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(Compromise (1)

Xi Mushan smiled sheepishly when he heard Xi Xiaye. He felt a little embarrassed for his daughter to see him this way.

“Mu Yuchen and I hope that you and Mother can be together again, but we can’t really do much. It all boils down to you in order to change Mother’s mind. She has never forgotten about you.” Xi Xiaye remembered what Shen Wenna told her before, so she could not help but chuckle a little.

When Xi Mushan heard Xi Xiaye’s chuckle, he seemed to be affected, and the gloominess in him faded quite a bit too. He could not help but probe, “Did she tell you that her heart still belongs to me?”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Mmm, Father, I’m sure you know what happened to Mu Yuchen and I. After we got registered, Mother told me Mu Yuchen is great and she wants me to treat him dearly, and then she suddenly mentioned you. She said you have this aura around you, that you’re knowledgeable and handsome. You’re the image of her ideal husband.”

“She really said that?” Xi Mushan’s expression softened as he looked at Shen Wenna sitting on the swing. His eyes turned soft.

“Mmm! The current you must’ve been more mature. Basically, you’ve withstood the trial of time, so you have to keep it up, Father.” Xi Xiaye was not sure what she should say for encouragement, thus that was what she came up with.

Xi Mushan nodded and smiled delightedly. “I got it. I’ll try my best. She’s right here with me. Do you want to talk to her?”

“It’s alright. I’ll call her next time. I have an incoming call and I’ve got to go.”

As their conversation ended, Xi Mushan kept his phone away and then walked towards Shen Wenna.

“Who called you?” Shen Wenna’s hearing had become extremely sharp after she lost her sight. She caught a sentence or two from their conversation just now.

Xi Mushan put a windbreaker over Shen Wenna’s shoulders before he sat down beside her and spoke, “It’s Xiaye. Deng Wenwen passed away.”

Shen Wenna was stunned for a moment. Then, she lowered her head without saying anything.

“Xiaye said she wanted her to tell us that she’s sorry and that she wished us happiness,” Xi Mushan continued. Shen Wenna was not showing any emotion on her face as she just nodded quietly. “Are you going back?”

Shen Wenna’s feelings about Deng Wenwen were numb. The main cause of most tragedies was her, but what could she do now?

Maybe the best way was to let all the past conflicts be buried with her.

Xi Mushan looked at her and asked, “Do you want me to go back?”

Shen Wenna raised her head, her hand moving slightly. “You can go back if you want to.” She had some indescribable feelings in her heart.

Their time together here was pleasant. Although she would throw tantrums and give him trouble at times, he never got angry with her at all. He was just like back when they were still together, wholeheartedly accepting and tolerating her.

She was touched, but at the same time, she was also struggling about what to do. After some consideration, she decided to let nature take its course.

She was just wondering if things would become chaotic again once they got back. There was still Yue Lingsi and her daughter, Xi Xinyi, back in City Z after all.

“How I wish I should’ve been wary of Yue Lingsi back then! Maybe all of these wouldn’t have happened. I thought about a lot of things lately. Everyone holds responsibility for it. I was too careless to let her stay with us. I thought Deng Wenwen brought her in because of her relationship with the Yue family. Moreover, I’ve always known that she loved you. Her feelings towards you were probably greater than mine.” Shen Wenna smiled, her tone seeming calm.

“Actually, we befriended each other because of you. She knew you were close to me. That’s why she became friends with me. She always asked me about you, your interests, and your habits, hence I knew she was in love with you a long time ago. She became really desperate as she could not get you. It’s been thirty years. I’m surprised by her determination and courage. I might be impressed if she had not pulled all the dirty tricks. I have to admit that she did sacrifice a whole lot more than I did.”

“Even so, I cannot accept her. I shouldn’t just accept her because she made more sacrifices! Wenna, we’ve known each other for over forty years. You should know how I feel. I love you and only you. It’s my fault in the past, so you don’t have to defend her. You have all the right to blame it on me. I don’t mind that you blame me, but please, don’t say any of those hurtful words anymore. I’ve lost everything. I don’t want to lose you too.”

Xi Mushan suddenly extended his arms out and grabbed Shen Wenna’s pair of hands.

Shen Wenna did not struggle. She just sat there quietly and let him hold her hands. “You were married to her, and you even have a daughter…” she whispered as she felt a slight pain in her chest.

“That was a mistake. I’ve never mistreated her daughter or her. She fulfilled her wish to marry into the Xi family. That’s her own choice. It doesn’t matter how much she sacrificed. It’s none of my business. When we signed our names on the papers, I told her that I’d never fall in love with her! I only have this much feelings to give, and I’ve given them all to you. I can’t forget about you. I was always worried… We were a married couple once, and we have a daughter too. I gave everything up and now beg you to give me a chance, Wenna. I’m really afraid that you’ll say no.”

“I’ve never been an evil person. Why is it so difficult to fulfill my happiness?”

Xi Mushan was having a heartache and felt like he was slowly losing his strength. All these helpless emotions drowned him. What else could he do?

He took a deep breath and let go of Shen Wenna’s hands.

“My feelings for you have never changed. If you’re unwilling to give me another chance, I’ll leave after your recovery and will never bother you ever again.”

He did not care for anything else but her happiness.




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