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(Fight (3)

“Unfortunately, Deng Wenwen isn’t going to comply. Don’t forget who put her into this state. She’s not an idiot. Do you think she would just let you do what you want?” Xi Xiaye gave her a cold glance and laughed. “To be honest, I’m impressed that you could get Deng Wenwen so worked up. Who would’ve expected the two of you to become like this?”

“Shut up! You shut your mouth!” Yue Lingsi’s expression darkened just like moments before a storm. She glared at Xi Xiaye coldly. “Don’t you try to fool me! You haven’t told me where Xi Mushan and that witch Shen Wenna is! Do you think I can’t find them just because you hid them?”

“Why should I tell you? Find them yourself! Instead of lashing out on me, you might want to think of a way to ask your daughter to help out with your debts. The debt collectors might break a hand or two. By then, you’ll probably be worse off than Deng Wenwen, won’t you?”

Xi Xiaye suppressed the anger inside her as she spoke bitterly. She stood up and was about to leave, not wanting to spend another second with her anymore.

It had been some time since Mu Yuchen had gone to talk to the doctor. She was worried since he had not come back yet, so she wanted to go look for him as she was not having a peaceful time there.

However, Yue Lingsi jumped toward her the moment she stood up. She tried to pin Xi Xiaye’s shoulder against the wall, making her stagger slightly. As she held onto the wall with one hand, she held her baby bump cautiously while her eyes turned cold.

“Speak! Where’s Xi Mushan and that old witch? Don’t even think of leaving without telling me!” Yue Lingsi grabbed Xi Xiaye’s shoulder. Xi Xiaye could feel her sharp nails stabbing into her flesh as Yue Lingsi was shaking her violently.

She could not react to Yue Lingsi’s quick movements and started getting dizzy after a while. Her senses barely came back to her moments later. She struggled and grabbed Yue Lingsi’s wrist and pinched her hard. Yue Lingsi screamed before clutching Xi Xiaye’s long hair and pulling it ferociously!

With a frown, Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and calmly grabbed her shoulder before swiftly stomping her foot. Finally, she was free from Yue Lingsi’s grip, and she delivered a fresh slap to her face!


Yue Lingsi screamed once again as her face was struck. To her anger, she instantly felt that fiery, painful sensation.

“How dare you hit me? How dare you?” Yue Lingsi covered her face as she glared at Xi Xiaye with a hostile expression.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath. She was still unconsciously shielding her tummy as she tidied her messy hair with one hand. Without any more intention of staying, she turned around and started walking away.

Xi Xiaye hastened forward, but Yue Lingsi did not stop following and tried to catch up with her. “Stop right there! How dare you slap me!? Speak! Where is Xi Mushan? Stop right there!”

Xi Xiaye dodged sideways and Yue Lingsi missed her. However, Yue Lingsi was able to grab onto her skirt and dragged her back!

“I’m going to break your face! The same witch face Shen Wenna has!” Yue Lingsi yelled.

Xi Xiaye barely managed to stand while she grabbed Yue Lingsi’s incoming hand. “That’s enough! You’re mad! You provoked me. One slap is already mercy for you. Don’t try to do anything more!”

This woman’s fingernails were like sharp knives. She could feel the stinging pain on her shoulder and a faint scent of blood entered the air around them.

“Getting all high and mighty now? No matter what, I’m still your elder. How dare you treat me that way? Is that how that witch Shen Wenna taught you to act? Where is Xi Mushan now? Tell me!” Yue Lingsi jumped onto her, making her stuck between the walls.

“Didn’t you call Deng Wenwen your mother too? She almost died because of you. Where are your standards? How can you and your daughter be so weird? You think that all your faults were just tiny mistakes, but then you keep pointing out the fault of others! How can there be people like the two of you in this world?” Xi Xiaye was incensed.

“Shut up, you little witch! It’s not your turn to lecture me yet! Who do you think you are to lecture me?” Xi Xiaye’s words definitely hit Yue Lingsi’s sensitive point. Xi Xinyi had just scolded her about this not too long ago, and now, Xi Xiaye triggered her even further, so she started screaming.

A large crowd started looking at them.

“Who do you think you are to make me tell you? You are no different from a mad person! My father would never find you attractive unless he’s blind! You’re my elder? Don’t you think your existence itself is a joke?” Xi Xiaye replied with a firm tone.

“Shut up! Ah—!”

As Yue Lingsi tried to charge at Xi Xiaye again, Xi Xiaye twisted her wrist and she screamed in agony. “You people are the ones that make me mad, Xi Xiaye! It’s you and that old witch Shen Wenna! It’s Mu Yuchen! You guys work together and bully me. Both Mu Yuchen and you are making me mad. Don’t think that I don’t know Mu Yuchen did all those things behind my back! If I died, I’d come back and haunt you as a ghost! Everyone, come and take a look! The woman behind Glory World Corporation loves to bully the weak. They are trying to make me die! Ah— No!”

“Nonsense! Yue Lingsi, the whole of City Z knows what you’ve done, and now you’re trying to accuse Mu Yuchen. Do you want me to show everyone the security camera from the hospital and see what you just did to me?”

How could Xi Xiaye not know what Yue Lingsi was trying to do?




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