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Mu Yuchen paused as his eyes twinkled. “What do you think?”

“My brain isn’t as smart as yours.” Qi Lei laughed weakly.

Mu Yuchen then replied, “You’re a smart man. I’m sure you know what I mean. I’m just giving you a chance. I’m sure CEO Wang and CEO Qi would be extremely happy if you sent this to them, especially CEO Wang. What do you think?”

This was what they had been looking for. Of course, they would be happy to see this!

Qi Lei’s eyes darkened as he lowered his head and looked at the document for some time. “You…”

“Alright, it’s getting late now. Think about it for yourself. If there are any more issues, we’ll talk again later.” Mu Yuchen hung up on the call before Qi Lei could reply.

“Why did Qi Lei call you?” she asked him as he put his phone back onto the table.

“It’s about work. Didn’t Grandpa remind us to look for capable partners for the South River project several days ago?” he replied quietly and hugged her.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows in astonishment. “So, you approached Qi Lei, thinking that he’s capable? But aren’t you two… in a conflict? Why…?”

Mu Yuchen smiled when he saw the nervous expression on her face. Then, he left a kiss on her forehead. “While Qi Lei does have some conflict with me, I believe he can be professional in his work. I admire his talents and I don’t want to see his talents be wasted. Moreover, his rise in Qi Kai might not be a bad thing for us. I believe he knows this very well.”

He did not hide his intentions and told her his thoughts.

Xi Xiaye nodded, but she started to fret. “Aren’t you worried that he’ll take revenge on you?”

He scoffed. “I can’t do anything about that then. Trusting a person is like gambling. I don’t hope to see myself lose, but Qi Lei has his choices. Maybe he’s doubting my intentions at this moment. He might think I’m setting a trap for him.”

“That’s true, but I saw the information you got Ah Mo to prepare on the table. Qi Lei is quite sad. No matter what, they shouldn’t involve children in their conflicts. Children are innocent.”

Xi Xiaye felt relatable as she sighed. “I’m very thankful to my mother. Back then, she never lashed out on me even when she had fierce fights with the Xi family, and she never told me to hate my father or the Xi family. Instead, she wanted me to be friendly to Xi Xinyi and hoped that I could grow up peacefully. I know she didn’t want me to get involved in their matters, and although I’ve blamed her for this before, I’m thankful for her.”

“Mmm, Mother is a wise lady, and it has been tough for her.” Mu Yuchen thought highly of Shen Wenna. Although he did not agree with everything she had done, he was impressed by her wisdom and attitude.

Xi Xiaye nodded as she sighed again. “I suddenly think that compared to many other people, my life isn’t really that tough. Sure, it feels painful when going through a hard time, but I realized that it’s not really a big deal after I’ve gone through it. Although Qi Lei always looks weird and isn’t serious at work, I know that’s not his true self. I saw the proposals he’s made before. They were nearly flawless, and he could answer my questions during our meeting as well. I can conclude that he’s a responsible and careful person.”

“I see you think highly of him. Aren’t you worried that I’ll get jealous?” He smiled as he threw her a meaningful glance.

She pursed her lips and smiled as she wrapped her arms around herself. “It’s my honor. That proves that my charm has elevated to another level. Didn’t you praise him as well? Anyhow, it depends if he can satisfy Grandpa’s standard. Hmm, Grandpa looks pretty exhausted lately. I hope…”

“Grandpa is wise and has a pair of sharp eyes. With his experience, he’ll know if a person is skilled or not in just a glance. Do you think he’s been fooling around for the past few decades?”

“Your flattery won’t reach Grandpa, and I’m not going to tell him.”

“I’m telling the truth.”


“Alright, let’s sleep earlier. I’m having a gathering with Su Chen and the others tomorrow. I’ll bring you out somewhere as well.”

He had promised Su Chen and Zhou Zimo to catch up the next day, so Mu Yuchen planned to visit the Leisure Club before heading to the Imperial Sky Entertainment Club at night.

However, their plan was forced to change. The two of them woke up early the next morning. As they were about to head out after breakfast, Li Si called to inform that Deng Wenwen’s condition seemed to have worsened. In the end, they decided to go take a look.

Outside the room, Li Si walked up when he saw Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye. His expression was grim.

“Master, Director Xi! You guys are finally here!”

“What’s the situation?” Mu Yuchen halted his steps and frowned when he saw Li Si’s expression.

Li Si took a deep breath. He had not slept for the whole night and he looked exhausted. In a solemn tone, he updated them, “She was just wheeled out of the operating room not too long ago after going through a simple procedure last night. Her condition suddenly worsened at midnight, and the doctors spent the whole night operating on her. She’s still alive but her condition is still critical, and Deng Wenwen most likely can never move again just like a person in a vegetative state. It’s questionable whether she can make it past this phase.”

“How did her condition suddenly worsen?” Mu Yuchen gave Li Si a doubtful glance. Because of Xi Mushan’s call, he had told Li Si to keep an eye on Deng Wenwen. She had been still doing pretty alright just a while ago, and nothing odd happened, so how did she get into critical condition now?




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