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(Always Be This Happy? (3)

Always be this happy?

Xi Xiaye raised her brows. Obviously, she thought it was odd. As she watched Qi Lei move further away, the light that gathered in her eyes did not dim until Mu Lingshi called out to her, snapping her out of her thoughts.

Mu Lingshi followed Xi Xiaye’s gaze and watched the retreating figure for a long while before she could not help but ask, “Sis-in-law, what did Qi Lei mean? What did my brother ask you to hand to him?”

Xi Xiaye shook her head, lowering her gaze to hide the questions in her eyes as she said softly, “He said it’s a document which should be for work. Let him be. Let’s have lunch first.”

“Since when did my brother make peace with this guy? Sis-in-law, you have to remind Brother to be more vigilant. He’s always been loyal to Gu Lingshi, so we can’t guarantee that he won’t have ill intentions against Brother because of the incident. It’s best to keep your guard up against people like him.”

Mu Lingshi did not have a positive impression of Qi Lei. Even though Qi Feng and Qi Lei were Mu Lingtian’s good friends back then, she had not stayed in contact with them. Instead, Mu Yuchen and Su Chen were closer to them.

Actually, she did not understand how did someone as anti-social as Lingtian become close friends with those two people and Gu Lingsha?

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Mmm, don’t worry. Your brother knows what he’s doing, so just trust him. He has his own considerations for everything he does. Just wait and see.” She was quite calm and did not seem very worried since she basically thought he could do anything.

Seeing her like this, Mu Lingshi did not say anything more. She just nodded and followed her into the kitchen.

It was close to noon and Fatong Avenue was rather quiet. This road led to the suburbs, connecting the two luxury residential areas, the Grand Waves Villa area and the Grand Lake Villa area. There was even the Ninth Crooked Bend ahead, so there were usually not many cars here.

Qi Lei leisurely drove the car slowly away from the Grand Waves Villa area toward his own Grand Lake Villa area.

The car sped along all the way as Qi Lei propped his head on one hand while his other hand held the steering wheel and his eyes calmly looked ahead. Absent-mindedly, he did not even notice that his phone that was tossed aside had been buzzing for a long while.

When the car came to a roundabout, there was suddenly a brand new Maserati that revved from the front. It had a white body and sleek contours. Qi Lei could not help but take a second look. Although he did not know about cars very well, he just thought that this model was similar to the brand new sports car that he had plundered from Mu Yuchen which was why he was curious.

The white Maserati quickly drove toward him, and he could vaguely see a woman with sunglasses was at the wheel. The flowing light-colored scarf and her long hair fluttered in the cold breeze, drawing a beautiful curve and brushing past very swiftly. Qi Lei could faintly smell the light fragrance that a little familiar in the air. His gaze froze for a moment as a light flashed in his mind. Abruptly, something hit him. He immediately steadied his hands on the steering wheel and turned to look at the Maserati that drove past him. Without thinking much, he quickly turned the car and chased after the Maserati.

However, that girl was clearly a skilled driver too. In a heartbeat, she quickly ditched Qi Lei far behind. Qi Lei sped up and chased after her. After driving for quite a distance, he finally watched as the Maserati disappeared amidst the sea of cars at the traffic light ahead. Eventually, he could no longer see the car.

He then slowly stopped his car by the roadside in a daze. His gaze focused ahead on the car that had vanished by now while his handsome face tensed up. He did not regain his senses for a long while.

Did he not just…?

That woman… Was that not her?

Why was that spirit so similar to how she once was?

Even that aura was so faintly similar.

When he heard about her return from Mu Yuchen, he dared not to find out more about her, yet now, knowing that she was still alive, he felt a little better. Nonetheless, even if she was still alive, she had never reached out to him all these years. He was not afraid of suffering from the torment, but he was just afraid that it would be like before, to receive unreciprocated love from Qi Feng in disdain.

Qi Lei laughed bitterly. Finally, he sighed slowly and turned his car the other way once again.

He was probably disillusioned. Shasha was not very skilled at driving back then. He had even given her advice then, so he probably mistook the driver. Otherwise, she would have at least gotten down from the car to say hi to him.

When he thought about this, he still felt a little disappointed. Then, he drove back to the Grand Lake Villa area in a daze.

In Qi Lei’s villa in the Grand Lake Villa area.

Wang Qin was sitting upright at the sofa in the living room, flipping through a document. Her expression was gloomy. Assistant Yang Sheng, who stood far away, on one side could feel the biting chilliness in the air.

When he saw Wang Qin staring at that document with a shifting gloominess, Yang Sheng could not help but softly call out, “Mrs. Wang…” His voice was very soft because he was afraid of stirring up Wang Qin’s fury.

Wang Qin had already calmed down at this point. By the looks of her white nails as a result of her tight grip, Yang Sheng knew that she must have used up a lot of energy to keep herself collected.

“Qi Qiming, if you’re going to be so heartless, then don’t blame me for doing the same!”

Wang Qin laughed grimly before tossing the document onto the table. She looked up at Yang Sheng. “Tell me. Did Xiao Lei go looking for Gu Lingsha?”

Yang Sheng quickly shook his head. “No, Mrs. Wang! Master Qi’s been hard at work recently. He has not been finding out anything about Miss Gu. Perhaps he can really forget her.”

“It’s best if he does! There are many good women out there. Why does he have to be involved with someone like her? I already told him that Gu Lingsha isn’t suitable for him. If he had put more thought into work back then and be less involved with Gu Lingsha, things wouldn’t turn out like this right now! A woman like this has drawn a few men into this storm. Hmph!”

Wang Qin had never hidden her prejudice for Gu Lingsha. In this aspect, Yang Sheng actually admired Wang Qin because she was someone who had a clear distinction of what she liked and disliked. It was written evidently on her face. Although she provoked many enemies because of this, if it were not for her iron fist, she would probably have been taken advantage of.

“CEO Wang, is there news about Miss Gu?” Yang Sheng asked softly and carefully.

“An exchange seminar? She has already returned to City B. She’s probably going to be coming to City Z soon. I’ve been getting people to secretly follow her. Initially, I thought that I could find out about Qi Feng, but after tracking her for so long, we haven’t gotten any clues.”




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