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(Past (3)

Dark crimson blood colored the blanket before Sis Lan as her face was terrifyingly pale. Her trembling hands held her chest tightly while she panted with difficulty.

“I don’t know… I don’t know anything, don’t know anything…” Her feeble voice muttered, and then she fainted. At this moment, the tightly shut door opened and the doctors rushed in.

Mu Yuchen coldly looked at Sis Lan who had fainted on the sickbed before he hinted to Ah Mo. With a nod, he then turned to leave as Ah Mo followed him, leaving the doctor who was trying to rescue her behind.

As soon as they got out, Ah Mo immediately asked Mu Yuchen, “Master, how did it go? Did Sis Lan say anything?”

“She didn’t need to say anymore. It was just the same things. Let’s go back,” said Mu Yuchen calmly as he looked up at the rising sun outside the window before walking ahead.

“Master, did she say that… years ago, Aunty…” Ah Mo carefully probed.

Mu Yuchen smiled and said mysteriously, “She admitted that Qi Qiming is Mr. Wen, but I know that things aren’t as simple as that. When she confirmed Mr. Wen’s identity, the more doubts I have. Some things might be surfacing very soon.”

“Then, based on your thoughts, Master, if Mr. Wen is really Qi Qiming, according to your guess, wouldn’t Qi Qiming be related to Aunty? Previously, Aunty and Lu Xinlan’s fallout could then perhaps have been because of Qi Qiming!” Ah Mo made a brave assumption.

Mu Yuchen’s expression was gloomy, yet he did not answer Ah Mo.

“Master, could Qi Qiming really be Lingtian and Lingshi’s biological father?” When Ah Mo said this, he gasped himself.

If that was the truth, then Lingshi…

When Ah Mo thought about this, his expression changed slightly too. His chest sank and ached while his gaze turned solemn.

Mu Yuchen could hear the heaviness in his breathing. He turned and looked at him. “Before things are cleared up, let’s not make any rash conclusions. I think that it’s a little complicated, so we can’t be sure. If we want to know the truth, we’ll need those in the know to reveal it. However, at least, we have a lead from today.”

Even though Mu Yuchen’s tone was rather heavy, he did not sound terribly pessimistic.

He lifted a hand to gesture to Ah Mo. “Find a way to do a DNA test for Qi Qiming and Lingshi. Remember, don’t let anyone else know about this, especially Grandfather and Grandmother. Got it?”

Ah Mo was stunned, but he quickly nodded. “Yes, Master, got it!”

“Mmm, go back then. You don’t have to follow me. It’s Mid-Autumn Festival today. You and Lingshi should go back and accompany Grandfather and Grandmother. Your sis-in-law and I are making a trip to the Shen residence, and we won’t be returning tonight,” Mu Yuchen said prior to picking up his pace.

Once he left the hospital, Mu Yuchen went straight back to Maple Residence.

It was still quite early when Xi Xiaye had just woken up. She changed into a casual autumn outfit and slowly walked down the stairs when she saw the man sitting on the sofa and propping his head up with his eyes closed as he rested.

Just then, Sis Wang was just about to brew some tea for Mu Yuchen.

When she saw Xi Xiaye coming down, Sis Wang was about to greet her but Xi Xiaye stopped her. She smiled and nodded lightly. Then, she quickly took the tea leaves and swapped it for bitter tea before walking to the coffee table. She skillfully brewed a cup, and then brought it to Mu Yuchen, gently setting the cup before him.

She was about to get up and leave when a cold hand suddenly gripped her hand.

Xi Xiaye turned to see that he was still leaning back. Without even opening his eyes, he quietly pulled her in while his expression looked faintly sorrowful.

As she sat down near him, she vaguely smelled a faint cigarette stench. She immediately frowned and briefly examined him with squinted eyes, then fixed his slightly wrinkled tie. “What’s wrong? I didn’t see you when I woke up. Where did you go? You smell of smoke. Did you smoke?”

Mu Yuchen then slowly opened his eyes. He bent over to pick up the tea and carefully took a sip, “How rare that my Missus found the time to brew me tea, but why is it this tea?”

When she heard this, Xi Xiaye immediately laughed softly. “Bitter tea clears the heart. I can see that you’re not in the best of moods. I haven’t steeped tea myself for quite a while. Have my skills worsened?”

“How could it have? The tea you steep is the most delicious tea I’ve ever drunk.”

He chuckled softly and lowered his head to take another sip, then he slowly set it aside. Xi Xiaye was still quietly watching him as she smiled calmly. “How have I never noticed that you are such a sweet talker, Mr. Mu?”

He chuckled softly and reached over to hold her by the shoulders. “That would depend on who the other person is. Missus Mu is an important person I need to protect, so of course, I can only say all sweet things to you.”

She shot him a look and complained grouchily, “I don’t think so. Just a few days ago, you lectured me. You said that I’m too pleased with myself that I’ve lost my sense of measure.”

“You should feel lucky that your Mr. Mu is watching you. Even if you aren’t good, I can’t return the goods and can only accept all of your completely exposed flaws. You women, when it comes to holding a grudge, you can be really terrifying— Mmm!”

Before he could finish, a stinging pain came from his waist. He could not help but softly chide, “And you can be especially mean!”

“Drink your tea. Forget about nit-picking on women.” She shot him a warning look.

“How dare I… My Missus is mighty. How dare I nit-pick you?” As he said this, he could not help but hug her as he lowered his head to kiss her forehead.

“Where did you go so early in the morning?” She pecked him lightly on the cheek too.

“I went out to walk around and made a trip to the hospital.” Mu Yuchen did not deliberately hide it and just told her.

“Hospital? Why did you go there?” When Xi Xiaye heard, she looked at him puzzledly.

“I went to see someone. Let’s set this aside for now,” he responded and then turned to Sis Wang who was busy. “Sis Wang, bring the gift in the storeroom to the car.”

“Okay, Master Mu!” Sis Wang answered quickly.

“Are we going to the Shen residence now?” Xi Xiaye asked.

They had yet to go over to the Mu residence to greet them. Would that not be…?

“Just do as Grandmother has said. Ah Mo and Lingshi will return to the Mu residence tonight. Let’s have dinner with Grandpa tonight. He considered that you might still be sleeping, so he called me earlier.”

“Mmm, that works too. We’ll go over earlier after lunch, and I’ll give you a chance to show off tonight.”




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