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(Dna Report (1)

Xi Xiaye left the invitation card aside as she gave it some consideration. Moments later, she looked at Xiao Mei and said, “Send them a gift on behalf of Chairman Mu and I.”

She did not plan to go at all, but since the invitation mentioned Mu Yuchen, that was her conclusion after careful consideration.

Xiao Mei nodded. “Noted, Director Xi.”

As she was about to leave, Xi Xiaye suddenly said, “Wait.”

Xiao Mei stopped and turned around. “Is there anything else?”

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath before she continued, “Prepare another gift as well. Deliver it on behalf of my father.”

Xiao Mei was stunned for a moment, but she quickly nodded immediately. “Okay!” Then, she left swiftly.

Wang Hui smiled and gave her an impressed expression. “You’re really nice to your father. If others were in your shoes, I’m sure they’d hate your father, but I’m glad that you’re able to be so lenient. At least, this tells me you’re a kind person.”

Wang Hui took a deep breath. “Even family relationships should be carefully considered. Know your limits and give up on those that you can’t keep as long as you maintain kind intentions.”

Xi Xiaye nodded. When she saw the hesitation in Wang Hui’s eyes, she was instantly reminded of Mu Yuchen and Mu Lingtian.

She did not know what to answer. After remaining silent for a while, she then replied, “I understand, Grandmother. There are some things in life that are hard to give up, even more so when it’s the people that have given me life. My parents are in love with each other, and they’ve wasted two decades without each other by their sides. If my forgiveness can give them a chance to be together again, why shouldn’t I? Mu Yuchen always told me that my EQ is pretty low and that I’m bad at judging people. He said I don’t really have to overthink things. If things are better after I’ve done something, then the decision is right.”

Wang Hui smiled at her. “That’s it! Ah Chen is probably like his father. He’ll lecture you from time to time.”

Xi Xiaye returned a smile and continued eating.

The weather became colder. She felt a chill when she woke up the next morning. Several yellowish leaves fell by the roadside as a strong wind had blown through.

City Z was not as cold as the north. Even if it were winter, the trees there would still be mostly green.

Ah Mo was not in the mood to look at the autumn scenery so early in the morning. He walked past the corridor and arrived at a quiet corner in Hospital T.

There was a person wearing a white robe there.

The doctor had been waiting for Ah Mo’s arrival, and he greeted warmly even before Ah Mo came close, “Good morning, Mr. Mo!”

Ah Mo nodded humbly as he gave a quiet reply, “Morning, Chief Wang! Have you been waiting?”

Chief Wang smiled. “I’ve just arrived. It must be tough for you to be here this early in the morning! I’ve just finished an operation and I’m going abroad later. That’s why I called you here.”

He then handed a document to Ah Mo.

“Are the results out?” Ah Mo’s heart trembled slightly when he saw the document handed over to him. Suddenly, he felt a little afraid to grab it as if he was afraid of the test results.

“Yes, they came out yesterday. I verified it myself. No one will know about this.”

Chief Wang did not notice Ah Mo’s odd reaction because his eyes were focused on the document.

Ah Mo hesitated for a moment before reaching out for it.

“The results are unexpected. I wonder…” Chief Wang said out of curiosity, but when he saw Ah Mo’s slightly threatening eyes, he did not continue his question and just smiled slightly.

Ah Mo did not open it instantly. Instead, he looked at Chief Wang. “The secrecy of this matter has to be ensured. You’ll forget about this after I leave. Don’t ask anything you shouldn’t, and don’t try to find out what it is either. Do you understand?”

Chief Wang nodded. “Yes, I know. Don’t worry. I’ll be heading back now. Give me a call if you have any questions.”

“Thank you, Chief Wang!”

“It’s just a small matter. I still owe you.” Chief Wang smiled before leaving.

Ah Mo left quickly and got into the car. “Let’s go.”

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Ah Mo opened the folder and took the test results out. Then, he started reading it.

When he saw the results, his strained expression softened a little. Soon, it turned into a doubtful look, and then he seemed serious.

How could it be?

Ah Mo’s expression darkened. It felt impossible.

He looked at the results several times before putting it back. He took his phone out and called Mu Yuchen who was now on the other side of the globe.

At the same time, on the balcony of a presidential suite in a hotel in New York.

Mu Yuchen was resting on a rattan chair while Zhou Zimo was lying down beside him. There was a small coffee table between them, and a pot of freshly brewed tea with two teacups.

Zhou Zimo closed the document in his hand as he looked at the sun. He stretched his back and sipped some tea before turning towards Mu Yuchen. “We’re heading to Los Angeles in a few days. Aren’t your in-laws are there? How’re Teacher Shen’s eyes?”

Zhou Zimo was aware of what had happened to Shen Wenna. Back then, when Mu Yuchen got married, he had seen her before. She carried a similar aura to Xi Xiaye, but there were also some differences between them.

“The operation is complete. She’ll need some time for observation after removing the bandages. I’ll go take a look at them this time around.”

“You’re pretty nice to them.”

“It’s part of my responsibility.” Mu Yuchen’s phone started vibrating as he spoke, and he slowly picked it up.




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