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( Was This Even Her Daughter? (1)

Master Mu’s confidence skyrocketed when his woman gave him such high praises. His expression softened as he lowered his head and embraced the warmth from her.

Afterward, she noticed that she was getting a little too passionate, so she grabbed his arm awkwardly as her face blushed. “Sorry… I’m just too happy, so…”

Mu Yuchen chuckled when he saw her reaction, and he patted her head. “It’s good to be happy. You can always express yourself freely in front of me. It’s not a bad thing to show everything on your face.”

“Only naive little girls would do that. I’m a strong, modern lady.”

He ran his fingers through her hair while a faint light flashed in her eyes as she looked at him.

“A strong, modern lady? A strong, modern lady is decisive and powerful. She needs nothing but just her aura to send shock into others. No words are necessary. Are you sure you’re someone like that?”

He teased her, but his tone was gentle.

However, Xi Xiaye was not really pleased about it. With a frown, she refuted him, “No matter what, I’m a director at Glory World.”

“That’s thanks to the effort you put in. I promoted you because you’ve done your work spectacularly despite still being pretty new in terms of experience. I never expected that person to be you. That’s why sometimes I think that fate is really amazing…”

Who would have known he would meet her?

“I’ve never heard you praise me before.”

“You have to be brave to face yourself. While you’re achieving amazing results now, you need to learn how to settle down. We have a long road ahead in life. I’ll need you to watch my back while I fight on the frontline. Don’t be satisfied with just a small achievement.”

“I’m not proud… You’re always like this…”

His gaze nearly pierced through her, and she lowered her head out of guilt, but she still pinched his waist and threw him a glare. “You’re always so harsh with the criticisms!”

Mu Yuchen was speechless. He endured the pain coming from his waist and said, “Being harsh on you is the same as being harsh on myself. Who do you think I’m doing this for, you ungrateful brat?”

“Brat?” She raised her eyebrows before throwing a punch towards him. “You’re the brat! I’m a mature lady. I’m a mother…”

Mu Yuchen moved aside and caught her punch. He carefully stopped her as he chortled happily.

Xi Xiaye slept soundly through the night. It was afternoon when she woke up the next day. When she went downstairs after she washing up, she saw Wang Hui squatting by the balcony, handling her plants.

It was autumn now, and the flowers in the garden were blooming nicely. A lovely scent wafted over from the balcony.

“Grandmother…” Xi Xiaye called out to her gently.

Her sudden voice halted Wang Hui’s movement. The elderly woman turned around and smiled kindly. “You’re awake! Are you hungry? Ask Aunt Wang to make you something to eat. At first, I wanted to wake you up to have breakfast with us, but Ah Chen said you’ve not been feeling well lately and told us to let you keep sleeping.”

“I’m not that hungry yet. Are you doing all this alone?” Xi Xiaye glanced around the living room and did not see Mu Yinan and the others. Was it not the holidays already?

“Your parents have something to attend to and will only be back at night. Ah Chen went fishing with Grandfather, but they should be back soon. Let’s head back in now. Don’t catch a cold under this weather. You youngsters are even weaker than us old folks nowadays.”

Wang Hui put the scissors down as she smiled. She dragged Xi Xiaye back inside while she glanced at her belly. “It’s not easy being pregnant. I’m worried that you’re not used to it. I thought about getting you to stay here, or I’ll stay over at Maple Residence, but at the same time, I’m worried that I’ll be bothering the both of you. I’ll only go over when you’re around 8 months pregnant.”

“Don’t worry, Grandmother, these reactions are normal. The doctor said it’ll get better soon. By the way, where’re Lingshi and Ah Mo?” Xi Xiaye remembered that they had stayed over last night as well.

“They went to work early in the morning. Lingshi said the club is going to be busy during the holidays, so Ah Mo went to help her as well. I wonder when they became so close to each other!”

While Wang Hui seemed like she was complaining, she had a grin on her face. Xi Xiaye chuckled. “Grandmother, do you feel that something might be happening between them soon?”

“I hope so. All of them just make me worry so much.”

“They are doing well lately, so don’t worry, Grandmother.”

She remembered Wang Hui summoning Mu Lingshi to the study room last night. It was obvious what they talked about.

“Well, Lingshi and Ah Mo are kind of special. Although they are listed as your parents’ children, they know what’s happening, so… Sigh, there’s no point mentioning it now.” Wang Hui frowned, obviously regretting bringing up the past.

“I’m sure they’ll remember how nice you treated them, Grandmother. Some time ago, Ah Shi told me that she didn’t want you and Grandfather to worry about her. Mu Yuchen let Ah Mo stay in City Z as well. Ah, they’ll work it out on their own. I think they are a fateful pair.”

“A fateful pair? That’s an optimistic view, but I do think Lingshi has been happier lately.”

Suddenly, someone came in through the door, and the man’s deep voice reached their ears. “What fateful pair?”




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