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(Past (1)

The Mid-Autumn Festival finally arrived, and the temperature of the air around became colder.

Mu Yuchen woke up before sunrise when Xi Xiaye was still asleep. He left the house after washing up quietly.

The sun was just about to rise when he arrived at the hospital. Ah Mo and the two other bodyguards were already waiting at the parking lot outside the hospital. They quickly went over after Mu Yuchen parked his car.

“Master!” All of them greeted him.

Mu Yuchen nodded his head before closing the car door.

“Master, she’s alone in the room,” Ah Mo said.

Mu Yuchen handed his car keys to one of the bodyguards before saying, “Let’s go.” He started walking into the hospital as the others followed his steps.

The hospital was pretty much empty at this time. Only the figures of the nurses and the cleaners could be seen. Mu Yuchen soon arrived outside Sis Lan’s room following Ah Mo’s lead. They stopped right outside the door.

Ah Mo opened the door and saw Lu Xinlan resting on the bed. He told Mu Yuchen after he confirmed it, “Master, it’s her!”

He pushed the door open as Mu Yuchen went in together with him as well.

Sis Lan was sound asleep. She had suffered from angina at midnight and was only relieved after the doctor put her on an IV drip. Deep in her slumber, she had no idea even after Mu Yuchen stood beside her bed for some time.

“Master, should we wake her up?” Ah Mo asked quietly.

Mu Yuchen raised his hand and stopped Ah Mo. He glanced at the sound asleep Lu Xinlan for a while before walking towards the window.

Sometime later, the sun showed up and Sis Lan woke up. She then noticed there were people nearby when she opened her eyes. To her shock, she saw Ah Mo beside her bed. In a weak voice, she croaked, “Who are you? Why are you here?” She panted a little as she spoke.

“You’re awake!” Ah Mo quickly turned over to look at Mu Yuchen beside the window. Following suit, Sis Lan averted her gaze toward where Ah Mo was looking.

She saw Mu Yuchen’s emotionless expression as he just slowly walked towards her bed while Ah Mo made space for him.

Sis Lan stared at him for a while before calling out to him, “Mu Yuchen? Chairman Mu from Glory World? It’s nice to meet you!”

She was no stranger to Mu Yuchen’s name. Ever since Xi Xiaye spoke to her the last time, she found out about Mu Yuchen. As the core member of the Mu family right now, she never expected him to come looking for her in person.

“I don’t think it’s very nice for me though.” Mu Yuchen gave a brief reply.

Sis Lan tried to force a smile on her pale face. “Perhaps, I didn’t expect we’d meet under such circumstances.”

Mu Yuchen gave Ah Mo a signal, and he quickly came up to adjust Sis Lan’s bed to let her sit up. He also got her a glass of water. Sis Lan looked at Mu Yuchen for a while before taking a sip. Then, she said, “I know you guys would come to look for me sooner or later. When your wife, Xi Xiaye, visited me the last time, she didn’t ask me anything, but I’m sure you guys would approach me again after finding out about my health condition. I’m afraid I don’t have many peaceful days left.”

Sis Lan sounded like she was worn out. “But I’ve said whatever I need to say. I’ve already told you lot whatever you should know, whether it be your parents, your wife, or you yourself. I have nothing else to say anymore, so what’s the point of forcing me?

She obviously did not want to talk about it. Her hands trembled while she held the glass, and she looked extremely weak at the moment. After raising her voice slightly, she started panting.

Ah Mo frowned as he glanced at Mu Yuchen who did not say anything. He just looked at Sis Lan with his sharp eyes that made Lu Xinlan feel uneasy. She took a deep breath and lowered her head.

“I remember that you were already my aunt’s manager very soon after her debut. Up until Aunty gave birth to Lingtian, you guys were always with each other. Don’t you think it’s a bit ridiculous that there’s something about Aunty you don’t know?” Mu Yuchen gave her an odd smile.

“So, are you here about Mu Zi today?” Lu Xinlan’s expression froze.

Mu Yuchen did not try to hide his intention of visiting. “I’m here today to find out a lot of things. Aunty’s information is just one of them.”

“Oh? I didn’t know that I had anything to offer that would require you to visit me personally.” Sis Lan put on a cold smile as she stared at Mu Yuchen straight in the eye.

“I’m sure you know what happened to Aunty back then. I hope you can tell me who that person is. No matter what, he should be held responsible. Don’t you think he should be held accountable since my aunt died for him?”

A cold light flashed in Mu Yuchen’s eyes. “I don’t know what kind of relationship you shared with my aunt. I heard that you return every year to visit her grave. I’m sure both of you share a special bond, so I doubt you’d hope for her to die in pain if the two of you were friends, but it makes more sense if you’re her enemy. Then, you’d visit her grave every year to laugh at her and show off to her. SO, which one are you?”

Mu Yuchen’s tone was icy cold as he stared directly at Sis Lan’s face. Her trembling had gotten worse.

“Or do you feel guilty and are you back to repent?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Mu Zi and I are good friends. Because I cultivated her career, it’s disheartening to me for something like that to have happened!”




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