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(Baby Boy Or Baby Girl? (2)

Xi Xiaye greeted Ruan Heng’s parents with a nod as she walked towards Su Nan’s mother.

“It’s slightly earlier than expected, but thanks to the doctor’s reminder, we’re quite prepared. She’s already been inside for several hours, but there’s no news at all!” Ruan Heng was worried.

“Trust the doctors. Nannan has been taking care of herself, and she’ll have a smooth delivery.”

Su Nan’s mother looked at Ruan Heng peculiarly. All the new fathers acted similarly. Su Nan’s father was like that back then too.

Xi Xiaye smiled. Suddenly, there was a sound coming from the operating theatre, They looked over as the doors swung open. The doctor and the nurses wheeled Su Nan out with one of the nurses holding a baby.

Ruan Heng rushed towards the bed as he asked, “Doctor, how’s my wife?”

“Congratulations! Both your wife and your daughter are safe! Your wife is very weak now and she needs rest, so let’s send her to the ward first.”

Everyone was relieved although Ruan Heng was heartbroken to see Su Nan lying on the bed in exhaustion. He held her hands. “Thank you, Nannan. Rest well now. I’ll be staying with you!”

Xi Xiaye’s smile grew wider. She let the couple have some time together as she went nearer to the nurse to take a look at the baby instead.

The baby still could not open her eyes yet while she was still clenching her fists. Indeed, she was a cute little thing.

Life was truly amazing. A little baby like this would turn into a beauty in the future!

Xi Xiaye smiled and poked the baby’s cheek carefully. The light inside her heart was getting stronger.

It would be her turn in a few months’ time.

Soon after they got into the ward, Ruan Heng let his father, who had been worrying the whole morning, go home first. Su Nan woke up moments later. She looked at the people around and her first reaction was to look for her child. Ruan Heng quickly gestured to his mother carry the baby over.

While the child was born earlier than expected, she was pretty healthy as a whole.

“Xiaye, why are you here as well?” Su Nan played with her daughter for a while as she looked at Xi Xiaye joyfully.

“Xiaye was here way before this,” Ruan Heng told her.

“I’m glad that both of you are safe. The child is adorable. Have you thought of a name for her?” Xi Xiaye closed in cheerfully. Su Nan looked much gentler than before now that she had become a mother and had adopted her maternal instincts. It was a surprising sight to see.

Su Nan raised her eyebrows and looked at Ruan Heng. “I’ve never really thought about a name. Can we name her something flashy?”

Ruan Heng gave it some thought. “I can’t think of anything now. Give it a few days and let me think properly!”

“Never mind. I’ll come up with one on my own.” Su Nan glanced at her daughter before raising her head. She looked over Xi Xiaye who was framed by the warm sun outside the window. An idea flashed through her mind. “I got it! We’ll call her Ruan Chenxi, bright and hopeful, meaning a brand new hope. How does that sound?”

They repeated the name several times and found it pleasant, thus their daughter was christened Ruan Chenxi. Her nickname would be Xiao Xi.

Xi Xiaye sent Mu Yuchen a text message by the corridor to share the good news with him and she unexpectedly received a phone call from him.

When she returned to the room, the child was gone with the nurse. Both the parents to Ruan Heng and Su Nan had gone back as well while Ruan Heng went to get some food for Su Nan.

“Xiaye, come here!”

Su Nan pointed to a seat beside her, signalling Xi Xiaye to sit down, Xi Xiaye nodded and went over.

Su Nan grabbed Xi Xiaye’s hand. “I heard about what happened to Deng Wenwen. Don’t feel too sad since it’s all in the past now. Maybe things will calm down with her absence. You handled her funeral, didn’t you? Where’s Xi Xinyi? She benefitted so much from Deng Wenwen, but she didn’t even try to do anything for her?”

Su Nan felt unjust for Xi Xiaye. She had been ostracized by Deng Wenwen, yet she was the one that had helped to arrange her funeral.

Xi Xiaye patted Su Nan’s hand. “It’s alright. Mu Yuchen asked Ah Mo to handle the funeral. I didn’t really do anything apart from attending it. It’s my father’s responsibility, so we can’t avoid it. With him around, I don’t really need to worry much.”

That man was observant and detail-oriented. Most of the time, he was well-prepared in advance way before she even needed to ask him for it. Xi Xiaye only realized yesterday that he had been keeping an eye on the rehabilitation center. She should be the one taking care of things here with Xi Mushan not around at that moment. Still, when Deng Wenwen passed away, he already knew about it before she called him and he had also given orders to handle her funeral immediately right after.

Su Nan nodded. “True enough. It seems like I don’t need to worry about you then! Xiaye, without Master Mu around, you have to take care of yourself. You look like you’ve lost weight recently. I’ll ask my mother to make you some soup every day. Your office isn’t that far away from here anyway.”

“It’s fine, Nannan. My mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law are working on that. I’ve been consuming a lot of tonics too. For some reason, I’m just not gaining weight although the little thing inside is getting bigger.” Xi Xiaye smiled.

“Your baby must be very strong. It sucked all the nutrients away from you. You might be giving birth to a strong genius baby! The possibility is very high with genes from Master Mu. Oh, you have to give birth to a boy, so that my daughter can marry him!” Su Nan teased.

“A boy? He always said it’s going to be a girl. Hmm, it feels like he doesn’t really like boys.”

“I bet he’s just worried that the child will get more attention than him. The same genders repel each other. Haven’t you heard of that before?”

Su Nan assumed she was an expert about man, she immediately voiced out her opinion.

Xi Xiaye was at a loss for words. Moments later, she raised her eyebrows. “What kind of comment is that? The same-gender-repels thing can’t be used on father and son, can it? He’s not that kind of person, so why would he think about that?”

“You have to listen to me! You’ll find out soon enough after you give birth to your son! I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen!” Su Nan sounded confident.




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