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(Joy And Sorrow Affairs Of Life (1)

“Missus, this way!”

Mu Yuchen had specially ordered for these bodyguards. They would not let Xi Xiaye be in contact with such dangerous people.

So, once they saw Xi Xinyi appear, one of the bodyguards had already gone up to protect her while Ji Zitong stayed to wait for Ah Mo to come and settle Deng Wenwen’s funeral matters.

This was initially Xi Mushan’s responsibility, but now that he was not there, she had to do it for him.

Xi Xiaye knew that Xi Mushan hated Deng Wenwen to the bone as well. In regard to Deng Wenwen’s matters, he had only told the rehabilitation center to inform him of her situation once in a while. However, now that Deng Wenwen had passed away, he should still be asleep according to the time difference, so she considered only telling him after.

“Xi Xiaye! I have something to say to you!”

When she saw that Xi Xiaye ignored her, Xi Xinyi quickly went up to her, wanting to pull her, but the bodyguards swiftly stopped her beside Xi Xiaye. They cruelly separated them, not allowing Xi Xinyi to get closer.

“I’ve got nothing to say to you. You can now go back and decide if you want to order a few more wreaths for Deng Wenwen. After all, she has been good to the two of you. Shouldn’t you do your filial duty?” Xi Xiaye’s cold voice was filled with plain mockery.

“You don’t have to worry about that. It’d be much better than your ungratefulness! Wasn’t it you who pushed everyone to where we are today? If you didn’t let Mu Yuchen take action, Yueying would’ve still been fine. The Xi family would’ve just been fine too! You’re a truly sly, despicable, shameless, nasty person! You’re just pretending to be all nonchalant! Xi Xiaye, you really do have some tricks up your sleeves! I, Xi Xinyi, am not as scheming as you! On top of that, my mother’s schemes can’t compare to your mother, Shen Wenna’s!” Xi Xinyi patted her arm firmly as she spoke through gritted teeth. Her red little face was colored in a fit of anger and she looked a little sinister.

“You ruined the Xi family! If grandfather were still around, do you think he’d have forgiven you? As horrible as I may be, I would not take the Xi family down. Because of you two, Father even gave his promotion for a high official position up. He gave everything up, and the two of you still had the heart to take the Xi family out. You didn’t even consider Father’s feelings at all! I was bullied by you. I’ve underestimated you and I lost. I admit that! So, you can say whatever you want since everyone thinks you’re so innocent. They all think you’re the victim! What about me? Who has ever thought about me?”

Indignantly, she could not tamp the anger in her heart down.

Xi Xiaye smiled apathetically as she turned around to shoot Xi Xinyi a half-hearted sympathetic look. “Xi Xinyi, before you decided to take me out, tell me. Have I ever hurt you?”

Her merciless twinkling eyes met Xi Xinyi’s furious gaze whilst her cold gaze hid a sliver of sharpness. She stared at Xi Xinyi without blinking.

Xi Xinyi was stunned by this question, yet her back remained straight as a ramrod! She could not lose to this woman in such an imposing manner!

“Can’t answer that, can you?” Xi Xiaye snorted as she slowly averted her gaze. “I’ve never owed you anything, yet you just put all your unhappiness onto me and keep coming for me, setting me up while I continued to tolerate you time and time again. Have you ever let me off? Why is it that you can do things by hook or by crook, and I can’t? Why is it that I have to just watch you not having qualms with taking over Yueying and having the Xi family while I can’t? Do you think I’m a fool? The Xi family is truly over and done with scum like you lot!”

“Nonsense! It was you who destroyed the Xi family. You even chased everyone out!”

“But don’t you forget that West Park was given to me by grandfather before he passed away! He was worried about leaving the Xi family in your hands. Was he not?”

Xi Xiaye’s words cut like a knife straight into Xi Xinyi’s heart, and she turned pale in an instant.

“I’ve never gone against you. When we were younger, I treated you like a playmate. When you entered the Xi family, you stole all the things I liked but did I say anything? Did I bully, hit, or scold you? I just wanted some peace, and grow up sooner so that I could leave home, but as for you, since we were young, you wouldn’t let go of everything I liked. Whether they were toys or people, you’ve always had such perverse thoughts. You should’ve taken meds and cured yourself. Didn’t you make Han Yifeng hate you by yourself?”

“Shut up! Shut up! Do you know where he is? Did you go looking for him again! Tell me! Did you go seducing him again?” Xi Xinyi clenched her fists as her low voice softly cursed.

Xi Xiaye ignored her. She was like a madwoman, biting and snapping everywhere.

However, by the looks of it, did Han Yifeng not like Xi Xinyi anymore?

Xinyi and I have an unforgettable love!

The scene of Han Yifeng saying this with a flood of infatuation flashed in her mind again. She could not help but sneer.

His pledge of undying love was only worth that much. Who could guarantee eternity?

The past could not be changed while the future could only be hoped for. All we could be sure of was the present.

She did not stay and just got into the car as the bodyguards quickly closed the door. Xi Xinyi wanted to chase after them, yet the bodyguards pulled her away. When Xi Xiaye’s car had slowly driven away, they let go of Xi Xinyi, and then they got into another car and followed after them.

The car was still driving ahead while Xi Xiaye sat behind in exhaustion. She closed her heavy eyes while alternate scenes kept flashing in her mind. There were images ranging from Deng Wenwen scolding her, and in the end, it evolved to become the image of Deng Wenwen begging for her forgiveness in the ward earlier.

She was not sure how long had passed before she pushed those alternating images aside. She slowly opened her eyes and opened her palm to look.

Indeed, a delicate key lay quietly in her palm.

It was the one that Deng Wenwen had stuffed into her palm at her last breath.

Actually, she did not quite understand what Deng Wenwen meant. Was this to make up for something? Was it a flash of realization on her deathbed? Or something else?

Xi Xiaye did not have to guess. It should be that so-called inheritance which was what Yue Lingsi was looking for. With the message on the key, it should be fairly easy to locate the safe.

However, she was not interested in those things. The card that Mu Yuchen had given her was probably enough for her to live tens of lifetimes.

Suddenly, she really missed him. She could not express her sorrow either. After she thought about it, she then took her phone out as she put the key away. Without further thought, she called his number.




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