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(The Sun That Never Sets (3)

Mu Yuchen’s eyes flickered with a sharp light as he incisively pointed out his thoughts.

With a frown, Ah Mo said, “We’ve found out about Qi Qiming’s connection with Lu Xinlan, and how it’s connected to Mr. Wen, but from the start, we missed out the reason we went looking for Lu Xinlan, which was to understand Aunty’s matters, so, Master, you find it a little weird that after turning round and round, we ourselves almost got looped into it.”

Mu Yuchen then nodded. “Mmm, I feel like someone’s pulling our strings, making us go where they want us to step by step. There are probably two reasons for this. Firstly, this person has a grudge against me and doesn’t want me to do well, so they want to seize the opportunity to take me down, or secondly, they want to distract us and are covering something up.”

“Master, the two probabilities you’ve mentioned is quite likely. In fact, in my opinion, the first one is likelier, but the person with the most motive to do these is probably Qi Feng. He’s very meticulous, and it’s normal for him to have thought of such ways to take revenge on you. But now, we have no way of finding any traces of him at all. We don’t even know his current situation.”

When he realized the severity of the matter, Ah Mo frowned even deeper.

“Master, how about we investigate Mr. Wen again? I’m sure that we can find out who he is if we turn the entire City Z upside down and check everyone one by one!”

Mu Yuchen raised his hand slightly to stop Ah Mo from saying any further. “No need. It’s not important who Mr. Wen is, but I’d like to meet Lu Xinlan myself and see if I can find out anything useful from her. Okay, go back and make the arrangements.”

“But, Master…” Ah Mo hesitated a little worriedly.

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. Just do as I say.”

“Master, actually, Missus did have some contact with Mr. Wen. How about we probe deeper? Perhaps she could identify who they are,” Ah Mo carefully suggested.

However, just as Ah Mo said that, Mu Yuchen scowled at him. “Don’t consider involving her in this mess. I don’t want to involve her in all these past grudges.”


“No buts. Go back first. Just wait for me at Hospital T tomorrow morning.” Mu Yuchen got up with waning interest. He did not plan to continue and went straight upstairs.

Ah Mo slowly stood up too as he watched Mu Yuchen retreat in astonishment. After that, he sighed to himself before leaving.

When he returned to the study room, Xi Xiaye could clearly feel that his emotions were all over the place. The two of them did not speak, but after a long silence, Xi Xiaye finally could not help but ask, “What’s wrong? Something on your mind?”

She reached out to take his book, slot a bookmark into it and closed it.

Mu Yuchen then snapped back from his deep thoughts. He watched her silently as she tiptoed to put the book back onto the shelf and sighed, “Mmm, just some troublesome things from the past. Xiaye, play some chess with me.”

He turned to one side and took her slightly cold hand.

She turned around. The flickering light in her starry eyes was dazzling like diamonds as she spoke a little puzzledly, “Chess? You know I can’t beat you, and you still want me to play against you?”

Initially, her chess skills were not too bad, but really it was as like they said, mothers-to-be became a little slower. She had been playing with him for quite a while, yet she felt like her skills were worsening. Sometimes, he would grant her two moves, and she would still lose tragically.

When did she fall behind in IQ too?

Seeing her like this, Mu Yuchen could not help but smile. He slowly got up and pulled her out to the side hall as he spoke deeply, “This time, I’ll let you make five moves first. How about that?”

The husband and wife quickly reached the coffee table at the side hall. They brewed a pot of flower tea as Xi Xiaye skillfully set the chess set out.

“You like to play chess when you’re dealing with a difficult problem.” She shot him a side look and immediately picked up a black chess piece to make her move without courtesy.

“Chess is a good form of meditation, Missus,” he calmly answered, and then handed her a cup of tea before picking up a white chess piece to make his move.

“I remember the first time I won against Grandpa. He told me that with my capabilities, I could join an international chess competition. I was really thrilled then. I was just in time to make it for the school’s Go chess competition, so I enthusiastically registered. Unexpectedly, I was defeated tragically, and I was miserable for quite a few days. After that, I realized that Grandpa wanted me to be happy, so he let me win on purpose. That’s why I was very angry afterward. I thought that he underestimated me. Every time I played chess after that, I’d make sure he gave it his all.”

When Xi Xiaye said this, she continued to make her move. Her eyes were bright as autumn waters, and there was a joy in reminiscing this. “At first, I did indeed lose so tragically every time, but afterward, the gap between us began to close. In fact, I felt like my perseverance and patience was getting better and better. I could usually last two to three hours in one game without being able to decide the winner yet. After that, I slowly felt that actually winning or losing was not important. More importantly was what I learned during a confrontation.”

“How rare of you to have such enlightenment and understanding.” When he heard this, he smiled admiringly. “Whether or not winning is important depends on who the opponent is too.”

“Then, treat me as the enemy that’s troubling you right now,” she challenged quite magnanimously.

“I can’t bear to.” He looked down at the black chess pieces that slowly moved in on the set. He remained in a daze for a moment, then said, “Missus, you are the Missus. You can never be the enemy. Even if I pretended you were, I wouldn’t be able to be cruel to you.”

When he said this, he paused, and then suddenly looked up at her. “Xiaye… Do you also feel like I’m quite cruel?”

She was stunned by his question. Her eyes met his gaze and she fell silent for a long while. After some thought about it, she then shook her head. “I don’t know about other people, but I do know you’re good to me, and Ah Mo and the rest. That is enough. Actually, I feel like sometimes you do look like the mafia. You care a lot about your own kin but to your enemies… Mmm, let me tell you a secret—”

As she said this, she suddenly lowered herself and said softly into his ear, “When I was in high school, I always admired those gangsters in the TV. I thought they were impressive, stylish and very cool… but now that I think about it, I was a little immature. Still, Mr. Mu, I have always admired you.”

“Admire? Does that mean I’ve helped you find your innocence again?”

“Of course! You are my sun that never sets…”

“Where did you learn to say that?”

“Who did you learn it from?”

“Ah Hua…”




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