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(Past (2)

Sis Lan looked down and avoided Mu Yuchen’s sharp gaze.

She took a deep breath and said, “When she had just gotten pregnant with her first child back then, I told her to get an abortion. She was so popular at that time and I was sure she’d be entering Hollywood very soon and become a superstar. I’m sure you know how precious that opportunity is to an artiste. It’s similar to how musicians would want to make themselves known in Vienna. When Mu Zi first started out in the industry, that was her goal.

“I admit that she’s had the most potential among all the artistes I’ve worked with in my whole career, but she’s also the most worrisome one. Someone like you, Chairman Mu, must know the difficulty of this industry. We need to scout new talents, and to make a new artiste popular…

“The company spent a lot of resources on her, and she was just one step away from success. I never expected something like that to happen. I treated her like my own sister, and I did my best to help her, yet she disappointed me… but I can’t just give up on her. I was finding ways to help her give birth in secret and then re-enter the industry afterwards. Unexpectedly, she fell into depression and was emotionally unstable. The company couldn’t do anything but leave her alone for a while. We got someone to help her out and hoped she could recover soon.”

Sis Lan was panting a little by now, so Ah Mo went up and helped her to take the glass of water away.

Mu Yuchen gave her a dark stare. “How was your relationship with my aunt?”

The question threw Sis Lan off-guard. She raised her head and looked at him, but soon looked back down and did not reply to his question.

Ah Mo shot Mu Yuchen a doubtful glance. After some hesitation, he started to understand what was happening. He then averted his gaze to look at Sis Lan.

“I investigated your situation with my aunt back then. Sure, the both of you were very close to each other initially, but you guys seemed to have conflicts more often afterward and some people reported to have seen you two argue in private, so it seems that your relationship with my aunt isn’t as amicable as you said.” Mu Yuchen’s tone of voice was calm as he reiterated the investigation results.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Mu Zi and I are like sisters. Don’t you dare question our bond. We’re best friends! What do you mean by that?!” Sis Lan suddenly got worked up and she gasped while she placed a hand on her chest.

Mu Yuchen did not argue with her. Instead, he said, “I know you’re well aware of the truth. If you think you’re good friends with my aunt, you should at least tell us who that person is.”

“Your aunt didn’t want you guys to know. Why can’t you respect her wishes? Knowing the truth might not be beneficial at all! Why do you have to find out?” Sis Lan’s face turned pale while her hands clenched into fists as anger was visible in her eyes.

“Why? Because she owed my grandparents an explanation, and they owed Lingshi a reason. Not everything is solved by her death. You know very well how my aunt passed away. Lingshi has no idea who her father is, and you’re saying that these are the benefits? There are responsibilities that need to be borne, and we can’t escape from them.”

“What do you want then?” Sis Lan felt something was wrong.

“I heard you’re pretty close to Qi Qiming. I have a question for you. Is Qi Qiming the same person as Mr. Wen?”

“You’re wrong. I’m not related to him at all! You don’t have to try to get anything out of me. I’m going to say it again. I’ve told you whatever I could, and you should leave now. I’m getting uncomfortable!” Sis Lan’s expression was pale like snow. She panicked as she felt difficulty breathing.

“Really?” Mu Yuchen put on a smile and slowly showed his phone to Sis Lan the two photos on the screen. “Then, can you please explain what these are? One of these is Qi Qiming’s subordinate, Yue Hai, visiting you recently. The other one is an intimate photo of the both of you. Your house in the outskirts was under his name before, but he transferred it to you afterward.”

Sis Lan stared at the photos blankly. “You… How did you find out about these?”

Mu Yuchen gave her a smile, “I wouldn’t come to meet you today without any preparation, you have a past with Qi Qiming, and he’s Mr. Wen. Am I right?”

“You…” Sis Lan tried to suppress the sudden pain in her chest as she glared at Mu Yuchen. However, she had no strength left to say another word.

“You’ve been with Qi Qiming for quite some time, yet you’re just one of his mistresses. He wasn’t particularly fond of you. Rumor has it that the woman he loved was Qi Feng’s mother. Even Wang Qin was just a marriage forced upon him. I’m sure this is the reason you turned your back on Qi Qiming and left Qi Kai. Is that correct?”

“Of course not! You don’t know anything! Yes, he is Mr. Wen indeed. He’s the only man that I’ll ever love in my life. I’ve been with him for over a decade. He told me that he’d marry me…”

“But in the end, he married Wang Qin, and not you.”

“Yes, he lied to me, but he never liked Wang Qin! She’s just another poor soul!” Lu Xinlan’s voice started to crack. The pain in her chest grew stronger as huge droplets of sweat rained down from her forehead.

Ah Mo’s expression changed as he gave Mu Yuchen a worrisome glance. Mu Yuchen looked at him calmly, and with a nod, he quickly snapped his fingers to signal the bodyguard outside to get a doctor.

“Did he get into a relationship with my aunt as well?”

Mu Yuchen’s eyes were calm. He was not planning to back off at all even when Lu Xinlan had some blood on the corner of her mouth. Instead, he just handed her a piece of tissue paper.

Sis Lan suddenly felt a gush of coppery liquid well up in her throat, and blood came out of her mouth…




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