to this woman before her, Wang Qin!

“I didn’t really think you’d come, but this is within my expectations too.” Sis Lan’s tone was quite calm. Even though the shifting light in her eyes was a little dim, there was a calmness in them as she looked at Wang Qin with indifference. “I have seen Qi Qiming.”

“He knows that you’re dying soon too, doesn’t he?” Wang Qin was straightforward as she looked at Sis Lan with an apathetic gaze. There was even a hint of disdain while a smile of ridicule curved on the corner of her lips. “From what I can see, trash like him has no heart for pity at all. Why do you have to dishonor yourself? Are you resenting him for not marrying you back then?”

“If the Wang family didn’t hinder us from within, I think he would’ve married me. Sadly, I never would’ve expected that I’d be a rebound too. He let me down in the end while I foolishly stayed with him for so many years…” As Sis Lan spoke, she felt her chest hurt and her eyes could not help but water again.

Wang Qin laughed grimly. “It must be tough on you to finally see where you really stand. Years ago, because of this, you kept targeting me. I admit that I did quite hate women like you. You clearly knew that Qi Qiming was already my lawfully wedded husband, yet you kept on clinging onto him.”

Sis Lan let out a bitter laugh, suppressing the pain that rose in her chest and saying a little weakly, “Yes, I admit that back then, I was hostile toward you, but you weren’t easy on me either, were you? When I returned to City Z, I knew that with your personality, you’d definitely come to insult me, and today it happened as predicted. However, I have actually been waiting for you to come. At least, there are some things we need to clear up.”

“But I don’t actually think I have anything to say to you. You’re right. I came just to see you in a sorry state. I came here to fulfill the things you said to me back then.”

“You’re right. Women who fall in love with Qi Qiming will be miserable with no happy ending. Just consider me suffering the consequences of my own actions then. Today I’d just like to ask you one thing. You’ve been with Qi Qiming for so long. Don’t you love him even one bit? If that is so, why have you held on till now and even borne a son for him?” Sis Lan fixed her eyes on Wang Qin, anticipating her answer.

“Love? Does Qi Qiming deserve it? The marriage between him and me is just a marriage to combine our family clans. It’s just a relationship of mutual benefits. The thought of trash like him disgusts me, yet I still had a son with him. If it were not for my son, I would have…”

When Qi Qiming was mentioned, Wang Qin’s eyes were just filled with disdain and apathy.

“Wang Qin, no, Sis Qin, you’re still the smart one for not handing your heart to him while I was too foolish. I can only…”




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