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(Gift (2)

Qi Lei stopped looking outside. Sometimes, looking at such wonderful and heart-warming scenes would induce certain feelings within him.

He took a deep breath and closed the windows. Then, he quietly packed his documents up before he realized that he felt hungry. He walked out of the study room and was thinking about cooking some instant noodles.

He was not exactly a great cook. The only thing he could barely manage would be some plain porridge. However, the first time he tried to make it, he used a whole lot of rice and water. Since today was a festive day, he thought that he should celebrate it himself.

He opened his fridge and noticed it was rather empty with only some tomatoes and several bottles of beer.

He stood there for a moment before laughing at himself miserably. Then, he grabbed a beer and chugged it down before slumping down beside the fridge and continuing to drink.

After some time, he heard his doorbell ring. Because he thought it was a mistake, it took him quite a while to answer the door.

He opened the door and saw Yang Sheng in front of him.

“Master Qi!” Yang Sheng stood at the bottom of the staircase with a grin on his face and a gift box in his hands.

“Assistant Yang? Why are you here? Did my mother send you?” Qi Lei frowned.

Yang Sheng smiled and shook his head, handing the gift box to him. “That’s not it, Master Qi! CEO Wang went back to the Wang Residence. This is a gift from Chairman Mu and Ms. Xi. Someone sent it over. I was working with CEO Wang the past two days and almost forgot about it.”

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye?

Qi Lei glanced at the box for a while before taking it. “Did you say that this is from Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye?”

Yang Sheng nodded. “Indeed, Master Qi. I heard that Master Mu, Master Su, and Master Zhou usually send gifts to each other during the festive seasons. I’m surprised Master Mu would…”

Qi Lei knew about Mu Yuchen’s habits. However, he rarely exhibited such generosity to others and it surprised Qi Lei this time.

“I’ll head back first then, Master Qi!” Yang Sheng was relieved to see Qi Lei’s expression soften.

Qi Lei nodded and waved his hand as he walked back into his villa with the gift box while Yang Sheng left.

He sat down on the sofa and took a long time to think about it before opening the box to see several pretty boxes of mooncakes.

However, Qi Lei felt that it was not just a simple gift although he felt a warmth bubble inside him. He stared at the mooncakes for a while before taking the mooncakes away and revealing the layer beneath it. There was another layer of space in the box with a document lying in there.

He flipped through it, and then realized it was the project details for Fu Hua Property!

He remembered this project was one of the two major projects that got the green light from Elder CEO Yue of Fu Hua Property this year. It was also part of the South River project and was similar in nature to Project no. 1 undertaken by Mu Yuchen. This project focused on developing an iconic building, on which many of Mu Yuchen’s future plans depended.

Shen Yue placed a lot of focus on this project. Apart from the senior architects from his own company, he also hired many other architects to help out. Qi Lei himself studied architecture, and many stakeholders, including his mother, Wang Qin, was hoping to collaborate with Fu Hua Property. Besides that, their strong financial foundation would help to solidify Qi Kai’s current situation. Moreover, he heard that Mu Yuchen was pretty close with Shen Yue, and rumor had it that Shen Yue was…

What was Mu Yuchen trying to do sending this information to him?

Qi Lei was confused by Mu Yuchen’s intentions. He flipped through the document for a while as an idea popped in his mind.

Was he trying to create a chance for Qi Lei?

He vaguely remembered that Fu Hua was searching for another collaborator. With a project of such a huge scale, it would be extremely difficult to complete without the support of several strong companies.

The news about the collaboration between Glory World and Fu Hua should be about this project!

Qi Lei was not a fool. He understood Mu Yuchen’s intentions very well by now.

Even Qi Qiming was aiming for this project. If he got this and got Fu Hua to appoint Qi Lei to take charge, he would then hold some real power among the stakeholders. Wang Qin had been working on this mainly to suppress Qi Qiming.

However, this project was top secret at the moment, so how would Mu Yuchen know about this? He even sent over something this important. If he just analyzed the data and created a detailed proposal based on the analysis, there was a high chance Shen Yue would…

In the end, Qi Lei grabbed his phone and called Mu Yuchen’s number as his eyes were still glued to the document before him.

The phone was picked up after a while. However, the voice of the person who picked up the call surprised Qi Lei.

“Hello, who is this?” A clear voice reached his ears.


Her voice echoed in his heart, and Qi Lei could not help but feel delighted. “Why are you the one picking up the call? Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!”

“Qi Lei?”

Xi Xiaye was stunned as well. She looked over at the man beside her, but Mu Yuchen acted like he could not hear anything and did not move an inch.

“It’s me,” Qi Lei replied with a jovial tone, “I’ve received your gift. Thank you.”

“Gift? What…?”

Before she could ask, a certain someone snatched the phone away. “You got the stuff?”

Qi Lei recognized Mu Yuchen’s voice. “Yes, I got them, but I’d like to ask what are you trying to do?”




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