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( Fight (1)

Li Si said quietly, “Master, I checked and found out that Yue Lingsi came to visit last night. Deng Wenwen’s condition worsened soon after she left. Honestly, I think she should be the cause.”

“Yue Lingsi?” Xi Xiaye frowned as she repeated her name.

Her relationship with Deng Wenwen had broken down a long time ago. Before Xi Xinyi entered the Xi family, Deng Wenwen still treated her nicely to get on Xi Jiyang and Xi Mushan’s good side. However, after Xi Xinyi came into the Xi family, Xi Xiaye became powerless.

Back then, Elder Yue helped Yueying a lot, and Xi Xinyi’s maternal grandmother and Deng Wenwen were good friends.

Xi Xiaye became fed up with Deng Wenwen favoring Xi Xinyi over her, especially since all the hardships she had gone through were ignored. Xi Xiaye now only felt sorry and sour for Deng Wenwen.

It was not that she did not hate her, but it seemed meaningless now. She might as well forget all about Deng Wenwen.

“Yes, Director Xi, I’ve confirmed with the caretaker, Sis Chun. Yue Lingsi came over yesterday angrily. I asked around and realized Yue Lingsi had been arguing with Xi Xinyi lately. She built up some gambling debts and lost all her money. The debt collectors even visited her house some time ago. Xi Xinyi had an argument with her and criticized her harshly. In her fury, Yue Lingsi slapped Xi Xinyi.”

When Li Si received Mu Yuchen’s call yesterday, he rushed to the rehabilitation center to find out what happened. Ah Bao and the others informed him what happened this morning. After some analysis, Li Si grasped the big picture.

“Master, I think Yue Lingsi was frustrated and came over here. She assumed that since Deng Wenwen was such a sly fox, she probably would’ve left something after working hard for Yueying for so many years. Moreover, Elder Xi also left her something after he passed away, but whatever was passed down was nowhere to be seen ever since Deng Wenwen was admitted into the hospital. Yue Lingsi probably came here because of those. If she didn’t clear her debts in time, she would be in deep trouble,” Li Si said.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “I know about that. Deng Wenwen is very guarded against everyone, including my grandfather. She doesn’t even trust him, but Yue Lingsi should know something since they were pretty close.”

She stopped taking note of Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi ever since the fall of the Xi family. Without an ounce of care anymore, she left it all to Mu Yuchen, not wanting to touch those complicated relationships anymore.

“It seems that Yue Lingsi is having a tough time,” Mu Yuchen said with an indifferent expression.

“The Yue family is probably reluctant to help since that incident, and now Yue Lingsi is giving up on herself. The Yue family has probably given up on her. She’s fortunate that her reputation didn’t go any lower.”

Li Si sighed. “Deng Wenwen is pretty tragic. She probably never expected Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi to treat her like this after she became bedridden. I guess she didn’t know them well enough.”

Xi Xiaye lowered her head slightly before heading forward and opening the door while Mu Yuchen followed behind her.

Inside the room, Deng Wenwen was lying on the bed. The beeping sound of the machine amplified the silence in the room.

Xi Xiaye stopped beside the bed and looked at Deng Wenwen quietly. The older woman looked slightly swollen unlike her sharp self before. The atmosphere felt depressed.

She seemed to be conscious, but her eyes seemed like they could not focus even though they were wide open. She still had difficulty breathing even when she had an oxygen mask on. Even when she saw Xi Xiaye standing beside her bed, she did not react.

Xi Xiaye sighed as she looked at Deng Wenwen. After a while, she bent over and slid Deng Wenwen’s exposed hand back under the blanket. “You probably never expected this would happen to you one day? What’s so bad about everyone living in a happy family? If you accepted Mother and didn’t cause all the ruckus after that, my parents would’ve still been in love until today, and you’d be enjoying a peaceful life right now.”

“Although Father knew you’re not his biological mother, he did his best as your son. Had you been more genuine with us, things could’ve been different, but it’s all ruined now because of your greed. Are you really happy to see the Xi family breaking apart?”

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath, appearing exhausted. “Maybe you shouldn’t even have married into the Xi family back then. You might be happier. I heard that you had someone you liked before. After running around your whole life, do you have any moments when you felt genuinely happy?”

She knew very well that Deng Wenwen and Xi Jiyang were not in love with each other at all. In addition to that, Deng Wenwen also had a miscarriage before her marriage. Elder Madam Xi was worried she might mistreat the young Xi Mushan when she first married into the Xi family, which was why she offered Yueying to her as a condition for her to give up having her own child. In response, Deng Wenwen agreed to it swiftly.

She did not say anything else and just gave her a final glance before leaving the room. Mu Yuchen glanced at Deng Wenwen as well before catching up with Xi Xiaye.

The two of them never noticed it, but the moment the door closed, Deng Wenwen’s eyes clouded over as a drop of tear tumbled from her cheek onto the pillow.




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