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The full moon gleamed in the night sky, attracting several fireflies as the wind breezed through.

The moonlight streamed in when Xi Xiaye opened the glass door on the balcony. She heard soothing music coming from the room behind her as she looked out at the night sky. When she turned around, she saw that he was reading the document Shen Yue had handed him earlier.

“It’s such a lovely view outside tonight. Leave work aside, and let’s have a seat under the moon,” Xi Xiaye suggested.

Mu Yuchen then closed the document and beamed at her. “Sure.”

He set the document aside and went to the balcony, then sat on a rattan chair beside Xi Xiaye.

The two of them sat beside each other as they watched the beautiful full moon together. He gently pulled a blanket over her.

“People in ancient times liked to drink and dance under the moon. It sure feels peaceful to look at the beautiful moon. It’s been a long time since I last felt this relaxed. It’d be nice if it could be like this forever.” She looked at the moon and sighed.

“The moon nowadays probably isn’t as beautiful as in ancient times. Things have changed,” he replied her quietly.

Xi Xiaye nodded as a smile appeared on her face. “Mmm, if we were in the past now, I’d probably be hanging around somewhere on my own. Mr. Mu?”

“Mmm?” He ran his fingers through her hair and let her rest her head on his shoulder.

“What were you doing during this day in the past?” It was a rare initiative of her asking about his past. Evidently, she was getting more and more concerned about him.

He looked over with a smile. “I’m definitely not as relaxed as we are now. I’d probably still be in the office. Glory World’s international market wasn’t as great as it is now. When I went abroad back then, apart from taking some time alone, I also wanted to expand Glory World’s market. Now that I think about it, if I had stayed here in the headquarters, we might’ve been able to meet each other earlier and we wouldn’t have wasted so much time. What do you think?”

He was feeling pretty contented at the moment as he slung an arm over Xi Xiaye’s shoulder with a smile.

“You probably wouldn’t notice me anyway. There are so many pretty and talented girls in the company while I’m just a tiny cog in the system. As the chairman, there’s no way you’d notice me.”

She then gave him a stare. “Do you know that a lot of girls still haven’t given up on you? Don’t you notice that a lot of girls are dressed up very well around you?”

“Why does it matter to me? I don’t see you dress up very often, but I still like you, don’t I?” he teased Xi Xiaye with an innocent tone.

“What do you know? Didn’t you send the group of elites you brought back from abroad to research more on the local markets? Quite a number of them returned. Each and every one of them is very handsome, and then the girls started talking about us…”

“About what?” He voiced out his doubts.

“Didn’t you have dinner with CEO Zhang’s daughter last week? They said that men are more likely to cheat during their wives’ pregnancy…”

He smirked. “After so much talk, in the end, you’re just jealous?”

“I think they make sense.” She rolled her eyes at him.

“We just happened to meet outside the restaurant, and CEO Zhang was there. I couldn’t have very well outright rejected him. I’ve never had dinner in private with any other girls before except you. You know I have very high standards. While we’re on the topic do you think there’s any problem between us during your pregnancy now?”

He suddenly lowered his voice and whispered beside her ear, “I’m willing to wait until the child is born, but you’d better be prepared to make it up to me. I’m definitely patient enough to wait.”

His heart belonged to her. No other woman could catch his attention, so cheating was impossible!

However, it was exactly like what Mu Tangchuan told him before, women became more silly and sensitive after getting pregnant, Zhuang Shurong was like this in the past as well.

He was not blaming her at all. In fact, he thought it was sweet of her to care about him. He felt it was something that he should be happy about.

Mr. Mu thought that any man who complained about his woman being annoying was a jerk. A wife was meant to be pampered since she was a creature that supposedly incited a man’s desire to protect, and…

Actually, he had no idea he would change this much after getting married. Just like Li Si said, he used to stand aside and watch the world coldly. Alas, now he stood in this world and witnessed reality while his heart was filled up by something intangible.

He looked forward to their wedding. On top of that, he was looking forward to the birth of their child, and most of all, he was looking forward to his life in the future with her.

“I suddenly realized that you’re getting more and more like that!”

“Like what?!”

Their laughter flew along with the wind on the balcony as the moonlight created an overlapping shadow of them in harmony. However, things were pretty much the opposite in another villa several kilometers away.

It was already late at night. Qi Lei only noticed there was a firework display going on when he finished reading a proposal. By then, it was already pretty late when he noticed the night sky being illuminated with fireworks. He opened the window and heard the voices of people cheering.

Qi Lei could never relate to those feelings. He just watched on as he felt depressed inside. Suddenly, he remembered that today was the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Wang Qin had called him just now to tell him that she was going back to the Wang Residence, and Qi Qiming was probably at an event of some sort. Oh well, Qi Lei had never really experienced a united family gathering anyway.




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