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( Hatred(4)

A smile curved across Xi Xinyi’s face, seeming a little dismal.

“Indifferent? How many times have I told you not to provoke those people, to behave, to learn how to be like Shen Wenna? Even if you couldn’t get anything, you could at least toughen up, but instead? What did you do? You gave up on yourself, you drank and gambled, you ruined yourself. Do you want to pull me down too?”

Xi Xinyi’s sourness and unhappiness that filled her heart were released like a dam at this point.

“The Xi family is in shambles, and Grandma is like that. Yueying is on the verge of going bankrupt. What have you done? It’s because of me, running around while being pregnant, putting in so much effort before I can continue to keep it going, working hard for so long and persisting step by step, that I finally managed to be where I am today. Not only did you not help me, but you also kept dragging me down, and now you’re even scolding me like you’re all that. Don’t you think that it’s quite hilarious? I persisted on painstaking, and all for who? Did you think I was really just going it for myself? Every month, you take hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. Don’t those count?”

The feeling of being wronged and bitterness suppressed in her heart had nowhere else to go. Xi Xinyi was about to crazy with all this pressure. If it were not for the fact that she kept telling herself that she could not lose to Xi Xiaye, she might not have been able to persist.

If Xi Xiaye could persevere, she definitely could as well!

Xi Xinyi more or less understood Xi Xiaye’s situation recently. She knew that she must be somewhat capable to have made it to her current position from being a low-level staff in Glory World, but no matter what, she would not lose to her.

After going through those painful lessons, Xi Xinyi realized that if she really wanted to take Xi Xiaye that slut down, just these little tricks would not work. Since she had Mu Yuchen for support, she definitely would not be easy to take down. Because that was the case, she could only come up with other ways. In order to properly defeat her, she had to first defeat Mu Yuchen. Of course, he would not be someone she could handle. The grudges between him and Qi Kai were enough to take him down. When that happened, she was sure that he would not be able to protect Xi Xiaye. Only then could she step over her and satisfy her hatred for her.

Nonetheless, right now, all she could do was endure this!

She did not mind becoming that person’s gun as long as she Xi Xinyi benefitted as well, and if she could take Xi Xiaye down, she did not mind.

“Why you! Not only did you not help me out, but apart from causing trouble for me all day, you also make me worry about you endlessly. What else do you do? You ruined yourself, but you blame me instead. Shouldn’t you self-reflect? I pay for your food and clothes and even give you money to spend. Every day, I say good things about you to Grandfather. Aren’t these enough? What right do you have to reprimand me? Why do I have such a useless mother? In the end, I’d much rather my mother was Shen Wenna. Do you understand?”

Xi Xinyi’s questioning tone became extremely sharp. Her beautiful eyes were filled with a fiery fury as she fixed her glare on Yue Lingsi.

Yue Lingsi then sneered and said, “Is that so? To you, only the useful ones are your kin. Are you actually comparing me to Shen Wenna? If it weren’t for her, your father wouldn’t abandon his wife and daughter to go to that vixen, yet you’re fighting me over her, Xi Xinyi! Has your conscience left you? Get out! Get out now! I don’t have a daughter like you! Get lost!” Yue Lingsi roared.

In that instant, hot tears welled up in her eyes. She shut her eyes, feeling hopeless. Her unhurt hand gripped the blanket tightly as a piercing pain flooded all over her body while the pain in the chest came by the waves.

Was this her own daughter?

Why did she not recognize her at all?

Xi Xinyi snickered coldly as she looked at Yue Lingsi apathetically. “Just stay in the hospital and recover. I’ll get someone to pay the fees. If you still won’t behave, I don’t mind sending you over to the same sanitarium as Grandmother!”

“You… you unfilial daughter! Get lost! Get lost now!” Yue Lingsi picked the glass on the side up and threw it at her in a rage!


The glass shattered on the ground although it did not hit Xi Xinyi who glanced at the shattered glass on the ground as she said in disdain, “Your skills of making an unreasonable scene has improved. Back then, you hit Father like this too. A man who would be willing to get close to a man like you would probably be blind! Wake up! Stop dreaming of being an heiress or the Mayor’s wife! You’re now in so dire straits that you can only rely on me to take care of you, yet here you are cursing me like I’m worthless. Hmph!” She then exited through the door.

Almost instantly, the sound of shrieks and weeping from Yue Lingsi breaking down came from the ward!

How did it turn out like this?

They were not like this before. How did they end up where they were today?

It had been so many years. Did she do something wrong?

She had been wholeheartedly doing everything for the Xi family, wholeheartedly loving Xi Mushan and their daughter Xi Xinyi, but in the end, what did she get?

How did she end up in this tragic state?

That Shen Wenna was blind, yet she had won all of Xi Mushan!


The fire of fury consumed her heart, and Yue Lingsi felt that the pain in her chest suddenly became piercing. A bloody taste rose from her throat, and she could not help but cough profusely. In her state, she had to push the coppery taste that filled her mouth down.

When Xi Xinyi walked out of the ward, Huang Ziyao was waiting at the corridor not too far away. She was talking to a doctor in a white coat.

Xi Xinyi dragged her weak body and walked over.

Without caring about anything else, Xi Xinyi asked, “Doctor, how’s my mother?”

The doctor turned to look at Xi Xinyi and sighed. “It doesn’t look great. Both her hamstrings were severed. Usually, she might be able to recover through surgery, but her situation is a little unique. The people who did it clearly did not want to let her walk again, so… In fact, there are many traces of her getting beaten up all over her body. Who would be this cruel? We’ll further review her treatment according to her condition. If there are any good plans, we’ll inform you then. We must keep the patient in a good mental state and urge her to cooperate with recovery. For now, we’re preventing her from muscular dystrophy. Otherwise, we won’t be able to help her recover even if we find a way when the time comes.”

When Xi Xinyi heard the explanation, her expression sank. After a while, she nodded graciously. “Okay, thank you, doctor.”




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