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(Compromise (2)

When he finished, Shen Wenna felt a heaviness in her chest. Suddenly, she felt a pang of sadness, yet she did not say anything.

Xi Mushan looked down at the two fallen leaves by her feet with a bleak and lonely expression. The air around him felt so sorrowful that she could feel it. She lifted a hand to fix the windbreaker as she contemplated for a moment, then slowly said, “I’m not forcing you to leave either. Some things take time to straighten out, but even if we try hard, some things cannot go back to how it was.”

“Then, we’ll start now. What’s so bad about that? If you’re still willing, I don’t mind courting you again, just like how I did back then. Push away all the unhappiness. The children are all grown up now, so we can start a new life too.”

When he heard Shen Wenna, a flicker of hope appeared in Shen Wenna’s eyes as he fixed her eyes on her.

After a long silence, Shen Wenna still did not answer him. She just calmly looked up and called for her little poodle that was playing not too far away. “Little Apple, come here! While the weather’s good, let Grandfather clean you up. You stink now!”

Upon hearing Shen Wenna’s voice, the pampered and playful Little Apple eagerly scampered over and rushed to Shen Wenna’s feet before climbing onto Shen Wenna’s lap. She carefully petted it then turned to say to Xi Mushan, “Give Little Apple a bath. Last night, he smelled when he climbed into my blanket. I think he must have gotten something on him.”

As Xi Mushan looked down at Little Apple that lay on Shen Wenna’s lap and enjoyed her petting with its eyes narrowed, he could not help but feel a little jealous.

Xi Mushan could not even compare to this pet on her lap!

“Then, let him sleep with me tonight. Your sight is an inconvenience. This little thing’s claws are quite sharp. It’d be bad if you’re hurt.”

Sighing to himself, he wondered when he could be treated like Little Apple.

Earlier, to his relief, Shen Wenna did not clearly reject him. If she really said “okay”, then he…

Deng Wenwen’s funeral was simple, especially since Xi Xiaye did not inform anyone either. She was buried in the West Hill Cemetery according to Ah Mo’s arrangements.

The day of her burial was a gloomy day. Mu Lingshi and Ah Mo went over, and as expected, Xi Xinyi and the Han family were nowhere to be seen. They said that it was the Han family’s little master, who was Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi’s son’s full moon banquet soon. Therefore, they could not be in contact with such ominous things.

When Xi Xiaye heard that, she smiled dismally and felt sad for Deng Wenwen.

This was the granddaughter that Deng Wenwen had been protecting before! The Han family that she had prioritized!

At such a time, you could truly see through these people’s natures and their hypocrisy. Deng Wenwen was just one of the tragedies among the many out there.

At the bottom of West Hill Cemetery, Xi Xiaye slowly got down from the car and Ji Zitong quickly shielded her with an umbrella as Sis Wang walked over to help her put on a pure white corsage.

Xi Xiaye looked down at the corsage on her chest that was as white as snow, feeling a little gloomy. She did not want to feel sad any further, so she picked up her pace and walked up.

When she reached Deng Wenwen’s tombstone, Deng Wenwen was already buried and at rest. Ah Mo and the other eight black-suited bodyguards waited on the side. All of them had solemn expressions. When they saw Xi Xiaye walk over, they lowered their heads in sync to observe a moment of silence.

Xi Xiaye put a bouquet of white daisies before Deng Wenwen’s tombstone as she quietly watched the picture on the tombstone for a long while.

“Sis-in-law.” Mu Lingshi walked over a little worriedly, gazing at Xi Xiaye in concern.

Xi Xiaye regained her senses. She looked at her and said calmly, “I’m fine. Give me the joss stick.”

Sis Wang immediately lit the joss stick and handed it to Xi Xiaye who accepted it and bowed three times before handing it to Sis Wang to stick it in.

“The Han family and Xi Xinyi don’t seem to be coming. It’s quite sad for Madam Deng.” Mu Lingshi could not help but sigh.

Xi Xiaye smiled bitterly. She had long seen through their true colors, so she was not surprised. If they could abandon Deng Wenwen, what else could they look forward to now? Xi Xinyi could not wait to cast this side of the family away, especially since Yue Lingsi was also crippled now.

When she saw the sadness in Xi Xiaye’s smile, Mu Lingshi sighed to herself and said softly, “Sis-in-law, if you’re done paying your respects, then let’s go home. It’s a little chilly here. Brother is very worried about you.”

“You all go down and wait for me. I want to be myself for a while. Just get Ah Mo to stay back. There are still some things I need to settle,” Xi Xiaye said softly.

When Mu Lingshi heard her request, she subconsciously turned to Ah Mo beside her. When Ah Mo gave her a reassuring gaze, she then nodded to Xi Xiaye. “Okay then, Sis-in-law, don’t be too down. While one passes as the light goes out, pray that she’ll enter paradise sooner.”

Xi Xiaye acknowledged her comforting words. Then, Mu Lingshi then went down with the row of people. Ji Zitong did not leave, still holding up the large black umbrella for Xi Xiaye.

Ah Mo did not know how to console her either. He thought about it then said, “My condolences, Missus. Master says to not be too sad. This is all just a moment for everyone’s release. With Madam Deng’s passing, some grudges can also go with her. This is a good thing. For Madam Deng, this would be the best place to return to.”

Xi Xiaye smiled calmly and nodded. “Don’t worry. I know. Actually, from the moment she said sorry, perhaps everyone should have felt a little relieved. I just hope that she’ll do well over there.”

As Xi Xiaye said this, she suddenly reached into her pocket and whipped a key out. She handed it to Ah Mo.

“This is the key to her safe deposit box. There are some things inside… Just donate it all in her name to a charity organization or orphanage.” Xi Xiaye just casually tossed the key as Ah Mo caught it by reflex.

“Missus, this is what Madam Deng left for…” Ah Mo looked hesitantly at Xi Xiaye, not immediately taking it.

“We don’t need these things. Just consider it as gaining karma for her. In this lifetime… Let’s hope she lives in an ordinary family in the next lifetime. Perhaps she’ll be happier.”

Ah Mo’s gaze dimmed. After that, he nodded. He wanted to say something when he suddenly heard some footsteps from behind him. So did Xi Xiaye, and the few of them turned to look at the source of the sound.

Unexpectedly, it was Qi Lei!

With his handsome face and his slightly demonic charm from his tall figure, he held a bouquet of white daisies in his hand as he walked towards them in huge strides.




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