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(Baby Boy Or Baby Girl? (1)

When he saw Qi Lei’s figure, Ah Mo’s expression shifted. Vigilance flashed in Ji Zitong’s eyes as she looked at Ah Mo.

The two of them exchanged a look, and then their eyes were fixed on Qi Lei who walked over in huge strides.

Qi Lei did not seem to notice their gazes. He stopped casually beside Xi Xiaye.

“I thought that the person handling her funeral would be Xi Xinyi, but it turned out to be you.”

Qi Lei set the flowers down before Deng Wenwen’s tombstone. He straightened up as he spoke with a smile curved on his lips, “I heard that the Han family has been busy organizing a banquet recently. With this unexpected development, they have to pick a new date.”

Xi Xiaye did not respond and just laughed mockingly.

“She’s plotted and struggled all her life, but this is how it ends. It’s quite a tragic way to end her life. Nonetheless, I do have to thank her. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have known you. If I agreed to her request then, how do you think things would turn out now?” Qi Lei spoke plainly. His expression did not change and his tone was devoid of any emotion.

“I wouldn’t know what would happen either, but I do know that I’m not a fool who’ll be manipulated.”

At this moment, Xi Xiaye sighed to herself too. If it were not for her, she would not have gotten married to Mu Yuchen. Whatever it was, this was all just fate and chance.

After that, she added, “Thank you for coming.”

Qi Lei smiled as he shrugged. “How rare of you to thank me.”

He thought about it. The scene of his conversation with Mu Yuchen on the rooftop flashed in his mind again. The curve on his lips widened and he looked amusedly at her elegant face. His gaze made Xi Xiaye frown slightly.

“Did you tell Mu Yuchen that I was a good person?”

His mocking voice was teasing. When he looked around and did not see Mu Yuchen, he asked curiously, “Where’s he? Didn’t he come with you?”

Xi Xiaye glanced at him indifferently. “If you were a good person, then there would be no bad people on this Earth!”

Qi lei laughed out loud before he replied nonchalantly, “You’re a woman who doesn’t say what she thinks! Even Mu Yuchen gave me a positive assessment!”

Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him. She took the flowers against her chest, and then put it on the tombstone. Just as she was about to turn and leave, Qi Lei reached out to stop her. When Ji Zitong saw his attempt, she immediately went up and blocked him.

“Okay, okay, is it that bad telling the truth?” Qi Lei took a step back and said helplessly, “The 15th of next month is my mother’s 55th birthday. The Qi family will be organizing a banquet. I hope that you two can come over and support them. You will help me with this, won’t you?”

The internal state of Qi Kai Corporation was in turmoil. The sly fox Qi Qiming had done many things secretly whenever Wang Qin relaxed these past few years, so many people were now on his side, while the strength on Wang Qin’s side had weakened quite a bit. Since he had decided to fight for certain things, now would be the time to take action.

Glory World and Qi Kai were in a partnership. In fact, Qi Lei was in charge of this project. On the surface, they looked like partners, but Mu Yuchen’s tricks ran deeper. He would not take it easy on the surface. Nevertheless, in the dark, if that was so, why would he not just give Mu Yuchen some face? After all, Mu Yuchen himself had acknowledged that they could be collaborators!

Was he preparing for a rainy day?

Qi Lei was not a fool and would take advantage whenever he could!

The key right now was how to make his way into the higher management of Qi Kai. Even though he held the position as the Deputy CEO, Qi Qiming did not assign him any huge project responsibilities. Even in the South River project, he was just there as a designation. He did not know when Qi Qiming would remove him from it.

That was why he had been thinking of finding a new way out, and that was the collaboration between Fuhua Real Estate and Glory World. That would be an excellent chance for him. Of course, this chance must be personally invited by the CEO of Fuhua and supported by Mu Yuchen of Glory World before he could rise.

Qi Qiming did not even take him into account since he was busy fighting with Wang Qin. They both wanted their own people to get this project. If he wanted to emerge as a new force to be reckoned with, he could only accept Mu Yuchen’s suggestion.

Wang Qin’s birthday banquet?

Xi Xiaye frowned in surprise. She could not help but feel puzzled. If she remembered correctly, word around the circle was that Wang Qin never liked such occasions, so why would she suddenly organize a birthday banquet this time?

She chose her words carefully, and then suppressed her puzzlement before responding, “He’s abroad and might only be back in a month or two.”


Qi Lei frowned at Xi Xiaye. Moments later, he said, “No worries. You can come over too. Don’t worry. I’ll watch over you. Just help me out. I’ll send the invitation out in a few days.”

Xi Xiaye wanted to reject him, but when she thought about the working relationship of their two companies, she answered, “I’ll do my best to make the arrangements.”


With Qi Lei’s word, Xi Xiaye walked ahead and Ji Zitong quickly followed after her.

While Ah Mo used his sharp and deep gaze to examine Qi Lei, the latter very calmly swung his arms and let Ah Mo size him up.

After a while, Ah Mo looked away and then followed her without a word.

Deng Wenwen’s passing felt like a small episode as it did not cause too much of a storm. The Han family and Xi Xinyi were busy preparing for the banquet. Meanwhile, on Xi Xiaye’s end, Deng Wenwen’s passing made her upset. Only after three days, a piece of good news brought her out of her gloomy haze.

On this day, Xi Xiaye was at the hospital for a check-up. When she thought about how Su Nan was waiting for delivery there, she went looking for her. Unexpectedly, she was told that Su Nan had undergone labor that morning, and before the sun had even risen, she was wheeled into the delivery room.

She was about to give birth!

This news flashed in Xi Xiaye’s mind. She was overjoyed and quickly found the operating theatre with Ji Zitong.

As she stepped out of the elevator, she could see Ruan Heng’s family from afar and Mother Su waiting outside the operation room!

They all looked rather worried. Ruan Heng was pacing back and forth uneasily whilst his eyes never left the tightly shut doors to the operating theatre.

When he saw Xi Xiaye, Ruan Heng was naturally shocked.

“Xiaye, why are you here?”

“Coincidentally, I came over today for a check-up. I wanted to visit Nannan, but the doctor unexpectedly told me that Nannan’s about to deliver today, so I rushed over to have a look. How’s she right now?”




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