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(Always Be This Happy? (2)

When she received Xi Xiaye’s nod, Mu Lingshi went to get the door.

Xi Xiaye answered the call, and the man’s deep voice immediately came through. “It’s me. Have you had lunch?”

“Not yet. I was just preparing some food with Ah Shi,” Xi Xiaye responded.

“Mmm, eat more, but I need you to help me do something. Go to the study room. On the second shelf, in the hidden grid on the third row, there’s a folder with an ‘X’ on it. Take it down and hand it to Qi Lei. He should be reaching Maple Residence right now.” His deep and magnetic voice came through, astonishing her.

Xi Xiaye glanced at the screen by the door and asked in puzzlement, “Document folder? Hand to Qi Lei? Since when did you become this close to him?”

“Didn’t I tell you that there’s no such thing as an eternal enemy but only eternal benefits? This is men’s business. Don’t worry about it. Go upstairs right now and bring the thing to him, hmm?” His gentle voice contained a smile.

“I smell adultery, Mr. Mu!” she teased as she walked upstairs.

Mu Yuchen rarely heard her tease him, so she went along with her and said softly, “If there really was adultery, it wouldn’t be with him. Don’t you think this is cheapening your Mr. Mu’s taste? Hmm, has the little thing been behaving?”

“It’s been kicking up quite a fuss. If you were back, it could probably understand what we’re saying since it can usually feel the things I say to it. Right, it’s going to be the VP of Qi Kai, Wang Qin’s birthday soon, but I haven’t decided on what gift to give. Clearly, you’re up to taking care of Qi Lei’s face, so what do you plan to do?” Xi Xiaye recalled what Qi Lei had mentioned to her.

“Don’t worry. Ah Mo’s prepared it. Just go over with him then and bring Ji Zitong along.”

When the door slowly opened, Qi Lei was a little surprised to see the icily arrogant and unruly Mu Lingshi standing inside. He raised his brows, yet you could not read any emotions on his face. “Why is it you?”

Mu Lingshi’s expression turned cold too, obviously she did not like seeing this Qi Lei, she answered coldly, “Why can’t it be me?”

Qi Lei shrugged as his gaze fell on Mu Lingshi, quickly stopping on the scary scars on her face. A mix of emotions flickered in his eyes.

When she noticed his gaze, Mu Lingshi only shot him a warning glare as she turned away. She twisted to her side and allowed him a small gap to enter.

Qi Lei then looked away. A pity that he did not even realize he felt crossed his expression. He thought about it, then answered, “Consider it a slip of the tongue, Miss Mu.” He then walked right in with huge strides.

While Mu Lingshi was weirded out by his attitude, before she could think any further, Qi Lei had already walked past her. Then, his lazy voice drawled, “Is Xi Xiaye not around?”

Was he there to look for Sis-in-law?

Vigilance flashed in Mu Lingshi’s eyes as she closed the door and quickly followed him.

“Why are you here?”

It was a vigilant and repelling tone which would startle and annoy anyone, yet Qi Lei did not seem to feel it at all. He slowed down his steps and when Mu Lingshi walked up to him, he suddenly spun around to watch her. His eyes that carried a hint of a demonic smile was questioning. “What’s wrong? Ms. Mu, are you still unhappy about the last time? We don’t have much of a grudge between us. I’m now a good friend of your brother’s and your sis-in-law’s confidant. Can’t you just be nice to me? When Lingtian was still around, you weren’t this prejudiced against me, were you?”

Brother’s good friend and Sis-in-law’s confidant?


Mu Lingshi shot him a glance. She did not forget that this man did bring Mu Yuchen a barrage of trouble.

When he saw her ignoring him, Qi Lei stopped talking and continued to quicken his steps as he walked in. He had just stepped into the living room when he saw Xi Xiaye walking down with a folder.

“Mu Yuchen sure is quick.” Qi Lei stood near the staircase as he looked at Xi Xiaye in amusement.

“He told me to pass you this.”

Xi Xiaye handed the folder to him without any questions. Her husband had his reasons for doing things, so this must be about a collaboration.

Qi Lei took it and had a brief look before looking up at Xi Xiaye. When he saw that she was even frailer now, he could not help but ask in concern, “It’s only been a few days, but you’ve turned skinnier. Aren’t you worried that a certain Mr. Mu will be sad when he gets back?”

When he said this, even Qi Lei found it unimaginable that he would actually care for someone so calmly. In fact, it was his former rival’s woman. Had this been in the past, Qi Lei would definitely have thought that he was experiencing a mental lapse or that he was possessed.

However, now that he said it out loud, it all felt natural.

In front of this husband and wife, Qi Lei could not seem to pretend. He became what was under the mask, his true self.

When Xi Xiaye heard his concern, she was not angered. Mu Yuchen had told her a lot about Qi Lei. Setting aside the grudges between him and Mu Yuchen, he was actually not that annoying of a person. At least, Qi Lei had never truly made things hard for her. Otherwise, if he did not plan to let her go back then, she would not have made it out of West Park with her injuries.

After that, she had been in contact with him several times, and her impression of him slowly changed.

“I can barely manage all the work. I’ve given you what I need to. Oh, lunch has just been prepared. Do you want to have some before leaving?” Xi Xiaye asked courteously.

“How rare of you to ask me to stay for lunch, but there’s no need. I’ve just had lunch with a friend before coming over. Apart from coming for this, I also wanted to remind you not to forget about my mother’s birthday banquet.” His low and gentle voice sounded quite calm.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ll be there personally.”

Qi Lei was relieved. Unexpectedly, a plain gentleness gathered in his eyes as he fixed his gaze on her beautiful face. After a long while, he smiled and said, “Thank you! If possible, I really hope that you will always be this happy and stay away from all those troubles, but don’t worry. Apart from Mu Yuchen, I’ll also be a friend and protect you. You must know that apart from Mu Yuchen, I, Qi Lei, am a very chivalrous, kind man too.”

Xi Xiaye thought it was a little weird. She wanted to ask something, but Qi Lei had abruptly turned to leave, waving the folder in hand.

“Bye! See you at the banquet!”




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