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(Han Familys Invitation)

Xi Xiaye stayed with Su Nan until noon before leaving the hospital. Right after that, she went straight to the office.

She received a call from her assistant, Xiao Mei, the moment she arrived at the company, informing her that Wang Hui had come over. Xi Xiaye was surprised and she quickly made her way into Mu Yuchen’s office. Of course, there was a resting room where she would usually spend her time at noon.

“Grandmother, what brings you here?”

Xi Xiaye saw Wang Hui sitting on the sofa from afar. Sis Wang was beside her, holding a food container. They were probably here to deliver lunch to her.

Wang Hui quickly went up to her when she heard Xi Xiaye’s voice. “I’m just here to check on you. I heard from Sis Wang that your appetite hasn’t been great. Your mother and I thought about it and made you some soup.”

“I’m alright, Grandmother. You guys don’t have to worry about me. Sis Wang is doing an amazing job taking care of me. Come on, let’s head inside.” Xi Xiaye then took out the key card. She swiped it and entered the password before opening the door.

They went inside, and Sis Wang prepared the food on the table before leaving the room.

“Let’s eat. I’ll have some with you.”

Zhuang Shurong and Wang Hui visited her frequently, and they would bring her food or some kind of snacks. Xi Xiaye knew very well they were aware of her poor appetite and were trying to do something.

Xi Xiaye drank a bowl of soup quickly and asked, “What soup is this? This tastes delicious.”

“Your mother made it for you, but I didn’t ask her about it. She’s pretty busy at work and didn’t really spend much time taking care of you. While she never says it out loud, everyone knows that she cares. Do you think she’s very strict?”

Wang Hui smiled at Xi Xiaye. She was pretty fond of her daughter-in-law, Zhuang Shurong. However, due to her career, she always looked serious and emanated a stern aura around her. Deep down, she was a very kind lady, but Wang Hui was worried that Xi Xiaye might not be used to her.

Xi Xiaye smiled as well as she got herself another bowl of soup. “Not really. I think Mother is really kind. She’s even nicer to me than to Mu Yuchen. I noticed she’s pretty easygoing. However, I do feel that…”

“Ah Chen’s relationship with his parents is kind of cold?” Wang Hui interrupted Xi Xiaye before she could finish her sentence.

Xi Xiaye nodded sheepishly. “Yeah, I asked him before. He said they just don’t spend much time together.”

“That’s true. Ah Chen has been very independent from an early age. He went to boarding school at a very young age. I’m sure you know about his best friends. The Sus, the Zhous, and the Mus were in the same military area back then. We moved away separately afterward, and all of us kept in contact. All of us unified together and decided to let them attend military school,” Wang Hui said.

“Ah Chen’s personality is similar to his parents’. I’ve been thinking of talking to you about this. He really listens to you, so I hope you can help smoothen their relationship. Think of it as a request of mine.”

Xi Xiaye smiled. “Well, he respects Father and Mother a lot. He just doesn’t know how to express himself well, but maybe it’ll get better if we go home more frequently.”

“Things are getting better ever since he married you. Back in the days, Ah Chen never liked to come home and he rarely spoke, but he’s made a lot of changes now. Alright, you should quickly eat. How’s the taste?”

“It’s tasty. You should have some too,” Xi Xiaye replied. She felt a warmth inside her heart as she poured Wang Hui a bowl of soup as well.

“Has Ah Chen been calling you every day? What a bad time to be busy now. It’ll probably be difficult for you to move around when he gets back.”

“It’s alright, Grandmother. I know a lot of pregnant ladies who still worked when they were 9 months pregnant. I’m not a precious little lady…”

“That’s them. What do you mean by not precious? You’re the most precious lady in the Mu family now! Don’t go easy on Ah Chen. Get him to do whatever you want to. Having him serve his wife is training as well. Women are meant to give them face on the outside, so they should be treated like a queen at home. Your grandfather never dared to bully me, and your father is very gentle as well.”

Wang Hui was teaching Xi Xiaye some skills to tame her husband, but Xi Xiaye looked at her in surprise. “Grandmother, Mu Yuchen told me about Grandfather and you as well as Father and Mother. Actually, I’m really envious of their relationship. They are very polite to each other.”

“Sure, they look polite, but it’s another story when they are behind closed doors. They are very much comparable to you youngsters. Didn’t you notice that your father would bring your mother everywhere he goes? You need to think of a way to make Ah Chen want to bring you everywhere he goes.” Wang Hui squinted at Xi Xiaye. She then remembered her mother-in-law had advised her that as well when she first married into the Mu family.

Xi Xiaye’s heart softened as she chuckled a little. When she was about to say something, there was a knock on the door, so the two of them looked over.

“Director Xi!” Xiao Mei came in and quickly greeted her when she saw Wang Hui, “Hello, Elder Madam!”

Wang Hui nodded without saying anything.

Xi Xiaye wiped her mouth with a tissue before asking Xiao Mei, “What’s the matter?”

Xiao Mei looked at them hesitantly before she opened her folder and handed her a red invitation card. “Secretary Wang from the Han Corporation just delivered an invitation card. They invited Chairman Mu and you to attend the young master Han’s full moon celebration. Here…”

“Full moon celebration?” Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. With a slight frown, she opened it and noticed the date was in three days.

No one from the Han family attended Deng Wenwen’s funeral since they were busy planning for this full moon celebration. Obviously, they took Deng Wenwen lightly.

Xi Xiaye put on a cold smile before closing the invitation card.

Wang Hui did not say anything and just stared at Xi Xiaye intently.




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