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(Festive Day (1)

One dazzling afternoon at the Shen residence.

The alluring sound of the accordion came from Shen Yue’s room, accompanied by the refreshing cool breeze. The melody traveled far and wide.

Lan Zilang walked through the long corridor with a briefcase in his hand. Before he reached the study room, his handsome face could not help but flash with a smile.

The old CEO was playing the accordion again. In fact, he seemed to be getting closer and closer to the point of perfection.

He heard that the old CEO quite liked this song. It was his late wife’s favorite. She had been quite a romantic woman. Despite it being so many years, the old CEO had never forgotten her. Every year at this time, he would slow down and play this song a few times.

Lan Zilang pushed the door open and entered. Indeed, he saw Shen Yue sitting down with his back to the door.

Shen Yue knew it was Lan Zilang, so he did not stop what he was doing. He just turned his chair around slowly and looked at the man who slowly stopped in front of him.

“Elder CEO, this is the information you told me to bring you. Have a look.”

Lan Zilang took a document out from the briefcase and brought it to Shen Yue’s desk.

Shen Yue nodded but did not answer him. He just finished playing his tune, and then stopped. Lan Zilang quickly went up to help him set the heavy accordion aside and put it on the chair beside him.

Shen Yue picked the documents before him up before simply flipping through it a few times, and then he slowly closed it.

“Mmm, it’s Mid-Autumn Festival today. You should go home earlier.” Shen Yue’s voice came.

“It’s fine, Elder CEO! I have family working on dinner at home, so I can eat as soon as I get back. Right, aren’t Chairman Mu and Miss Xiaye back yet?” Lan Zilang asked.

“Soon. Earlier, they called to say that they decided to swing by the nearby marketplace. How about you stay for dinner before leaving? That wouldn’t be too late. Wenna isn’t home this year, so the Shen residence seems much quieter. You can also bring your family over to visit often.”

Shen Yue was not as serious as he usually was in the office. Actually, he looked quite friendly.

“Ah Chen’s been quite busy too. I’ve been idle instead. Right, how do you think Xiaye is now?”

“Don’t worry, Elder CEO. Miss Xiaye is very smart, and with Chairman Mu’s pointers, she’s improving very quickly. She’ll be able to take things on very soon. However, you might need to work a little harder for a while. After all, Elder CEO, your grandchild…”

When he heard this, Shen Yue nodded sagely as he smiled in anticipation. “Mmm, it’s fine.I can still do it for now.”

“Right, Elder CEO, Wang Qin, the VP of Qi Kai called to make an appointment with you this morning. She probably wants to meet you. Elder CEO, do you want to meet her or should I just reject this?” Lan Zilang sought for his answer.

“Wang Qin? The VP of Qi Kai? I remember that I don’t have any dealings with them, do I?” When Shen Yue heard this, he suddenly stared at Lan Zilang in surprise.

“Elder CEO, did you forget that right now, our collaboration with Glory World on the South River Project includes Qi Kai too. In fact, right now, for this project, Wang Qin seems to be in charge of Qi Kai’s end. Previously, it was under the young master of Qi Kai, Qi Lei. I’m not sure whether there’s a change right now. I did hear that Qi Qiming’s gone unknowingly crazy again. He demoted Qi Lei to a project manager position. The guy made it to the VP spot with tons of hard work, and now he’s dropped so quickly again.”

When he said this, Lan Zilang sighed as he said pitifully, “This young master of Qi Kai looks like he’s doing well on the surface only. I really don’t understand how Qi Qiming could do something like that. Isn’t he just dampening Qi Lei’s drive, and even insulting Wang Qin? He was just propped up and then pushed down. No one would be happy with this. I feel it’s quite unfair for Qi Lei.”

“I’m not quite interested in the Qi family’s grudges, but I did hear that Qi Qiming and Wang Qin are a couple that has tension strung between them. From the way you say it, Qi Kai probably won’t stay peaceful soon.”

“Yes, Qi Qiming and Wang Qin are like water and fire. The battle for Qi Kai is going to dawn soon. Just wait and see.”

Shen Yue was quite calm about it. He hesitated for a moment, the continued, “By the looks of it, why do you think Wang Qin has come looking for me?”

“Probably to collaborate. Elder CEO, you’re resourceful. If she can get your support, she might be able to stand firm one day. Qi Qiming’s been active recently, and many people defend him. Wang Qin’s not dumb. She naturally would have her own plans.”

When Lan Zilang said this, Shen Yue fell silent for a moment, then nodded. He was about to say something when the laughter of the servants came from downstairs.

“Chairman Mu, Miss Xiaye is back!”

Shen Yue’s aged eyes brightened up as he slowly stood up.

He walked to the staircase with Lan Zilang. Then, he saw that the servants were bringing in quite a number of things and a lot of ingredients.

“Grandpa, Uncle Lan!”

“You’re back!”

“Grandpa, Uncle Lan,” Mu Yuchen greeted them as the few of them then walked to the sofa.

“Grandpa, I’ve brought you a few sets of new clothes. It’s going to get colder soon. You have to watch out for your health. Right, Mother has just called to remind you that you should drink less. She’ll be able to remove her bandages soon, and she’ll be returning after some recovery time,” Xi Xiaye spoke to Shen Yue as soon as she entered. At the same time, she directed the servants to hang the clothes in Shen Yue’s wardrobe.

“It’s not like I have nothing to wear. You’re all worried about this every year.” As Shen Yue grumbled, he actually felt happy. Soon, he pulled Mu Yuchen to sit down and play chess.

Lan Zilang watched the joyful group and did not want to disturb them further, so he left.

“Work’s been busy at the company. If you two don’t have any free time, you don’t have to care about me. Your grandfather and grandmother did give me a call. These few days are holidays, so I wanted to meet up with your grandparents as well.”

Usually, in Shen Yue’s free time, he would sometimes meet up with Wang Hui and the rest. Of course, it was great when they had idle time. Xi Xiaye’s Bamboo Teahouse became a cozy place for them to meet and have tea.

Instead, it was Mu Yuchen and her. Ever since the two of them began to familiarize themselves with Fu Hua’s work, Mu Yuchen had been extremely busy.

“Before work, humans were insignificant. You’ve got to give yourself some time to breathe,” answered Xi Xiaye with a smile, yet before she could finish, the phone in Mu Yuchen’s pocket vibrated, cutting her off.

Mu Yuchen took his phone out to look at the screen. Unexpectedly, it was…




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