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(Fight (2)

Xi Xiaye never expected to bump into Yue Lingsi, moreover, inside this rehabilitation center.

On the long bench by the empty corridor, Xi Xiaye averted her gaze from the magazine she was reading to look at the pair of feet right before her. She slowly peered up and saw the icy-looking Yue Lingsi!

Yue Lingsi was staring at her coldly with a gaze that looked like her eyes were poisoned ice needles as if it would claim someone’s life in a glance.

Xi Xiaye looked at her for a moment. Then, she continued reading the magazine when there was no reaction from Yue Lingsi. However, as she lowered her head, she felt a gust of wind before her and the magazine in her hand was snatched away.


The magazine fell into a corner. A bitter wind blew through and flipped through the pages of the magazine.

With a scowl, Xi Xiaye glared at Yue Lingsi with a cold expression. “Don’t you think you’ve caused enough ruckus with Xi Xinyi? Do you want to mess with me now?”

“You witch! Do you think I don’t know that you’re pleased as punch right now? Where’s Xi Mushan? Where’s that old witch, Shen Wenna? Are the two of them trying to elope and avoid me? If Xi Mushan thinks he can leave me like that, I’m telling you that it’s impossible! I’ll never give them the chance to be happy together and laugh at me!”

Yue Lingsi went manic. Facing so many harsh consequences lately, she had lost everything and never expected her daughter to treat her that way. She almost broke down in frustration!

Because Han Yifeng and the Han family just left her alone, she tried to ask Elder Yue for help, but she had gotten a terrible scolding before she could even meet him.

No matter how powerful the Yue family was, if they were to help her to clear her massive debts right now, would some ruthless people not take the opportunity to spread rumors about them again?

The Yue family decided not to help when they considered their reputation.

Yue Lingsi’s debts piled up to over $10 million dollars, and she lost all the money she had before. Where could she get the money to clear her debts?

She went to Han Yifeng but was not able to meet him. Nevertheless, she did not want to ask Huang Ziyao for help as she was frustrated whenever she was reminded about her attitude!

Since Xi Xinyi gave birth to a boy for the Han family, she would officially be part of the Han family soon, but Huang Ziyao’s attitude was just too much!

Yue Lingsi’s anger built up. If it were not for her asking for help from the Yue family before, would the projects from the Han Corporation have gone on so smoothly? Not only were they ungrateful, but they also treated her even worse. Xi Xinyi was her daughter, yet she put on such airs when talking to her right now. Yue Lingsi felt like she had aged a lot in a short span of time.

Finally, she decided to look for Xi Mushan since they were married after all. No matter what, Xi Mushan would not just leave her alone like this. It was not a big deal for him to give her this amount of money, especially since he had gotten a lot of dividend from Yueying before. Xi Jiyang also had left him a huge load of his assets. Because Xi Xiaye had only taken West Park, the money should be with Xi Mushan and Deng Wenwen.

She asked around and realized Xi Mushan had not come back since the wedding of Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye abroad! He was probably fooling around with the old witch somewhere!

In the end, she was forced to look for Deng Wenwen who had become so useless. With just a few words from her, she almost died!

Xi Xiaye’s expression turned cold suddenly. “You’d better watch your mouth! Aren’t you the dirtiest to cheat on my father with someone else? How dare you scold my mother? If it weren’t for your dirty tricks, my parents wouldn’t have been separated at all! You drugged my father and got pregnant with Xi Xinyi. A woman like you is the best example of a dirty witch!”

“I’d be too embarrassed to even live anymore if I were you. You’re just a living tragedy now. The Yue family gave up on you, the Han family can’t take you in, and your daughter despises you. You’ve been cornered by your debts and your reputation is at its worst. Aw, aren’t you in a pitiful state right now?”

“Shut up! Do you want me to die? Why won’t that witch Shen Wenna die first? Shen Wenna is the real witch! Shameless slut! I fell in love with Xi Mushan first. How dare she compete with me? If it weren’t for her, Xi Mushan and I would be the best couple! Do you know how much I’ve sacrificed for Xi Mushan? What has Shen Wenna done for him? Everyone just assumed Xi Mushan should be with Shen Wenna. Ha, what a joke! As long as I’m alive, that’d be impossible! I’d never let them be together even if I died! There’s no way I’ll sacrifice myself just to let them get back together!”

Yue Lingsi was screaming by now. Her eyes were filled with hatred the moment Shen Wenna was mentioned, especially when she looked at Xi Xiaye who looked just like Shen Wenna. She was eager to smash her face into pieces right there and then!

A guaranteed return of investment? How could such a good deal possibly exist?

Xi Xiaye scoffed at her. “You made a plan to steal something that doesn’t belong to you, yet now you’re accusing the original owner of stealing. I’m afraid only you and your daughter could manage to pull something like this off. You won’t even spare a bed-ridden old lady. You guys are just the best. You two just widen my horizon so much.”

“Are you faking kindness now? You probably wanted that old fox to die as soon as possible, didn’t you? She’s a living burden. Wouldn’t she be better off dead? Don’t think that old thing is as easy to fool as your grandfather. Did you think she’d pass the inheritance to you? Dream on! Those belong to Xinyi! Don’t even think about them!” Yue Lingsi’s voice was sharp.

“Inheritance?” Xi Xiaye mumbled, she then chuckled. “Seems like Li Si was right. You’re here for that!”




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